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ST 3067

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3067

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 2nd August

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***/****

Very enjoyable Sunday puzzle – a nice mix of clues with a bit of beeping from the repetition radar but not enough to induce grumpiness


1a    Beastly African cases for old doctor (11)
HIPPOCRATES – HIPPO (beastly African) CRATES (cases)

10a    Titan finally scratching back (5)
ATLAS – AT LASt ‘scratching’ or removing the letter at the back

11a    Feeling less, yours truly getting hit (6,3)
NUMBER ONE – NUMBER (feeling less) ONE (yours truly)

12a    Shop original man from South Africa? (9)
NEWSAGENT – NEW (original) SA GENT (man from South Africa)

13a    Equally determined to produce benefit (5)
ASSET – AS SET (equally determined)

14a    Absolutely not certain of earnings, only some shown (2,4)
NO FEAR – Shown in some of certaiN OF EARnings

16a    African city building to repair (8)
PRETORIA – An anagram (building) of TO REPAIR

18a    Current unit in outskirts of Hyderabad, incapacitated (8)
HAMPERED – AMPERE (unit of current) in the outside letters of HyderabaD

20a    Opening a menu, people polished off cake (6)
GATEAU – GATE (opening) A (from the clue) menU (polish off or remove the people)

23a    Captured by Spain, a Uruguayan island (5)
NAURU – Hidden in (captured by) SpaiN A URUguayan

24a    Italian food the pigs ate, almost all chewed up (9)
SPAGHETTI – An anagram (chewed up) of almost all of THE PIGS ATe

26a    Antelope nuzzling into nice new flower (9)
CELANDINE – The second appearance of this flower in four days – ELAND (antelope) ‘tucking in’ to an anagram (new) of NICE

27a    Hike, heading off for walk (5)
AMBLE – Remove the head from rAMBLE (hike)

28a    Lover gone, one helping to find forgiveness (11)
EXONERATION – EX (lover gone) ONE (from the clue) RATION (helping)


2d    Relative hammered nail on top of wardrobe (2-3)
IN-LAW – An anagram (hammered) of NAIL goes on the ‘top’ of Wardrobe

3d    Cheers coming after success with a sauce (7)
PASSATA – TA (cheers, thank you) comes after PASS (success) and A (from the clue)

4d    Seed overcome, by the sound of it? (6)
CONKER – A homophone (by the sound of it) of CONQUER (overcome)

5d    A paper’s ending with fully-developed framework (8)
ARMATURE – A (from the clue) R (the ending of paper) MATURE (fully developed)

6d    Stylish English member, soldier (7)
ELEGANT – E (English) LEG (member) ANT (soldier)

7d    Crick, say, tedious person (4,2,3,4)
PAIN IN THE NECK – The expression for this tedious person could also describe a muscle spasm in the neck

8d    After party, spoon out jam (8)
CONSERVE – CON (Conservative party) SERVE (spoon out)

9d    The new stadium freshened up one side of London (4,3,6)
WEST HAM UNITED – An anagram (freshened up) of THE NEW STADIUM

15d    Insect has swallowed a tailless rodent, as everybody knows (8)
FAMOUSLY – FLY (insect) has swallowed A (from the clue) and MOUSe (rodent without its tail)

17d    Delegate again wants animal restrained by lead (8)
REASSIGN – ASS (animal) ‘restrained’ by REIGN (lead)

19d    Horse briefly ahead of bovine for a day in September, say? (7)
EQUINOX – EQUINe (horse ‘briefly’) OX (bovine)

21d    He cuts a pie, deep down (2,5)
AT HEART – HE (from the clue) ‘cuts’ A TART (a pie)

22d    Rush long-term job? (6)
CAREER – Double definition

25d    A kick, bottom first, not allowed (5)
TABOO – Put the ‘bottom’ letter of A BOOT to top (first)


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  1. Yup, quite a friendly Dada if I remember correctly. Sweated bullets over 9d, football, grrr.

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