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DT 29464

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29464

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.
 A grey overcast day here. We have had a trailer load of firewood delivered this morning and have been busy getting it unloaded and neatly stacked so that it will be nice and dry when we get to use it next winter. It is hard work for a couple of oldies but a very satisfying feeling to have it all finally done. That will have to wait until we get these hints and tips safely written and scheduled though.

Excellent Wednesday fun as usual from Jay.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Opportunist’s day at last for court (8)
CHANCERY : An opportunist or risk taker and then the final letter of day.

5a     Beat 2 with this? (6)
HAMMER : The definition is both the first word of the clue and the entire clue. 2 means the answer to 2d.

9a     Backing study covering rats maybe doesn’t matter (5,4)
NEVER MIND : What rats are an example of is found inside a reversal (backing) of a study.

11a     Acknowledge donation (5)
GRANT : A double definition.

12a     Delicacy of European Community retreat (6)
ECLAIR : The abbreviation for European Community and then a retreat where an animal might be found.

13a     Attack doctor when going in behind schedule (8)
LAMBASTE : A two letter qualification for a doctor and a two letter synonym for ‘when’ are inside a word meaning behind schedule.

15a     Bear somehow able to swallow top of dog and bone (8,5)
SHOULDER BLADE : Bear or carry and then an anagram (somehow) of ABLE contains the first letter of dog.

18a     Wine and film hub 12 developed (13)
LIEBFRAUMILCH : an anagram (developed) of FILM HUB and the answer to 12a.

22a     Pact resulting from for example abandoning loyalty (8)
ALLIANCE : The abbreviation for the Latin phrase meaning ‘for example’ is removed from a synonym for loyalty.

23a     Protocol largely covering arrest (6)
COLLAR : A lurker, hiding in the clue.

26a     Surprise seeing publicans finally going to the back for such wines (5)
HOCKS : Start with a serious surprise and move the last letter of publicans from the beginning to the end of this word.

27a     Protester from Germany isn’t welcoming party (9)
DISSIDENT : The IVR code for Germany and then the word ‘isn’t’ is split to admit the addition of party or team.

28a     Fail to accept South American neglect (6)
DISUSE : Fail or expire contains S(outh) and the two letter abbreviation for American.

29a     Makes a contribution and entrances on air (6,2)
WEIGHS IN : The answer is a homophone of a 4,2 phrase describing entrances.


1d     Talk may be firm, and otherwise never about son (8)
CONVERSE : The abbreviation for a firm or company, and then an anagram (otherwise) of NEVER contains S(on).

2d     Forger’s requirement sees knave regularly in trouble (5)
ANVIL : The second and fourth letters of knave are inside another word for trouble.

3d     Warm drink (7)
CORDIAL : A double definition. The drink could be a fruit syrup.

4d     Clever — going naked for shower (4)
RAIN : Remove the first and last letters (going naked) from clever or intelligent.

6d     Mature about Liberal supporter for subject of class (7)
ALGEBRA : Mature or grow older contains L(iberal) and then the undergarment supporter.

7d     Tries to help, having left after breaking news during dinner perhaps (5,4)
MEANS WELL : An anagram (breaking) of NEWS and L(eft) are inside what dinner can be an example of.

8d     Quite right, with swimmer losing head (6)
RATHER : R(ight) and then remove the first letter from somebody taking aquatic exercise.

10d     Perfect round will get you exhausted (4-4)
DEAD-BEAT : A synonym for perfect, sometimes used in describing a complete stop or complete calm and then a round possibly walked by a policeman.

14d     Rushed to hug journalist feeling initially embarrassed (3-5)
RED-FACED : Rushed or moved quickly surrounds a senior journalist and the first letter of feeling.

16d     Smooth touch in case of serious pollutants (3,6)
OIL SLICKS : To smooth by using an unguent and then a touch or ‘mere suggestion’ is enclosed by the first and last letters of serious.

17d     Son has another different style of furniture (8)
SHERATON : S(on) and an anagram (different) of ANOTHER.

19d     Passes European circuits with ease, oddly (7)
ELAPSES : The abbreviation for European, then circuits possibly of a race track and the first and third letters of ease.

20d     Tying up medic needing oxygen on call
MOORING : A medical officer, then the chemical symbol for oxygen and call on the telephone.

21d     Left a cast beaten (6)
LASHED : L(eft) then ‘A’ from the clue and cast or shuck off.

24d     City is ahead, according to reports (5)
LEEDS : A homophone of a word meaning ‘is ahead’.

25d     One’s levy halved for land offshore (4)
ISLE : The Roman numeral one plus ‘S and the first half of the word levy.

Lots of ticks again today. We especially liked 1a, 28a and 29a.

Quickie pun    sure    +    toffs    +   pays    =    short of space

Steve Cowling has sent a message explaing his recent absence from the blog which I have uploaded as a pdf here: Phew What a Ride! BD

52 comments on “DT 29464

  1. This puzzle made a strange progression for me today, the top half started with only crosses complete and the bottom with only the downs. However, the rest soon fell in place, but 3d and 28a held out to take me into *** time. I was unaware of the alternative spelling at 13a, or the furniture at 17d.

    The parsing of 10d was beyond me.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2 Ks.

  2. The trickiest Jay for a while I thought, took what seemed an age to get going but once I did I was able to finish quite briskly and appreciate the quality of the puzzle.
    My only problem was parsing 10d but it had to be. I suppose you could justify the first word when used with “heat” for perfect but when was the last time you saw a policeman on the second word!
    I liked the DD at 3d and the inventiveness of the surface at 18a but my podium consists of 9a plus 8&16d.
    Many thanks to the 3 birds for the entertainment.

  3. What an excellent crossword with top draw surfaces like 1a 15d, 22a, and last in 29- a terrific homophone,
    complements to the setter all round ,my favourite was18a for originality .
    Going for a**/**** as per 2 K’s-thanks for the pics and plaudits for the setter.

  4. Hooray. It’s Jayday. 2*/5* from me with plenty to choose from for podium places. I kept going round in circles deciding which of many to leave out but have finally settled on 1a, 13a (what a lovely word!), 3d (a perfect DD) and 10d.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

    P.S. I’ve just read Steve Cowling’s report on his absence from the blog following the link at the borrom of the review above. Sobering stuff, and, as BD puts it, “Phew what a ride!” Repeating what I said yesterday, it’s good to have you back, Steve, and I am sure Hudson too is delighted to see you again.

  5. Another intriguing crossword from Jay (**/*****). I thoroughly enjoyed the wily clues, although, like Malcolm R, I found 10a hard to parse. My pick of the day included 18a, a super anagram with a cunning link to 12a, 7d, 29a and 13a, with clever use of the alternative spelling. Thanks to Jay and my encouragement to the Kiwis with their piles of logs. I recently struggled to lift the sack of bread flour that I had ordered from Marriage’s Mill into the house from the doorstep, where it had been delivered, as instructed. Itgets harder as you get older.

  6. As usual, a joy to work a Jay puzzle. Superlatives fail me otherwise. Top honours to three phrases: 7d, 9a, 29a.
    Many thanks to the Kiwis and to Jay for the entertainment. 1.5* / 4*

    Excellent Toughie today too.

    1. Just read Steve’s pdf. So sorry you’ve had to go through all that but glad you’re back and well–and so much an important part of this blog.

  7. Lovely Jay as per usual – thanks to him and the 2Ks

    Just read Steve’s report – I am so glad to hear that you are now back home safe and well. Take care

  8. Great puzzle from Jay which was hard to get into but with perseverance and some electronic help gave up its secrets. Liked 9a and 15a and 20d.

    Thanks to the 2Ks and Jay for an invigorating Wednesday morning.

  9. As with most of the puzzles last week I found this really tricky to get a foothold. Once I did it was a steady slog and a thoroughly enjoyable one. 10a was a bung in and still don’t really get it. Some very clever clues and my COTD was 29a. I didn’t comment yesterday as I was a bit late to the party but have now read Steve Cowlings harrowing tale above and can add that it’s great to have you back. One question from me please – I have never seen such a glossy lab as Hudson, he looks fabulous, is it what you feed him, or masses of grooming and affection? Take care all.

  10. I’ve just read Steve Cowling’s account of his recent experience. I am grateful for very small mercies after that. Covid was bad enough but that sounds just plain awful. Glad you’re ok now. Ok the crossword. For a Jay puzzle, I struggled today. ****/*** Not sure why. Brain not engaged. 13a stumped me – I didn’t know this spelling so discounted the answer. Cryptic Sue’s voice in my ear telling me to check the dictionary remained silent! I’ve no idea how Jay even thought up 18a – what a delightful clue even if the wine in question is not to my taste. Favourite though is 1a. Thanks to all.

  11. I think RD’s comment of ‘hooray, Jayday’ covers it nicely, I’ve run out of superlatives where his puzzles are concerned.
    Toughest decision is which clues to single out for the podium and today I settled on 1a plus 3&7d.

    Many thanks to Jay and also to our log shifters for making time to bring us the review. My elder daughter’s partner is a ‘log man’ so if you think you’ve got problems shifting yours you should see what he has to contend with!

    PS Well done to you for coming out the other side, Steve C, the story of your recent days puts so much into perspective. Hudson is doubtless delighted to have you back on duty and I should think Mrs C breathed a huge sigh of relief.

      1. No problem, Robert, but rather relieved to hear that you had similar feelings. As you may have noticed previously, I have ordered both of your recent recommendations but neither is available in paperback until next year. Not to worry, I’ve got plenty to keep me going in the meantime!

  12. No ‘starting’ help from the Downs in either direction. For me, Jay seemed to be trickier than usual, but just as enjoyable, for completion at a fast canter – ***/*****.
    Candidates for favourite – 29a, 2d, 6d, and 14d – and the winner is the excellent homophone at 29a.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

    To Steve C – thank you for sharing your ‘experience.’ I hope and pray that you stay well for a very long time.

  13. As ever with Jay, I often get the answer before I have parsed it. I then have to spend some time working out why the answer is what it is. I only seem to experience this with Jay and no other setter. Still, an excellent workout with many examples of Jay’s art to savour. The clue that stood out for me was 9a as I had a huge “lightbulb” moment when the answer came – really clever.

    My thank to Jay for an excellent workout and to the 2 Kiwis for the wonderful hints.

    Thank you again for all your comments. They are much appreciated both by myself and Mrs. C. In reply to Manders asking about Hudson’s coat I do nothing other than feed him well and exercise him. I do groom him but no more than any other dog. I chose that picture because he had just recovered from an illness just as I have and he was back on top form.

    1. I usually have the same experience with both Zandio and Silvanus. Answers pop into my head and the parsing comes by reverse engineering. It must be something about how one’s brain works. It’s wonderful that we’re all different in that respect. I just read your account and you certainly have had more than your fair share of problems lately. I hope the calm follows the storm.

  14. As ever a treat from Jay.I wake on Wednesdays with a sense of pleasure a long hill walk followed by What for me is the best puzzle of the week.Thanks to all.

  15. Wow Steve, what an experience. So pleased you are recovered but you must continue to take care of yourself. I dare say Mrs C will be onto that! You are so right about this lovely blog (too ugly a name for it) It has been if not a life saver then a sanity saver. The crossword – a great Wednesday offering. Many thanks to J.K’nK

    1. I agree, Daisygirl. Blog is too ugly a name for this site. I prefer to think of it as a social crossword club.

  16. Just nicely challenging with the SE slowing down the home run. Didn’t parse 10d. 8d should have been obvious but spent ages trying to come up with a fish from which to remove head and also tried to justify desist for 28a. My Fav clue (if not the vino itself) was 18a. Thank you Jay and the 2Kiwis. Quickie including pun was fun to figure out too.

    Steve, stay well and keep safe. 🤞.

  17. Once in a blue moon I will be on wavelength with Jay. But not today. I worked my way through, answers presenting themselves despite the clues on several occasions. Definitely one of his tougher challenges, but nevertheless enjoyable as usual, as he rarely uses obtuse, archaic or deep GK words.. The spelling of 13a threw me off. 3d made me smile. 6d made me shudder, that was when I started to lose interest in maths at school, with geometry being the clincher. But accounting and financial analysis came easily. Strange how our brains work, or don’t. Thanks to Jay and to 2Kiwis.

  18. Not too difficult today 28a defeated me as I made the basic mistake of using SA for South America insteadthe of S US doh!
    The terminal e on 13a is new to me but BRB confirms it is ok. 9a 3d my faves today and I wouldn’t drink 18a for love nor money!
    Thanks to Jay and the log people. Time to take Mama Bee shopping then another look at the Toughie while watching the TDF
    bit of a nothing stage across the flatlands of central France today.
    Steve – Be good to Yourself At Least Once a Day and Keep on Crinting

    1. Not sure I was crinting, John Bee. I didn’t seek sympathy. 😎

      Great music. Never heard of Man.

  19. Could have cut & pasted every Wednesday for ages. Still can’t say I get on the Jay wavelength as quickly as I should. SW corner held me up but nothing I couldn’t parse when my brain got in gear.
    Pleasurable solve with lots to like
    COTD 18a. Confess that it bought back memories of early married life and our monthly “treat” of a bottle of Blue Nun. (Never been an oenophile, didn’t know the word existed then. Graduated to a decent Chablis when I’m allowed now though).
    Thanks again Jay & 2Ks for the review. We’re just about to start using our logs I think & need to get in the second 3 month’s supply soon.

  20. ***/*****. It took me a while to get going but what a treat. My favourite was 18a which took me back to my young days as my father liked a bottle of this with Sunday dinner – I’ve never bought it and never will! Thanks to Jay for an excellent puzzle and the 2Ks for the review.

  21. This would have been 2* territory for difficulty apart from the brilliant 29a, which held me hostage for about half an hour! Having read Steve’s account of his isolation, I will now stop moaning about my recent 2 weeks alone & bored, having returned from my motorbike trip to la belle France.

    1. I think the answer to that, Nogbad, is to do what Queen stated

      “Get on your bikes and ride!”

  22. Like many of you I read Steve’s very sobering account of his recent health scare before commenting on the puzzle. It reminded me of my own brush with mortality three and a half years ago and made me think, once again, of the fragile hold we all have on life. I am delighted Steve is back amongst us.

    As for the crossword, there are few superlatives left that I can shower on Jay, other than to thank him for another Wednesday gem. My thanks, too, to the 2Ks.

    1. I do not, of course, know what your brush with the Grim Reaper was, Young Salopian but I do understand. Nineteen years ago I nearly died because of liver failure. The QE hospital in Brum brought me back from the brink. After such a brush with death, life takes on a new meaning. You are correct, life is precious and our grip on it is tenuous so we must live it while we can.

  23. Trickier Jay than normal I felt; a learning day as well as I had no idea 13a could have an ‘e’ at the end, and I had not previously encountered a 17d. Although I solved 10d speedily, it took some pondering to consider why and how.

    *All the best to Steve Cowling – quite an ordeal and it must have been a worrying few days for Steve and his family. Such a key member of this group, it is great to see him back.

    Off now to mow the ‘lawns’ (patches of grass) before the light fades.
    Thanks very much to Jay and the two Ks.

  24. Morning all.
    Have just read Steve C’s piece. WOW! Totally agree with your comments about this site too. You, Mrs C and Hudson all deserve lots of ‘plain sailing’ after all that.
    Jay seems to have pleased all his fans once again with this puzzle.

  25. Definitely a trickier Jay Day but still very special. The top half went in quite readily, but the bottom took much longer. I eventually needed a hint to get going again, I looked up 22a and the rest just slotted in nicely.
    I still won’t acknowledge that I can’t spell, natch I misspelt 18a, ending with 2″h”s, that takes talent.
    My fave is 13a, but 15a and 3d deserve mention.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis for the fun.

    What an ordeal, Steve, I’m so glad you’re better, keep safe. Hudson comes home on Friday, I believe, what fun that’s going to be.

  26. I’m not sure if I found really difficult or just difficult as I solved it in fits and starts with periods of staring blankly at the clues until a penny drop moment occurred and more answers became obvious. Hey ho! I got there in the end despite a late start even for me. Favourite was 29a. Many thanks to Jay and 2K’s.

  27. 3*/4*….
    liked 26A ” surprise seeing publicans finally going to the back for such wines (5)”

  28. Evening all, Hoofit here.
    Super Jay offering, what’s new?
    9a reminded my of that wonderful album by Nirvana and memories of being violently Uncle Dick on 18a, back in the days when they used to lace it with anti-freeze.
    LOI was 3d, took me a while to spot that.
    Thanks all.

  29. Just read about your ordeal Steve. The main thing is that you got through it and you’re still here to tell the tale. Keep safe and stay well.

  30. Thanks, I would add my feeling of horror at your ordeal, I’m glad you have come through it.

  31. Late in the day as usual but as always a great Jay Wednesday. Trickier then usual I thought and really needed the explanation from the 2Kiwis to parse 10d so many thanks.
    I don’t comment regularly but do read the blog every day ( often a day late) so feel I’m amongst friends so I’d to add that I too am glad Steve C that you’re on the mend. Your account of what you’ve been through was very moving.

  32. Just finished the crossword after real life took up the whole day – they, ie the Younger Lamb and her nearly husband aka ‘real life’ – have now headed back to London.
    Too late to comment properly now so I’ve just popped in to thank Jay for the crossword and the 2K’s for the hints and pics.
    I also wanted to say thank you to Steve Cowling – what a roller coaster you’ve been on.
    Now then SC – as an ex-ward sister of the old school kind, (ie the proper ones, at the Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford, no less) I’m going to issue some instructions – you need lots of sleep, including a rest in the afternoon (whatever Hudson thinks or says!) and you need plenty of proper food. You also need to remember that it’s going to take you longer than you think it will to be completely better so don’t rush it and don’t try to run before you can walk.
    My very best wishes to you,

  33. Taken most of the day on and off, dealing with other things too, to finish this. Didn’t find it very rewarding and conclude I have trouble with Jay’s offerings. 3.5*/2* as found some of the clues impossible to parse with the hints.
    Liked 18a, 29a & 21d …. but 6d the winner

    Thanks to Jay and 2k’s

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