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ST 3073

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3073

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 13th September 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Not particularly tricky but not quite as much fun as ‘usual’ either 

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1a    After break, back in a jiffy (5,6)
SPLIT SECOND – SECOND (back) goes after SPLIT (break)

9a    Start positioning shed behind meadow (4-3)
LEAD-OFF – DOFF (shed, take off) goes behind LEA (meadow)

10a    Venetian bridge tailor-made? (6)
RIALTO – An anagram (made) of TAILOR

12a    Heavy trampolinist? (7)
BOUNCER – This ‘heavy’ found outside a nightclub for example might describe a trampolinist

13a    Husband held by soldier: gosh mummy! (7)
PHARAOH – H (husband) ‘held’ by PARA (soldier) plus OH (gosh)

14a    In retirement, English and Central European run away together (5)
ELOPE – A reversal (in retirement) of E (English) and POLE (Central European)

15a    Missing drinking container of beer? Certainly! (9)
ABSTINENT – ABSENT (missing) ‘drinking’ TIN (container of beer?)

17a    Large tank has me kept in storage when explosive (9)
GASOMETER – ME (from the clue) kept in an anagram (when explosive) of STORAGE

20a    Twin fixture (5)
MATCH – Double definition

22a    Item of furniture found in case, correct (7)
SUBEDIT – BED (item of furniture) found in SUIT (case)

24a    Special brew in a pub (4,3)
WINE BAR – An anagram (special) of BREW IN A

25a    Awkward, left in Marseille? (6)
GAUCHE – The French word for left is the same as an English word meaning awkward

26a    A way to maintain performance of rite, most creative (7)
ARTIEST – A (from the clue) ST (street, way) to ‘maintain’ an anagram (performance) of RITE

27a    Fresh sole caught by fishermen, traders in large quantities (11)
WHOLESALER – An anagram (fresh) of SOLE ‘caught’ by WHALERS (fishermen)


2d    Breaking stick? (4,3)
POOL CUE – Cryptic definition

3d    Currently doing well, insect in grass (9)
INFORMANT – IN FORM (currently doing well) ANT (insect)

4d    A little quarrel (5)
SCRAP – Double definition or all in one or both??

5d    Bread I knock over after tea (7)
CHAPATI – Reverse (over) I TAP (knock) and put them after CHA (tea)

6d    Salt last of cheese pie at home, served up (7)
NITRATE – A reversal (served up) of E (the last letter of cheese) TART (pie) and IN (at home)

7d    Shock seeing fat animal eating every other bit of frog (11)
FLABBERGAST – FLAB (fat) BEAST (animal) ‘eating’ the alternate (every other) letter of fRoG

8d    Geographical plan spread out showing African capital (6)
MAPUTO – MAP (geographical plan) and an anagram (spread) of OUT

11d    Blue chatter I edited in article (11)
THATCHERITE – An anagram (edited) of CHATTER I inserted into THE (article)

16d    Funny turn before dance (9)
SCREWBALL – SCREW (turn) goes before BALL (dance)

18d    As rising, heading for breakfast and wash, time for rest (7)
SABBATH – A reversal (rising) of AS, the heading for Breakfast and BATH (wash)

19d    Test revolutionary citric substance in lemon, on having been cut (7)
MEDICAL – A reversal (revolutionary) of ACID inserted into the first three letters (on having been cut) of LEMon

20d    Watch car touring Northern Ireland (7)
MONITOR – MOTOR (car) ‘touring’ NI (Northern Ireland)

21d    A consumable computer? (6)
TABLET – Cryptic definition

23d    ‘Hair‘: appearing in theatres Saturday (5)
TRESS – appearing in theaTRES Saturday


4 comments on “ST 3073

  1. Thank you for the full review & parsing 7d CS. It had to be what it was so I stuck it in without trying to parse it.
    Thought they had stopped using gasometer, as it doesn’t strictly measure anything, in favour of gasholder.
    Remember the dialogue pointing it out in a commentary from the Oval.
    Amazing what weird inconsequential things stick in the memory.

    1. When we were children, we used to be amused by our Granny’s theory that the oven was taking a long time to cook something because the gasometer was down, not least because it was an electric cooker!

      1. Thanks CS
        Your story reminded me that we lived about a mile from a gasworks near Oldham & I used to go with my grandad with my old pram to get coke for the fire which we stored in the air raid shelter. I went on to the internet & found some images of the works which disappeared many many years ago.
        Quite amazing what trials this site sets us off down!

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