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ST 3060

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3060

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 14th June 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ****

MOrning All! We are back in the saddle with the Prize Puzzles so I am back too! This was a run of Sunday puzzles that were very much on the straightforward side for me but as usual there are some fine clues with amusing surface readings.


1a           Very basic accommodation a draw: however, be careful buying it! (6,6)
CAVEAT EMPTOR – A charade of a CAVE (very basic accommodation), A TEMPT (a draw) and OR for however.

9a           Hole behind me perfect for amplifier (9)
MEGAPHONE – Place a GAP or hole behind ME from the clue and then add HONE for perfect (as a verb).

10a        Dear Sir, this editorial’s extraordinarily pretentious, first of all (5)
STEEP – The initial letters (first of all) of Sir This Editorial’s Extraordinarily Pretentious.

11a        Goner undone by one cut (6)
IGNORE – An undone anagram of GONER after/by I for one.

12a        Document graduate left (8)
PASSPORT – A charade of PASS or graduate and then PORT for left, nautically.

13a        All six blokes initially entertained by funny, garrulous type (6)
GASBAG – the initial letters of All Six Blokes inside a GAG or funny (a funny being used as a synonym for a joke, particularly in N. America)

15a        Arrest prophet from the East — East African (8)
SOMALIAN – A reversal (from the East in an across clue) of NAIL/Arrest and the prophet AMOS.

18a        General method acting seen on this US street (8)
BROADWAY – BROAD for general and a WAY for a method.

19a        Compensate for trigger (3,3)
SET OFF – Two definitions – an offset or compensation and to fire/ignite/trigger.

21a        Bosses cut machinery out (8)
CHAIRMEN – Make an anagram (out) of all but the last letter (it is cut) of MACHINER(y).

23a        Destroyed — as are double-barrelled names? (6)
DASHED – Destroyed is the primary definition and cryptically, the hyphen in a double-barrelled name means that they are DASHED (have a dash in them).

26a        King literarily requiring new master (5)
LEARN – The literary King LEAR with N for new.

27a        Winger’s notes about badly made exercise machine (9)
TREADMILL – A bird or winger’s song can be a TRILL. Place that around/about an anagram (badly) of MADE.

28a        Reports with wit unusually penned by senior journalist (12)
SPORTSWRITER – An anagram (unusually) of REPORTS and/with WIT inside/penned by SR – the abbreviation/abb. of Senior.


1d           Conducting search, billions invested in future (7)
COMBING – B for Billions inside/invested in COMING or future.

2d           Shortage of animal produce in vehicle — one wouldn’t want it! (5)
VEGAN – EG(g) – a shortage of an EGG or animal produce  – inside a VAN/vehicle.

3d           Sign of joiner sprinkling Parmesan over top of dish (9)
EMPERSAND – The & sign is an anagram (sprinkling) of PARMESAN over the top letter in D(ish).

4d           Archer hurt, shooting vertically? (4)
EROS – A reversal (shooting vertically in a Down clue) of SORE for hurt. A great surface reading!.

5d           Hold up a short novel, for example — that might amuse baby (8)
PEEKABOO – A reversal )up_ of KEEP for hold then A from the clue and a BOO(k) or novel that is short.

6d           Love which exists in peaceful place (5)
OASIS – O for Love and AS (which) and IS (exists).

7d           New prince eating old, old cheese (8)
PECORINO – A new anagram of PRINCE holding O(old) and also followed by the second O(ld).

8d           Observe cricket side, perfect (4-2)
SPOT ON – SPOT for observe and then the ON (or leg) side in cricket.

14d        Two saw a drunk heading for yacht — one hiding on it (8)
STOWAWAY – A drunk anagram of TWO SAW A followed by the heading letter in Y(acht).

16d        Great leader bitter, cross with Queen (9)
ALEXANDER – A charade of ALE/bitter, X/cross AND/with followed by ER for the Queen (Elizabeth Regina).

17d        This woman’s scary, inferring pa is less organised? (3-5)
MANEATER – If PA is less organised then surely MA is NEATER?.

18d        Break clasp (6)
BUCKLE – Two definitions – to deform and a broach or belt clasp.

20d        Rogue player (7)
FIDDLER – Another double definition. A rogue or con-man and a player in an orchestra.

22d        Quickly produce series at a higher level (3,2)
RUN UP – A RUN or series/sequence that is UP (at a higher level).

24d        Nothing in this designed for lift (5)
HOIST – O for nothing inside a designed anagram of THIS.

25d        Deposit saved by couple, essential (4)
LEES – A hidden word inside (saved by) coup LE ES sential.



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  1. A nice mix of clues made an enjoyable Sunday puzzle

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