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Today i learned the sad news that John McKie, who used to set Toughies as Myops, has passed away. He was one of my favorite setters, and I had the great pleasure to meet him a couple of times.

He was famous as the setter of the fiendishly difficult Wee Stinker in the Glasgow Herald.  Here is a link to his obituary.


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  1. Sad news, and following news of a couple of other setters, the Guardian’s Gordius and the Listener’s Waterloo.

    R I P

  2. Sad news – his Toughies were always properly tough, and not just because of the requirement to know an awful lot of Scottish terms and expressions

  3. Sad but lovely obituary. Thank you for the link.

  4. Only ever encountered Myops a few times in crosswordland but it is a sad loss all the same
    Condolences to friends and family
    RIP John

  5. A wonderful teacher & gentleman at the school both my wife and I were fortunate to attend. He was a real character who revelled in language and words. RIP Sir.

  6. He taught me Latin at Hutchesons’ Grammar School. A lovely, educated man. RIP

  7. Sad news.
    Dear friends…can someone attempt to explain to me in incredibly simple terms the G-GAG thing?
    thanks, Rob/Hudson

      1. Hi Dave, and thanks for replying.
        Maybe, but how on earth could anyone solve that? I imagine the best outcome would be to get enough crossers to be able to bung the answer in and move on. Very odd clue to choose to feature in the dear chap’s obituary. Best wishes, Rob.

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