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ST 3062

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3062

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 28th June 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Just right for a Sunday morning solve – well I thought so anyway


1a    Final part in hand (4,8)

9a    Gilt edges on grail and lead pot, decorated (4,5)
GOLD PLATE – An anagram (decorated) of the ‘edges’ of GraiL and LEAD POT

10a    Some mistake lambasting pack leader (5)
AKELA – Hidden in some mistAKE LAmbasting

11a    Release payment children’s author cut (6)
RANSOME – The children’s author whose surname we have to cut is Arthur RANSOME

12a    Finally, document found in folder cardinal sorted (8)
FILTERED – The final letter of document inserted into a FILE (folder) and followed by RED (cardinal)

13a    Tom, first in exam — magic speller? (6)
HECATE – HE CAT (tom) and the first letter in exam

15a    Correct answer by setter suits, perhaps? (8)
MENSWEAR – An anagram (correct) of ANSWER goes by or after ME (the setter)

18a    Driver’s way off shaping solid par (4,4)
SLIP ROAD – An anagram (shaping) of SOLID PAR

19a    Couple seeing mood in baby (4,2)
PAIR UP – AIR (mood) inserted into PUP (baby)

21a    Restorative hitch-hiker’s request? (4-2-2)
PICK-ME-UP – something a hitch-hiker might ask

23a    Inconsiderable snub (6)
SLIGHT – Double definition

26a    Gas flowed to maintain function (5)
RADON – RAN (flowed) into which is inserted (to maintain) DO (function)

27a    Newspaper on strike, the broadcast claims (9)
TELEGRAPH – An anagram (broadcast) of THE ‘claims’ or has inserted LEG (the one side of a cricket pitch) and RAP (strike)

28a    One taking someone off in spare motor, breaking down (12)
IMPERSONATOR – An anagram (breaking down) of IN SPARE MOTOR


1d    Artist finding pig painting, for example, hard (7)
HOGARTH – HOG (pig) ART (painting, for example) H (hard)

2d    Narrow division of motorway shortened in European city (5)
MILAN – MI (motorway) LANe (narrow division… ‘shortened’)

3d    Fan with two drinks? (9)
SUPPORTER – SUP (verb meaning to drink) PORTER (drink)

4d    Loud sound natural when heard? (4)
ROAR – A homophone (when heard) of RAW (natural)

5d    Listed building tied with semi (8)
ITEMISED – An anagram (building) of TIED with SEMI

6d    Middle one of thirteen (5)
HEART – In a pack of cards, each suit is made up of thirteen different cards

7d    Try and try again? Absolutely! (4,4)
HEAR HEAR – HEAR (try) and HEAR (try again)

8d    More blue markings at the bottom on reptile (6)
SADDER – S (the bottom letter of markings) on ADDER (reptile)

14d    Agree, sovereign could be killed by this? (8)
COINCIDE – This sovereign coin could be killed by COIN CIDE

16d    Fastener mending pants with glue! (6,3)
STAPLE GUN – An anagram (mending) of PANTS with GLUE

17d    Rattling tube, get a long stick (8)
BAGUETTE – An anagram (rattling) of TUBE GET A

18d    Great coach carrying agent up (6)
SUPERB – A reversal (up in a Down clue) of BUS (coach) ‘carrying’ REP (agent)

20d    Person throwing jug (7)
PITCHER – Double definition

22d    Mark scored? That may go up or down (5)
MINIM – A palindrome (that may go up or down) – a mark on a musical score

24d    Tissue transplant, hard work (5)
GRAFT – Double definition

25d    Twenty per cent off expensive asset (4)
PLUS – 20% or one letter removed (off) from PLUSh (expensive)