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DT 29455

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29455

A full review by crypticsue

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Another Saturday, another prize puzzle

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7a    Paint Dean Court ground (9)
UNDERCOAT – An anagram (ground) of DEAN COURT

8a    Mean to get wasted (5)
TIGHT – Double definition – miserly (mean) or drunk (wasted)

10a    Way to load part-emptied revolver? (6)
PLANET – LANE (way) to ‘load’ the outside (emptied) letters of ParT

11a    Drunk shortly drinking last of booze in pub (8)
HOSTELRY – An anagram (drunk) of SHORTLY ‘drinking’ the last letter of boozE

12a    Wingers of value in one Madrid team for show (6)
REVEAL – More ‘outside’ letters, this time the wingers of ValuE inserted into REAL (just one of the football teams that are based in Madrid)

14a    Again and again? (6)
THRICE – If you do something again, that’s twice, so again would be THRICE

16a    Stick close to flatmate in block (4)
BEAR – The ‘close’ to flatmatE inserted into BAR (block)

17a    Good people achieving freedom from sin (5)
GRACE – G (good) RACE (people)

18a    Fish convulse when beheaded (4)
HAKE – ‘Behead’ or remove the first letter from sHAKE (convulse)

19a    Spend colder months in Kraków in terror (6)
WINTER – A verb meaning to spend the colder months of the year somewhere – hidden in KrakoW IN TERror

21a    Have riches perhaps in American vault (6)
ABOUND – To be rich in or exist in great plenty – A (American) BOUND (vault)

24a    Excited seeing leg — not small — in flimsy robe (8)
NEGLIGEE – An anagram (excited) of sEEING LEG – not small telling you to omit the S

26a    Sailor posted away (6)
ABSENT – AB (sailor) SENT (posted)

27a    Creature in riotous binge (5)
BEING – An anagram (riotous) of BINGE

28a    Hardened companion comes to standstill (9)
STALEMATE – STALE (hardened) MATE (companion)


1d    Ancient invader offers perspective (5)
ANGLE – Double definition

2d    Beast runs right round a German river (8)
REINDEER – R (runs) and R (right) go round EIN (the German word for one) and DEE (river)

3d    Battered chest containing yard tool (6)
SCYTHE – An anagram (battered) of CHEST ‘containing’ Y (yard)

4d    Bishop has spoiled party (4)
BASH – B (Bishop in chess notation) and an anagram (spoiled) of HAS

5d    One-dimensional Shakespearean king stays home (6)
LINEAR – LEAR (Shakespearean king) ‘stay’s IN (home)

6d    Task and chore to mix something to eat (9)
SHORTCAKE – An anagram (to mix) of TASK and CHORE

9d    African transmitter sets in hollow tree (6)
TSETSE – How lovely to have a different clue from the usual ones for this nasty African transmitter of sleeping sickness) – SETS (from the clue) inserted into the outside letters (hollow) of TreE

13d    Animal in lake with Buddhist monk (5)
LLAMA – L (lake) LAMA (Buddhist monk)

15d    Something done about meat supplied (9)
DELIVERED – DEED (something done) ‘about’ LIVER (meat)

17d    Sort of music book extracted from rubbish (6)
GARAGE – Remove the B (book extracted) from GARbAGE (rubbish)

18d    Carriage said to be well-proportioned (8)
HANDSOME – A homophone (said) of HANSOM (carriage)

20d    Beer fuels explosive ability (6)
TALENT – ALE (beer) fuels or goes inside TNT (explosive)

22d    Delphic priestess in wicker boat seen topless (6)
ORACLE – Remove the ‘top’ from a cORACLE (wicker boat)

23d    EU collecting money raised forms alliance (5)
UNITE – A reversal (raised) of EU ‘collecting’ TIN (money)

25d    Takes in tea brewed by son (4)
EATS – An anagram (brewed) of TEA followed by S (son)