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ST 3041

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3041

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 2nd February 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

A Sunday crossword made for fans of anagrams, insertions and homophones

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1a    Shilling cut, save (5)
SPARE – S (shilling) PARE (cut)

4a    Two tens added together for mark (5)
SCORE – Because two tens make twenty which is known as a score

10a    Interval moments back, when lunch may be served? (8)
SEMITONE – A reversal (back) of TIMES (moments) and ONE (when lunch may be served)

11a    A river is a beauty (6)
ADONIS – A (from the clue) DON (river) IS (from the clue)

12a    Retired minister is pocketing fifty coins (6)
SILVER – A reversal (retired) of REV (minister) and IS (from the clue) ‘pocketing’ L (Roman numeral for 50)

13a    Papers in sets in different order (8)
TIDINESS – ID (papers) inserted into an anagram (different) of SETS IN

14a    Single out character sometimes dropped in language (7)
ENGLISH – An anagram (out) of SINGLE and H (character sometimes dropped)

16a    Guest at banquet missing starter — when chocolate’s on the menu? (6)
EASTER – A fEASTER (guest at banquet) missing the ‘starter’

17a    Ancient city quarter in South Africa (6)
SPARTA – PART (quarter) in SA (South Africa)

19a    German bomb planted, dropped in (7)
VISITED – VI (German bomb) SITED (planted)

21a    Stop referring to injury (8)
RESTRAIN – RE (referring to) STRAIN (injury)

22a    Prosaic activity of woodworm? (6)
BORING – A double definition that made me smile

23a    Little time at the moment for insignificant player (6)
MINNOW – MIN (little time) NOW (at the moment)

24a    Tonga is built around a capital city (8)
SANTIAGO – An anagram (built) of TONGA IS ’round’ A

25a    Female creature scoffing last of quarry, a predator (5)
HYENA – HEN (female creature) ‘scoffing’ the final letter of quarrY, the result followed by A (from the clue)

26a    Nimble cartwheel, I gathered, in partial rotation? (5)
AGILE – Lurking in reverse (rotation) in cartwheEL I GAthered


2d    Assumption in force inspiring me after uprising (7)
PREMISE – PRISE (force) ‘inspiring’ a reversal (after uprising) of ME

3d    Overrating gin, I stirred up a tonic (14)
REINVIGORATING – An anagram (stirred up) of OVERRATING GIN I

5d    Fast mover, one on the fiddle by the sound of it? (7)
CHEETAH – A homophone (by the sound of it) of a CHEATER (one on the fiddle)

6d    Again deal with study before shift (9)
READDRESS – READ (study) before DRESS (shift)

7d    Audibly crude bellow (4)
ROAR – A homophone (audibly) of RAW (crude)

8d    Money excellent following strikes (6,8)
POUNDS STERLING – STERLING (excellent) following POUNDS (strikes)

9d    Paper uses it in circulation (6)
TISSUE – An anagram (in circulation) of USES IT

15d    On a grotty street feeling poorly (2,1,3,3)
IN A BAD WAY – IN (one) A (from the clue) BAD (grotty) WAY (street)

18d    Lyrical image featuring every other part of forest (6)
POETIC – PIC (image) ‘featuring’ every other letter of fOrEsT

19d    Flesh is old in type of diagram (7)
VENISON – IS (from the clue) O (old) in VENN (type of diagram)

20d    Irish county finished with colleen (7)
DONEGAL – DONE (finished) with GAL (colleen)

22d    Gang not allowed to be heard? (4)
BAND – A homophone (to be heard) of BANNED (not allowed)

Gnomethang’s plane bringing him back from his Milestone Birthday Holiday in Mexico lands at the same time this review is published. I’m not offering odds against whether I’ll be standing in again for him tomorrow morning as I think it is more likely than not – watch this space!