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ST 3068

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3068

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 9th August 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! – Quite a fast solve for me but the usual Sunday enjoyment

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1a           Parents on the outskirts of an American country (6)
PANAMA – Your parents, PA and MA, on the outside (outskirts) of AN from the clue.

5a           Completely destroyed, Dynamic Duo and I wept (5,3)
WIPED OUT – An anagram (dynamic/moving) of DUO and I WEPT.

9a           Criticise wrinkles in body parts (10)
PANCREASES – A charade of PAN for criticise and CREASES for wrinkles.

10a        Fish with a tail end (4)
CODA – A COD (fish) with A from the clue.

11a        Teas oddly dismissed, posers ordered coffee (8)
ESPRESSO – Start with the even letters of tEaS (the odds are dismissed) and then make an anagram (ordered) od POSERS.

12a        Exposed place for birth (6)
OUTSET – OUT for exposed and SET for place.

13a        Reportedly, take off tiny jumper (4)
FLEA – A homophone (reportedly) of FLEE for take off/vamoose.

15a        Make-up has run, being sloppy (8)
SLAPDASH – SLAP for (theatrical) make up and DASH for run.

18a        Superficial type in soak (4-4)
SKIN DEEP – Place KIND or type/make inside SEEP/soak.

19a        With difficulty, progress measured, we hear? (4)
WADE – A homophone (we hear) of WEIGHED or measured.

21a        Bun, say: tricky eating one with starter of offal (6)
HAIRDO – HARD or tricky eats I for one and then you need to add the starting letter of O(ffal).

23a        Frame in car OK for going abroad (4,4)
ROOFRACK – An anagram (going abroad) of CAR OK FOR and a very apposite surface reading.

25a        Dog food (4)
CHOW – A simple double definition.

26a        Where athletes randomly entered, no matter what? (2,3,5)
IN ANY EVENT – The first is the cryptic definition – An athlete randomly entered in the Olympics, say, might be placed IN ANY EVENT.

27a        Primitive mood in philosopher (5-3)
STONE-AGE – Place TONE or mood inside a SAGE or philosopher.

28a        A bank seen on far side of river, very little (6)
RARELY – A from the clue and RELY/bank are seen on (after) The far left (or right!)  letter/side or RiveR.


2d           Gather team as serving drinks (5)
AMASS – A hidden word is inside (has been drunk by) te AM AS S erving.

3d           Learn art in case appearing crafty (9)
ASCERTAIN – An anagram (appearing crafty) of ART IN CASE.

4d           A part of song, hostile (6)
AVERSE – A part of a song is A VERSE.

5d           Somewhere in Somerset, old actress riding thoroughbred? (6-5-4)
WESTON-SUPER-MARE – An old actress riding a thoroughbred horse might be (Mae) WEST ON (a) SUPER MARE.

6d           Country history test (8)
PASTORAL – A charade of PAST/history and an ORAL exam/test.

7d           Tube blocked by a coin, once (5)
DUCAT – A DUCT or tube includes (is blocked by) A from the clue.

8d           In the raw -— like a plain salad? (9)
UNDRESSED – The second cryptic definition refers to a salad with no dressing.

14d        Immediately, love equally exciting (4,1,4)
LIKE A SHOT – Like for love and AS HOT for ‘equally as exciting’.

16d        With the current club, confess manacled (9)
DOWNRIVER – to OWN (up) or confess is manacled by a DRIVER (golf club).

17d        Fresh lemon is put on a pudding (8)
A fresh anagram of LEMON IS placed above (put on in a Down clue) A.

20d        Originally, birch or yew proving flexible for old weapons manufacturer (6)
BOWYER – The original letter in B(irch) followed by an anagram (proving flexible) or OR YEW.

22d        Tree in central part of Europe, white (5)
ROWAN – The two central letters or euROpe followed by WAN for white/pale.

24d        Vessel on a lake, artificial waterway (5)
CANAL – A CAN/vessel on A L(ake).