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DT 29275

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29275

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 1st February 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment **/***

A fairly average Saturday Prize Puzzle

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1a    Still the same as one entertaining 1960s teenager (10)
UNMODIFIED – UNIFIED (as one) ‘entertaining’ MOD (1960s teenager)

6a    Staff employed for spells? (4)
WAND – A cryptic definition

9a    Inn merited changing when to eat (6-4)
DINNER-TIME – An anagram (changing) of INN MERITED

10a    What sea may do to ship (4)
TOSS – TO (from the clue) SS (ship_

12a    Times in shock broadcast (4)
DAYS – A homophone (broadcast) of DAZE (shock)

13a    Thumbs up to do this! (5-4)
HITCH-HIKE – Another cryptic definition

15a    Student deserving education (8)
LEARNING – L (learner, student) EARNING (deserving)

16a    Old king whose seat’s in Edinburgh? (6)
ARTHUR – Arthur’s Seat being a well-known Edinburgh landmark

18a    Ministers left in church run to face guy on vacation (6)
CLERGY – L (left) inserted into CE (Church of England), R (run) and GY (guy on vacation or without the middle letter)

20a    Scene about short musical work united people (8)
POPULACE – PLACE (scene) goes ‘about’ OP (short opus musical work) and U (united)

23a    Returning with sailor, popped outside for something to eat (9)
BRATWURST – A reversal (returning) of W (with) and TAR (sailor) inserted into BURST (popped) gives us what some might call ‘nebulous’ food as something to eat covers such a vast number of things

24a    Loathe best man regularly rejected by husband (4)
HATE – A reversal (rejected) of the regular letters of bEsT mAn goes after (by) H (husband)

26a    Like coming round naked (4)
AKIN – wAKINg (coming round) without its outside letters (naked)

27a    Critical sort of mood (10)
IMPERATIVE – Double definition, one an adjective, the other relating to a mood in grammar

28a    Study onset of terrible depression (4)
DENT – DEN (study) and the ‘onset’ of Terrible

29a    Doctor later calls for crystal dispenser (4,6)
SALT CELLAR – An anagram (doctor) of LATER CALLS


1d    Free and occasionally funny party (4)
UNDO – The occasional letters of fUnNy and DO (party)

2d    Introduced by Stormont — a nanny state (7)
MONTANA – Lurking in storMONT A NAnny

3d    Tailor designs wrong item of clothing (8-4)
DRESSING-GOWN – An anagram (tailor) of DESIGNS WRONG

4d    Pretty fine work of art (8)
FETCHING – F (fine) ETCHING (work of art)

5d    It’s adopted by heartless foe? (6)
ENMITY – IT (from the clue) ‘adopted’ by ENeMY (heartless indicating the need to remove the middle letter)

7d    Get rid of boils spreading in a hospital (7)
ABOLISH – An anagram (spreading) of BOILS inserted between A (from the clue) and H (hospital)

8d    Crush bowl made of clay (not hard) (10)
DISHEARTEN – DISH (bowl) EARThEN (made of clay – not Hard indicating the need to omit the H)

11d    Ought RAF hero to play in street? (12)
THOROUGHFARE – An anagram (to play) of OUGHT RAF HERO     

14d    Bigwigs initially need directors to supply teaching aid (10)
BLACKBOARD – B (bigwigs initially) LACK (need) BOARD (directors)

17d    Support pay for others (8)
FOOTREST – FOOT (pay for) REST (others)

19d    Avoidance of oddball so naive (7)
EVASION – An anagram (oddball) of SO NAIVE

21d    High-rise accommodation for workers? (3-4)
ANT-HILL – this week’s chestnut comes in the form of a cryptic definition

22d    America briefly unsettled European region (6)
CRIMEA – Truncate (briefly) AMERICa and an anagram (unsettled) of the remaining letters will produce a European region

25d    That woman’s protecting one next in line (4)
HEIR – HER (that woman) ‘protecting’ I (one)



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  1. According to Collins BBB and Chambers online 21d is not hyphenated
    Spent too long trying to fit TED into 1a
    Thanks CS, agree a slightly uninspiring puzzle

  2. Thank you for putting me out of my misery, CS, no wonder I couldn’t get 8d having biffed hitch lift for 13ac…..thanks to the setter as usual, especially for one of my favourite words, Bratwurst. No, I don’t know why either.

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