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DT 29306

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29306

Hints and tips by Katniss Everdeen

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

After a chickenless couple of months we have now re-homed a dozen hens from a farm just down the road. They do look a sorry sight and have no idea what to do with the space they have. A couple of weeks should sort that out. My grandson Harrison’s face when he opened the first box and saw two eggs laid on the journey home was a picture. Nine eggs so far today. All we need now is a cockerel to keep an eye on the girls

Well who would have thought it? The wonderful ball handling skills of Joe Mahler during England’s win over the Welsh on Saturday and Britannia Inferior beating the French on Sunday Well done to them both.

And today’s crossword? Mondayish. That grid again. Only 28 clues.

This will be my last regular Monday blog as we are having a bit of a change round within the blogging team. Thanks for all of your comments over the last six years. It has been a lot of fun for me to do the hints. Thanks to Rufus, Allan Scott, Chris Lancaster and John Halpern for providing the majority of the puzzles

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7a    I, with knight, greet by arrangement a whole number (7)
INTEGER: Our generous setter has given us the first letter of this answer with the first word of the clue. Add the chess notation for a knight or horsey. Add an anagram (by arrangement) of GREET

9a    Swagger of a daughter in good show! (7)
BRAVADO: A cheer or shout that might be heard after a great performance has the A from the clue and the abbreviation for daughter introduced

10a    Film one omnivorous creature (5)
COATI: A thin film of something such as paint is followed by the letter that looks like the number one

11a    Area in which there may be no developments? (5,4)
GREEN BELT: An area of land between two cities or towns where further building is prohibited

12a    DIY ads then, again recollected just now (2,4,3,3,3)
IN THIS DAY AND AGE: Anagram (re-collected) of DIY ADS THEN AGAIN

13a    Fine lines about Stuart monarch, or flattery? (7)
FLANNEL: There are three parts to this charade. 1. The abbreviation for fine. 2 The abbreviation for line times two. 3. One of the Stuart monarchs. Arrange as per the clue.

16a    Wise having drain that is not emptied? (7)
SAPIENT: Begin with a verb meaning to drain. Add the Latin abbreviation for that is. Finish off with the outer letters (emptied) of the word not

19a    Tricking, slyly, all up feasting on bananas (7,1,4,3)

23a    Dog has a drink taken outside, accordingly (5,4)
LHASA APSO: Begin with the words HAS A lifted straight from the clue surround those words with a synonym of the word drink. Add a two-letter word meaning accordingly.

24a    Top seat taken by head of table (5)
TRUMP: A word for your seat or bottom follows the initial letter of the word table. Our very own Beet clued this word with the wordplay ‘Given time even an arse may become president’

25a    Heading off Moroccan wild animal (7)
RACCOON: Anagram (wild) of (M)OROCCAN. Heading off signifies the removal of the first letter

26a    Critical assessments concerning convictions (7)
REVIEWS: A two-letter word meaning concerning is followed by one’s convictions or opinions


1d    Is probing male’s first and foremost injury (8)
MISCHIEF: The word is from the clue sits between the first letter of Male and a word meaning foremost or the head of an organisation

2d    Firing international, into gin unfortunately (8)
IGNITION: Anagrams (unfortunately) of GIN and INTO surround the abbreviation for International.

3d    Cold, and beginning to feel stiff (6)
FRIGID: The initial letter of the word feel is followed by a synonym of the word stiff

4d    Member of the clergy reportedly shot playing billiards (6)
CANNON: A member of the clergy who is on the staff of a cathedral sounds like a shot played in billiards

5d    Makes an idiotic error, initially, supplying homonym (8)
NAMESAKE: Anagram (idiotic) of MAKES AN followed by the first letter of the word error. My last one in by quite some time

6d    Will a drink from this give you courage? (6)
BOTTLE: A synonym of courage may also be something a drink may be poured from

8d    Feature some extra items (5)
TRAIT: The answer lies hidden within the words of the clue. Indicated by the word some

9d    Sleep so long with son (3-4)
BYE-BYES: Two identical words that may be used as a farewell have the abbreviation for son added

14d    Everyone at home welcoming a church marriage (8)
ALLIANCE: Begin with a word meaning everyone. Add a word meaning at home which is split by the letter A. Add the initials of the overused Church of England

15d    Type of delivery members nail (3-4)
LEG-SPIN: Although the answer is enumerated 3-4 the clue works on a 4,3 split. The members here are limbs so there are two to choose from. Add a synonym of the word nail. You have lots to choose from. The answer is a type of delivery used by a bowler in a cricket match defined thus: a type of bowling which causes the ball to deviate from the leg side towards the off side after pitching. I hope that helps

17d    Confident attitude about current ITV broadcast (8)
POSITIVE: An attitude or stance sits around the symbol for electrical current and an anagram (broadcast) of ITV.

18d    Illegally enter hydro, breaking lock (8)
TRESPASS: The lock here is a lock of hair. Within it lies a hydro or mineral spring

19d    Miserable, friend on trial (6)
PALTRY: A three-letter friend is followed by a trial or attempt

20d    One after the other having an argument (2,1,3)
IN A ROW: A double definition, the first being like the pretty maids in the nursery rhyme

21d    Knocks down storeys (6)
FLOORS: Another double definition both rather obvious

22d    Ordinary circuit breaker may be helpful (2,3)
OF USE: The abbreviations for ordinary is followed by a safety device consisting of a strip of wire that melts and breaks an electric circuit if the current exceeds a safe level.

That’s all folks. Arrivederci.

Quickie Puns:

Top line tee+parr+tees=tea parties

Bottom line miss+cell+tow=mistletoe


54 comments on “DT 29306

  1. I too gave this a rating of **/***. It was a typical Monday back pager with some good clues, 5d being my favourite. 14d seemed a bit weak but there were some great long anagrams. Thanks to the setter and to MP for the review.

  2. Slightly trickier than Mondayish – especially at the bottom – or perhaps it was just me solving after a chilly shopping trip

    Thanks to the Double-Punner and to MP

  3. An enjoyable Monday picnic which on MP’s advice last week I believe may be by Campbell. Name of 23a dog a new one on me although I certainly recognise it. 11a would seem to be more GK than cryptic. Another Quickie double pun. Thank you Allan Scott if he you be and MP.

  4. Agree with CS that this was trickier than the usual Monday fare. Managed 19a without pen & paper but not 12a. In the end an unaided completion exceeded *** time so it must have been a workout with the NE corner the last to yield.
    Thanks to all.

  5. Just one short today. I find it very difficult to spot words when all the checkers are vowels, as with 5d, so a few electrons had to do the work for me.

    Other than that, a very steady solve, completed in **/*** time. One of my last in was 16a, and is my COTD.

    Many thanks to the setter and MP.

      1. I do too and, although I’m bad at spotting themes, Ninas, types of grid etc, even I spotted that today nearly all the checking letters were vowels.

  6. I enjoyed 16a the most from this very accessible and straightforward puzzle. I guess the dog might catch a few people out but other than that all should be plain sailing.

    Many thanks to AS and MP.

  7. It is surprising how many animals will fit 10a and I went through them all. Consequently, 1d was the last in. On the whole a good puzzle and I liked 24d because of its simplicity. My COTD is 16a.

    Grateful thanks to the setter and to MP for the hints.

  8. Completed alone and unaided so hurrah for me today !

    Thanks to the setter and to Miffypops…..though I take exception to Britannia Inferior.😡

    1. Its a term from a n old map with Hadrians Wall dividing Britannia Superior from Britannia Inferior

      1. I could well be wrong- I often am – but I thought Hadrian’s Wall was between Britannia Inferior and Caledonia.

  9. Just out of interest, my 1998 Chambers has that South American animal listed as a carnivore. Do more up to date editions have it down as omnivorous?

  10. A tricky little devil this one I got particularly hung up on 13a ,8d and of course 5d needed the hints to sort these out, sp many thanks to MP and setter. Thanks MP for the amusing mondays.

  11. So very sorry to see you go MP I thought you were the best blogger. Thank you for the invaluable help you gave when I first started solving (or attempting to solve) the DT crosswords.

  12. A pretty straightforward Monday puzzle. I, too, liked 16a. I’ve no idea what a coati eats. Last one in so had to be!

  13. Thank goodness you are not going. I would miss you as I always have a laugh on Monday.

  14. I found this fairly straightforward today. 9 down made me smile and therefore is my clue of the day.

  15. Enjoyable puzzle, but have never heard of dog in 23a. Also can find no mention of Britannia Superior or Inferior. Thanks to setter and MP.

    1. Britannia Inferior was mentioned by MP in his opening comments. Of course, if they get their way, they will have to be renamed Britannia Exterior.

  16. The bottom half went straight in. It was the top half I was stuck with. 10a was my last one in, once I’d got all the checking letters. This didn’t seem quite the usual Monday fun. Many thanks to the setter. Hope whoever takes over the Monday reviewing slot is as much fun. Big shoes to fill. Thank you Miffypops. Don’t stay away for too long.

  17. Tricky little puzzle not helped by not having heard of the carnivore or what a homonym was!
    Needed a lot of help. Bit too tough for my liking esp for a Monday.
    No favs as most clues were rather tedious.
    Thx for the hints

  18. Not at all happy about 15d, this is not a type of delivery it is a type of bowling. A type of delivery would be a googly or chinaman.
    Very sloppy clueing which is typical for this rather off colour offering.

  19. Needed a couple of hints – thanks MP – 23a? Never heard of it! Live and learn eh?

    1. I had heard of it but did not know how to spell it so I looked up “dogs beginning with L”. First list I looked at had a Lhasa poo. I had to investigate further when I found I was a letter short

  20. Enjoyed this very much.Slightly harder than some Monday offerings but still doable by this novice.I shall miss M.P. in all his many guises on a Monday where the combination of rather easier puzzles and his gentle and humorous help have.been invaluable goads to improvement.Delighted you will continue to entertain us on other days.Amongst other sporting triumphs this weekend Stoke City scoring 5 goals counts high in this household.

  21. Loved it! I solved this with no e-help except for 5d, I had to refer to the thesaurus. The anagrams were solved by writing circles all over my page.
    My neighbour has a 23a, very pretty she is too, name of Sally. I found Gracie singing Sally in my Alley on YouTube and played it for her. She’s Cuban, no idea what she made of it.
    Fave was 6d, I learnt that meaning of courage from Monarch of the Glen, used by Susan Hampshire.
    Thanks to Mr. Scott and to Katniss Everdeen for the fun, must google, have no idea who that is

    1. I had to google her too Merusa. Guess it was Miffypops’ last throw of the Monday dice. I wonder who we will have next Monday?

  22. Thank goodness you are not going MF perhaps you will take on Thursdays and help us even more than now!? I did not find this one easy, but really enjoyed 9d … which reminds me it’s that time in the afternoon…

  23. Found this tougher than yesterday’s Dada, not the hoped for gentle Monday. Would never have come up with 1d = mischief. Had to laugh at 25a, as I had to chase one of these out of our garden yesterday. I was surprised that he even took off when I clapped my hands at him, as they often defiantly stare you down.

    Was very sorry to see that Miffypops is ending his stint as a blogger, but have always wondered how on earth he managed to fit it into the very busy life of a publican. And then I read further and saw that he is changing days, not going altogether. So all is right with the world 😊

  24. Thanks to the setter and Miffypops for the review and hints. I enjoyed this one, but was beaten by 5d and 23a. I agree that this was trickier than usual for a Monday. Was 3*/3* for me.

  25. I loved this puzzle, and for the first time in weeks feel like I’m back on track. Didn’t know 10a and hadn’t spotted the anagram in 5d but apart from that, great 😁
    Fav clue 9d
    Thanks to all

  26. Mondayish, quite accessible with a couple of stoppers.
    Thanks to setter & MP for review & your Monday enlightenment!

  27. Quite easy today … but it is Monday.

    I will miss our “Good Companion” in the Monday blogger’s chair … but looking forward to seeing where he will next appear … the Friday Toughie?

  28. I was terribly slow to get onto anything approaching any wave-length, let alone the right one.
    Like CS I found the bottom far trickier than the top – also like CS I went shopping this morning and, finally, have something to wear at the Younger Lamb’s wedding which is in less than two weeks time. :smile:
    I enjoyed this crossword – slow to start and then suddenly it was finished.
    16a was my last answer – don’t know why but something had to be.
    I came to grief a bit with the two long anagrams across the middle – they took a while.
    I have heard of the 23a dog but can’t spell her!
    I liked 24a (but prefer Beet’s clue!) and 6 and 9d. I think my favourite today was 19d – well, you would be, wouldn’t you?!
    Thanks to the setter and to MP and all his other aliases.

  29. Enjoyed today’s puzzle and felt it went well. Unfortunately I knew the name of the dog but spelt it wrongly. Should have known better as my daughter had one of these!

  30. Relatively enjoyable Monday offering, slightly trickier than usual. Like MP my last one in was the very clever 5d so, along with 24a and 22d occupies my podium.
    Two further points.
    11a doesn’t seem very cryptic at all to me.
    If the definition of 19a is tricking, and the anagram indicator is bananas, what is the function of “slyly”?
    Many thanks to the setter and to MP for his usual excellent blog. Pleased you’re moving days as opposed to moving on.

    1. I’m with you Stephen L re 11a as per my Comment 4 above and I also agree that “slyly” in 19a would seem to be superfluous but possibly could be deemed to indicate tricking deceitfully.

    2. I have altered the hint to include the word slyly in the underlined definition

  31. Another “two halves” puzzle for me! The top half was a breeze, but the bottom half was a bit of a struggle – maybe it’s my advancing age? Favourite 16a. Many thanks to all. 🙃

  32. My heart sank when I read that MP was ‘leaving’, but very glad to know he is just moving! He was so helpful when I first started, giving explanations as well as hints, and always so funny! Thanks!

  33. Late in the day, did not know the animal in 10a, but worked out the dog in 23a from the wordplay.
    Thanks all.

  34. 2*/3*….
    liked 4D ” member of the clergy reportedly shot playing billiards (6) “….sounds like rather a raffish member.

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