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ST 3070

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3070

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 23rd August 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Another enjoyable Sunday crossword from Dada

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1a    It helps manoeuvres in crazy naval game (11)
BATTLESHIPS – An anagram (manoeuvres) of IT HELPS inserted into BATS (crazy)

10a    Indian sauce in meat, I argued, on the turn? (5)
RAITA – Hidden in reverse (on the turn) in meAT I ARgued

11a    Country manor as elaborate, in parts (3,6)
SAN MARINE – An anagram (elaborate) of MANOR AS into which is inserted (parts) IN

12a    Many lads initially captivated by lady (9)
COUNTLESS – The initial letter of Lads ‘captivated’ by COUNTESS (lady)

13a    Topping work of butcher perhaps hasn’t started (5)
ICING – The butcher hasn’t started dICING the meat

14a    Only a little relief for terrorist, shot (6)
EFFORT – Hidden in only a little bit of reliEF FOR Terrorist

16a    Queen in frenzy having lost lead — charge! (8)
AMPERAGE – ER (the regnal cipher of our current Queen) inserted into a rAMPAGE (frenzy) without its lead

18a    Areas for playing, also in doubles (8)
SANDPITS – AND (also) inserted into SPITS (doubles)

20a    Capital seemed unpleasantly cold, looking westward (6)
WARSAW – A reversal (looking westward in an Across clue) of WAS (seemed) RAW (unpleasantly cold)

23a    Panic, much like marines (5)
ALARM – A LA (much like) RM (Royal Marines)

24a    Resolve to hug new head (9)
TOUGHNESS – An anagram (new) of TO HUG followed by NESS (head)

26a    Where picture might be hung immediately (2,3,4)
ON THE NAIL – Although a proper picture hook might be better

27a    Old priest reversed banishment (5)
EXILE – EX (old) ELI (Old Testament priest)

28a    Yellow flower existing with cherry (4-7)
LILY-LIVERED – LILY (flower) LIVE (existing) RED (cherry)


2d    Something rolled in gold for so long (5)
ADIEU – DIE (something rolled) inserted into AU (chemical symbol for gold)

3d    Person trying to carry old appliance (7)
TOASTER – TASTER (person trying) to ‘carry’ O (old)

4d    Banquet attendee doffing cap for religious festival (6)
EASTER – Doff or remove the ‘cap’ from fEASTER

5d    Big fine (8)
HANDSOME – Two of eleven possible definitions for the solution

6d    Sweet pear in caramel finally cooked (7)
PRALINE – An anagram (cooked) of PEAR IN and the final letter of carameL

7d    Insect main issue when bats come out? (7,6)
CRICKET SEASON – CRICKET (insect) SEA (main) SON (issue)

8d    Vehicles requiring some time to catch terrible Russian (8)
MINIVANS – MINS (some time) to ‘catch’ IVAN (the Terrible)

9d    Language overcoming terrifying blow? It’s hard to say (6-7)
TONGUE-TWISTER – TONGUE (language) TWISTER (terrible blow)

15d    Steering mechanism rates extraordinarily beautiful work (4,4)
FINE ARTS – FIN (steering mechanism) and an anagram (extraordinarily) of RATES

17d    David etc ratty, as upset about university (8)
STATUARY – An anagram (upset) of RATTY AS ‘about’ U (university)

19d    Show two under bottom of gravestone in old burial site? (7)
POMPEII – POMP (show) II (Roman numerals for two) E (the ‘bottom’ of gravestonE)

21d    Might one be going for gold teeth, almost all being rotten? (7)
ATHLETE – An anagram (being rotten) of TEETH and almost ALl

22d    Central parts in clue, confusing (6)
NUCLEI – An anagram (confusing) of IN CLUE

25d    Best books in central Greece (5)
ELITE – LIT (books) in the central letters of grEEce

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  1. Has anyone ever heard or seen written the word “spits” as a plural of two kids who are the spit of their father?

    As I said on Sunday it just looked strange to me.

    For example “Those boys are the spitting image of…..or each of them are the spit of…” fine, but “Those boys are the spits of their father …or even worse…those boys are their father’s spits!”

    Hey ho.

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