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ST 3046

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3046

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 8th March 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Trickier than some previous Sunday crosswords

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8a    Trace long line (4)
DASH – Double definition

9a    Seen in diagram, a random blot (3)
MAR – Lurking (seen) in diagraM A Random

10a    Grey cave at back of field (6)
LEADEN – DEN (cave) at the back of (or following) LEA (field)

11a    Lovely trapping first of pheasants — game (3,3)
CUP TIE – CUTIE (lovely) ‘trapping’ the first letter of Pheasants

12a    Fine stuff, player collecting crosses in the middle (8)
GOSSAMER – GAMER ‘collecting’ the middle letters of crOSSes

13a    Where oxygen and nitrogen are inhaled, coincidentally (2,3,4,6)
IN THE SAME BREATH – a phrase meaning coincidentally can describe where oxygen and nitrogen are inhaled

15a    Drink or biscuit in French house? (7)
BOURBON – Triple definition

17a    Meats cooked with it occasionally (2,5)
AT TIMES – An anagram (cooked) of MEATS with IT

20a    Don bags lead in partnership (4,3,8)
WEAR THE TROUSERS – WEAR (don) THE TROUSERS (bags being an informal term for trousers)

23a    Highlight patient after performance in theatre, say (8)
SHOWCASE – CASE (patient) after SHOW (performance in theatre)

25a    Book is perfect, I see! (6)
ISAIAH – IS (from the clue) AI (perfect) AH (I see!)

26a    Old series that’s somewhat pithy (6)
ORANGE – O (old) RANGE (series)

27a    Resort where Benidorm is, less popular (3)
SPA – Remove the IN (less popular) from SPAin (where Benidorm is)

28a    Females in the field manipulate sounds (4)
EWES – A homophone (sounds) of USE (manipulate)


1d    Astronomically huge ball placed on vase (6)
SATURN – SAT (placed) on URN (vase)

2d    After little time, one devising plan for old politician (8)
THATCHER – T (abbreviated, little, time) HATCHER (one devising plan)

3d    Warmer steam iron here, failing, I am pressing down on it (9,6)
IMMERSION HEATER – IM (I am) pressing down on (or on top of in a Down solution) an anagram (failing) of STEAM IRON HERE

4d    Second and third of companies securing capital, then one folding (7)
ORIGAMI – The second and third letters of CoMpanies securing RIGA (the capital of Latvia), the result then followed with I (one)

5d    Leader in city, urban ecologist unfortunately just failing (5,3,2,5)
CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR – The ‘leader’ in City and an anagram (unfortunately) of URBAN ECOLOGIST

6d    House containing a splendid building (6)
PALACE – PLACE (house) containing A (from the clue)

7d    Simple body of water (4)
MERE – This week’s old chestnut of a double definition

14d    Support for driver, a character did you say? (3)
TEE – Sounds like a letter T

16d    Figure skimming top off ice cream (3)
ONE – Skim off the top of an ice cream cONE

18d    Where bid may be beyond doubt (2,6)
IN SPADES- A phrase meaning beyond doubt presumably originating in the game of bridge

19d    Doctrine at odds with religious beliefs, shame it unravelled (7)
ATHEISM – An anagram (unravelled) of SHAME IT

21d    Fighting sport (6)
ROWING – Double definition, the first being a verb, the other a sport

22d    Carried by cardinal, organ brought up (6)
REARED – EAR (organ) ‘carried’ by RED (cardinal)

24d    Instrument needing tuning, though not originally (4)
HARP – Remove the original letter from sHARP (needing tuning)