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ST 3069

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3069

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

Nice fairly 3d and enjoyable Sunday crossword

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8a    Left Felixstowe, for example? (4)
PORT – Double definition

9a    Initially teeth wonky: order a brace (3)
TWO – The initial letters of Teeth Wonky Order

10a    Testament embraced by particular see (6)
NOTICE – OT (Old Testament) ’embraced’ by NICE (particular)

11a    Wreck occupying a harbour (6)
MARINA – MAR (wreck) IN (occupying) A (from the clue)

12a    Ship that carries sherry (8)
SCHOONER – Double definition

13a    Take in lovely chap, mischievous character (5,10)
ROBIN GOODFELLOW – ROB (take) IN (from the clue) GOOD (lovely) FELLOW (chap)

15a    Easy raids by Britain during the war (7)
BLIGHTY – LIGHT (easy) ‘raids’ BY (from the clue)

17a    Haggard novel in classic, ruined (7)
TRASHED – SHE (novel by Rider Haggard) in TRAD (classic)

20a    Wrong waterproof on, yet right legally (5,2,8)

23a    Found in river, cold shorn sheep (8)
FOLLOWER – the inside letters (shorn) of cOLd found in FLOWER (river)

25a    Embroidered lace to pin down (6)
LOCATE – An anagram (embroidered) of LACE TO

26a    Rare set, almost misplaced, in schoolboy’s possession? (6)
ERASER – An anagram (misplaced) of almost all of RARE SEt

27a    Endless suffering: that’s right, though appears wrong (3)
SIC – Remove the end from SICk (suffering)

28a    Organise type (4)
SORT – Double definition


1d    Site of many casinos: card cut in one (6)
MONACO – ACe (card ‘cut) in MONO (one)

2d    Obvious industrial action? (8)
STRIKING – Double definition

3d    A piece of cake in hand to be given to dependant (15)
STRAIGHTFORWARD – STRAIGHT (hand of cards) FOR (to be given to) WARD (dependant)

4d    Groovy touring America, very close to city in Texas (7)
HOUSTON – HOT (groovy) ‘touring’ US (American) ON (very close)

5d    Lift isn’t cheaper to repair, initially (2,3,5,5)
IN THE FIRST PLACE – An anagram (to repair) of LIFT ISNT CHEAPER

6d    Constitutional crisis’s ultimate troublemaker online (6)
STROLL – S (the ultimate letter of crisis) TROLL (online troublemaker)

7d    Hurt, a cook cut (4)
ACHE – A (from the clue) CHEf (cut cook)

14d    Recite outstanding poem (3)
ODE – A homophone (recite) of OWED (outstanding)

16d    Sign put up in Tokyo, electrified (3)
LEO – Hidden in reverse in TokyO ELectrified

18d    Scary criminal practice somewhere in Sicily (8)
SYRACUSE – An anagram (criminal) of SCARY followed by USE (practice)

19d    Decent angle capturing mood (7)
FAIRISH – FISH (angle) ‘capturing’ AIR (mood)

21d    Join up squiggly lines on bottom of portrait (6)
ENLIST – An anagram (squiggly) of LINES on the ‘bottom’ of portraiT

22d    Contents of vent and exhaust complete (6)
ENTIRE – The ‘contents’ of vENt and TIRE (exhaust)

24d    Some buffalo, great big beast (4)
OGRE – Hidden in buffalO GREat