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ST 3040

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3040

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 26th January 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty ****Enjoyment ***

A tricky crossword – and it wasn’t just those of us who been at the Bash the day before who thought so

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1a    In establishment serving drinks, another empty bottle (6)
CARAFE The outside (empty) letters of AnotheR inserted into CAFÉ (establishment serving drinks)

4a    Happy and rich — as may be image from computer? (8)
UPLOADED – UP (happy) LOADED (rich)

9a    Moneya nicker? (6)
COPPER – A double definition, the second bit of which made me smile when I realised what Dada was on about

10a    Mean girl somehow beginning to develop (8)
GERMINAL – An anagram (somehow) of MEAN GIRL

12a    Nail course of action (4)
TACK – Double definition

13a    Greenish-brown mist by lake (5)
HAZEL – HAZE (mist) L (lake)

14a    Opening oven, tray’s grabbed (4)
VENT – Lurking (grabbed by) oVEN Tray

17a    Informed — as is a film actor? (2,3,7)
IN THE PICTURE – Where you will find many a film actor

20a    Gathering container, go off to collect first of gooseberries (12)
CONGREGATION – An anagram (off) of CONTAINER GO which ‘collects’ the first letter of Gooseberries

23a    Hold onto unworkable relationship, initially for some time (4)
HOUR – The initial letters of Hold Onto Unworkable Relationship

24a    Temperature on oven grill (5)
TOAST – T (temperature) on OAST (oven)

25a    Food market, we hear? (4)
FARE – a homophone (we hear) of FAIR (market)

28a    On drinking limit, cardinal plastered (8)
RENDERED – RE (on) ‘drinking’ END (limit) the result followed by RED (cardinal)

29a    Stick fences in for dog, say (6)
CANINE – CANE (stick) ‘fences’ IN (from the clue)

30a    Cut needed in extra injury (5,3)
BLACK EYE – Almost all (cut) of LACKEd (needed) inserted into BYE (extra)

31a    Dire situation adding pressure to match? (6)
PLIGHT – P (pressure) LIGHT (match)


1d    Before last part, raise drink (8)
COCKTAIL – COCK (raise) goes before TAIL (last part)

2d    Blame a financial centre for greed (8)
RAPACITY – RAP (blame) A (from the clue) CITY (financial centre)

3d    On the radio, channel ran well (4)
FLEW – A homophone (on the radio) of FLUE (channel)

5d    Offering figure solace after stuffing knocked out, might this be simple? (7,5)
PRESENT TENSE – PRESENT (offering) TEN (figure) SE (SolacE without its stuffing)

6d    Take out odd parts of both amps — electrical units (4)
OHMS – Take out the odd letters of bOtH aMpS

7d    Oxbridge lecturer, important fool (6)
DONKEY – DON (Oxbridge lecturer) KEY (important)

8d    Water down funnel you invert, all ends in sink (6)
DILUTE – The ‘ends’ of funneL yoU inverT inserted into DIE (sink)

11d    Old film: cinema gold that’s funny in every case? (6,6)
EALING COMEDY – An anagram (that’s funny) of CINEMA GOLD inserted into the ‘case’ of EverY

15d    A model written up for Greek writer (5)
AESOP – A (from the clue) and a reversal (written up in a Down clue) of POSE (model)

16d    Wide secondary route? (5)
BROAD – A secondary route is a B ROAD

18d    Like to claim language is expanding (8)
DILATING – DIG (like) to ‘claim’ LATIN (language)

19d    Stake put underground, set to rot (8)
INTEREST – INTER (put underground) and an anagram (to rot) of SET

21d    Revolutionary massage for infant (6)
CHERUB – Crosswordland’s favourite revolutionary CHE plus RUB (massage)

22d    Some old capital in African country (6)
GUINEA – Double definition

26d    Kiss cheek (4)
NECK – Double definition

27d    By the sound of it, white container for liquid (4)
PAIL – A homophone (by the sound of it) of PALE (white)


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  1. You may have noticed I don’t generally bother with the Sunday offering, but thanks for tirelessly reviewing anyway Sue

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