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DT 29467

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29467

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 12 September 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Nice to have Cephas back, this time with an enjoyable pangram

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1a    Rabbit by pan said to be a fabulous monster (10)
JABBERWOCK – JABBER (rabbit, talk a lot) and a homophone (said to be) of WOK (pan)

6a    Level area’s reported weakness (4)
FLAW – A second homophone (reported) of FLOOR (level area). Lots of discussion about this clue on Saturday – if you solved it using the newspaper version, for me anyway, it was easy to spot the definition as the two parts of the clue are clearly separated by the printing layout


8a    Cheers unknown country losing its first source of income (8)
TAXATION – TA (cheers, thank you) X (mathematical unknown) nATION (country losing its first letter)

9a    Main board meeting of the day? (6)
DINNER – A cryptic definition of a day’s main meal eaten at a table (board)

10a    Benevolence of Dennis cavorting in Kansas (8)
KINDNESS – An anagram (cavorting) of DENNIS inserted into KS (Kansas)

11a    Catch part of hospital taking blame (6)
ENTRAP – ENT (Ear Nose and Throat Department of a hospital) RAP (blame)

12a    Source of notes with nothing in order (4)
OBOE – O (nothing) inserted into OBE (Order of the British Empire)

14a    Shaped like a diamond rich mob reformed (7)
RHOMBIC – An anagram (reformed) of RICH MOB

18a    Old soldier chopped up tree in transit? (7)
VETERAN – An anagram (chopped up) of TREE inserted into VAN (Transit being an example)

20a    Singular key developing into island (4)
SKYE – S (singular) and an anagram (developing) of KEY

23a    Father’s bird is over the hill (4,2)
PAST IT – PAS (father’s) TIT (bird)

24a    Like finest, outstanding, incombustible material (8)
ASBESTOS – AS (like) BEST (finest) OS (outstanding)

25a    In alternator, questionable force (6)
TORQUE – Hidden in alternaTOR QUEstionable

26a    Group that’s missing led old flier (8)
ZEPPELIN – The group missing its ‘Led’

27a    Having power to remove both ends of slab (4)
ABLE – Remove both ends of tABLEt (slab)

28a    A metal ring damaged part of harness (10)
MARTINGALE – An anagram (damaged) of A METAL RING


1d    Fast mover over snow? One going over water (3-5)
JET-SKIER – JET (fast mover) SKIER (mover over snow)

2d    Fight packing them in (6)
BOXING – Double definition

3d    Offer from former nurse (6)
EXTEND – EX (former) TEND (nurse)

4d    Fuel store for festival (9)
WOODSTOCK – WOOD (fuel) STOCK (store)

5d    Mostly eager to welcome greed, cooking dish (8)
KEDGEREE – Most of KEEn (eager) ‘welcoming) an anagram (cooking) of GREED

6d    Make delicate adjustments to superior melody (4-4)
FINE TUNE – FINE (superior) TUNE (melody)

7d    A very English mass, with song and prayer (3,5)
AVE MARIA – A (from the clue) V (very) E (English) M (mass) ARIA (song)

13d    Turned out too late? (9)
OVERSLEPT – Cryptic definition

15d    Sacrifice male accountant placed on vault (8)
HECATOMB – HE (male) CA (Chartered Accountant) TOMB (vault)

16d    Gosh, one in quest fabricated incommunicable quality (8)
MYSTIQUE – MY (gosh) I (one) inserted into an anagram (fabricated) of QUEST

17d    Mother is shifting line on map (8)
ISOTHERM – An anagram (shifting) of MOTHER IS

19d    No French sight perhaps, an absurdity (8)
NONSENSE – NON (French word for no) SENSE (sight perhaps)

21d    You and I will have a poncho, not half, only an arm (6)
WEAPON – WE (you and I) A (from the clue) PONcho (the first half of poncho)

22d    Cut short brilliant woman (6)
STELLA – Cut short STELLAr (brilliant)