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DT 29473

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29473

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 19th September 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

An enjoyable Saturday puzzle and, with a fair amount to make you smile when solving, possibly one of the easier weeks to play Guess the Setter

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1a    Conscientious old man at home killing vampires? (11)
PAINSTAKING – PA (old man) IN (at home) STAKING (killing vampires)

9a    Make one college tenure vacant? (5)
UNITE – UNI (college) and the outside (vacant) letters of TenurE

10a    Biscuit and drink with German enthusiast (6,3)
GINGER NUT – GIN (drink) GER (German) NUT (enthusiast)

11a    Maybe Gatwick Express connects to harbour (7)
AIRPORT – AIR (express) PORT (harbour)

12a    Prisoner worn out becomes repentant (8)
CONTRITE – CON (prisoner) TRITE (worn out)

14a    One dies in little pain (8)
PERISHER – Someone who dies or a little pain in the you know what

15a    Have novel experience? (4)
READ – What you have to do to experience a novel

17a    Force joins battle group (7)
FACTION – F (force) joins ACTION (battle)

19a    Charlie greatest boxer in Colombian city (4)
CALI – C (Charlie in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet and ALI (the greatest boxer)

20a    Go through on car providing last trip? (8)
REHEARSE – RE (on) HEARSE (car providing last trip)

21a    European snake in Geordie town? That causes a stir (8)
TEASPOON – E (European) ASP (snake) inserted into TOON (how a Geordie would say town)

23a    Mammoth in doomed vessel (7)
TITANIC – Double definition

25a    One million in criminal deposit made most favourable (9)
OPTIMISED – I (one) M (million) inserted into an anagram (criminal) of DEPOSIT

26a    Hospital situated in lovely position (5)
NICHE – H (hospital) inserted (situated) in NICE (lovely)

27a    Recklessly altered mint causing harm (11)
DETRIMENTAL – An anagram (recklessly) of ALTERED MINT


2d    Spanish chum is yours truly? Get away! (5)
AMIGO – AM I (is yours truly?) GO (get away)

3d    Demand to carry gun denied (7)
NEGATED – NEED (demand) to ‘carry’ GAT (gun)

4d    Wrong answer to consume evil pancake (8)
TORTILLA – TORT (wrong) A (answer) to ‘consume’ ILL (evil)

5d    First nine letters sent north — the ninth from Greeks (4)
IOTA – A reversal (sent north in a Down clue) of A TO I (first nine letters)

6d    Champion to watch out for Duncan-Smith? (8)
GUARDIAN – GUARD (watch out for) IAIN (DuncanSmith) Shame that Mr Duncan Smith has an I in his Christian name which means that the wordplay doesn’t work ☹ not to mention the fact that his surname isn’t hyphenated

7d    Irish ham cut round inside Asian place (9)
HIROSHIMA – An anagram (cut) of IRISH HAM with O (round) inside)

8d    Depend on love helping recovery (11)
RESTORATION – REST (depend) O (love) RATION (helping)

12d    Gains control over temper — it’s very important (11)
CORNERSTONE – CORNERS (gains control over) TONE (temper)

13d    Word to describe English PM receiving ambassador (7)
EPITHET – E (English) PITT (Prime Minister) ‘receiving’ HE (His Excellency the Ambassador)

16d    Wren was one flying the Arctic (9)
ARCHITECT – An anagram (flying) of THE ARCTIC

17d    Waved proudly and ran to embrace relative (8)
FLAUNTED – FLED (ran) to ’embrace’ AUNT (relative)

18d    Being in minor gas explosion? (8)
ORGANISM – An anagram (explosion) of MINOR GAS

19d    Top international appearing in fashion title (7)
CAPTION – CAP (top) and I (international) ‘appearing’ in TON (fashion)

22d    Carmen perhaps clad in proper attire (5)
OPERA – Hidden (clad) in prOPER Attire

24d    Son put to bed shows damage (4)
COST – S (son) put in COT (bed)


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  1. CS re 19d, I have been waiting all week to learn how ton equates to fashion and I’m still none the wiser!

    1. The dictionary says that it means fashion or people of fashion. You find it quite a lot in historical novels (especially those by Georgette Heyer) and crosswords!

      1. That answered my query re TON as well not having read much Georgette Heyer! Thank you.

        1. You’ve changed your alias – you were tinkertailor1 before

          I haven’t read much Georgette Heyer either, but it is something people always say when others query the word ‘ton’ :)

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