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ST 3066

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3066

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 26th July 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty ****Enjoyment ***

A trickier Dada this week but with the usual insertions, anagrams and insertions of anagrams, all wrapped in some nice surface readings for clues that are easy to explain in a review

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1a    Complain more flesh visible? That’s a warning (6,6)
OBJECT LESSON – OBJECT (complain) LESS ON (more flesh visible)

9a    Lob and back-hander passed? (4)
BUNG – To throw hurriedly (lob), a slang term for a bribe (back-hander) an Australian informal term for dead (passed)

10a    Supporting colliery, leaders in next town striking (9)
PROMINENT – PRO (supporting) MINE (colliery) ‘leaders’ in Next Town

12a    Reportedly large cab (6)
HANSOM – A homophone (reportedly) of HANDSOME (large)

13a    New price on old cheese (8)
PECORINO – An anagram (new) of PRICE ON O (old)

15a    Main force burst gas out: that’s in character (10)
COASTGUARD – An anagram (burst) of GAS OUT inserted into CARD (character)

16a    A brownie running around, irritating little thing (4)
FLEA – A reversal (running around) of A (from the clue) ELF (brownie)

18a    Little bit after theta? (4)
IOTA – The next letter in the Greek Alphabet after theta

20a    A swimmer in game doing the backstroke? That’s a battle! (10)
STALINGRAD – A (from the clue) LING (swimmer, fish) in a reversal (doing the backstroke) of DARTS (game)

23a    Tale ultimately penned by old actress — might she work on the plot? (8)
GARDENER – The ultimate letter of takE ‘penned’ by [Ava] GARDNER (the old actress)

24a    Fear cracks in lead — very basic construction (6)
PREFAB – An anagram (cracks) of FEAR inserted into PB (the chemical symbol for lead)

26a    Corrected mentors in private (9)
INNERMOST – An anagram (corrected) of MENTORS IN

27a    Lovely item of crockery (4)
DISH – An informal term for a good-looking person or an item of crockery

28a    Understand what’s what — as might professional musician? (4,3,5)
KNOW THE SCORE – Something a professional musician ought to do


2d    Novel I bought full of principally malicious gossip (8)
BIGMOUTH – An anagram (novel) of I BOUGHT into which is inserted the principal letter of Malicious

3d    Show every last bit of income tax, and weep too (4)
EXPO – The last ‘bits’ of incomE taX and weeP toO

4d    Infant shifting a toy lower down, initially (3-4-3)
TWO-YEAR-OLD – An anagram (shifting) of A TOY LOWER followed by the initial letter of Down

5d    One who invented no end should be elevated (6)
EDISON – A reversal (should be elevated in a Down clue) of NO SIDE (no end)

6d    Particular drinks containing something cold, served up (7)
SPECIAL – A reversal (served up) of LAPS (drinks) ‘containing’ ICE (something cold)

7d    Britain’s outstanding figure perhaps beaten in battle, and inspiring love (8,4)
NATIONAL DEBT – An anagram (beaten) of IN BATTLE AND ‘inspiring’ O (love)

8d    Land in old money? (6)
GUINEA – A country or some old currency

11d    Heavyweight parting long hair, lurid colour (8,4)
SHOCKING PINK – KINGPIN (heavyweight) ‘parting’ SHOCK (long hair)

14d    Bird finding veldt with route that’s circuitous (10)
TURTLEDOVE – An anagram (that’s circuitous) of VELDT with ROUTE

17d    Someone unwelcome at home, more loyal about daughter (8)
INTRUDER – IN (at home) TRUER (more loyal) ‘about’ D (daughter)

19d    North American city covered by visitor on tour (7)
TORONTO – Covered by visiTOR ON TOur

21d    Deny judge employment (6)
REFUSE – REF (judge) USE (employment)

22d    Undercover team briefly infiltrating group (6)
SECRET – CREw (team briefly) infiltrating SET (group)

25d    Ear on table is corn, primarily (4)
OTIC – The primary letters of On Table Is Corn


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  1. A very enjoyable puzzle from Dada to whom many thanks.
    Thanks also to CS for the write-up, especially for the explanation of 9a – I hadn’t realised that it was a triple definition, having never heard of the Australian slang term.
    My favourite clue was 1a.

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