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ST 3039

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3039

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 19th January 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

A nice Sunday crossword which flowed easily from start to finish

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8a    Plane to Nepal, for instance? (7)
ANAGRAM – Obviously PLANE is an ANAGRAM of NEPAL, and vice-versa

10a    All the best English port taken by revolutionary (7)
CHEERIO – CHE (crosswordland’s favourite revolutionary) E (English) RIO (port)

11a    Holding back of plate, wash dirt off — in this? (9)
DISHWATER – An anagram (off) of WASH DIRT ‘holding’ the E at the back of platE

12a    French painter returning mid-morning? (5)
MANET – A reversal (returning) of TEN AM (mid-morning)

13a    Rubbish queen for King Edward, say (5)
TATER – TAT (rubbish) ER (the regnal cipher of our current Queen) – King Edward here referring to a type of potato

14a    Drop in business after Christmas time (7)
DECLINE – LINE (business) goes after DEC (December, Christmas time)

17a    Hanger-on in class doomed, for failing to grasp minimum of workings (5,2,8)
SWORD OF DAMOCLES – An anagram (failing) of CLASS DOOMED FOR which ‘grasps’ the W that is the minimum or first letter of Workings

19a    Player reacts when beaten by striker’s header (7)
ACTRESS – An anagram (when beaten) of REACTS followed by the S that is the ‘header’ of Striker

21a    Room to eat a Muslim burger, say? (5)
HALAL – HALL (room) to ‘eat’ A (from the clue) to give the type of meat a Muslim would use for his burger

24a    Curry scoffed by Mick or Mark (5)
KORMA – Lurking in (scoffed by) MicK OR MArk

26a    Party piece not bad after fourth of sherries (9)
RECEPTION – An anagram (bad) of PIECE NOT goes after the fourth letter of sherRies

27a    Night light women switched on (3,4)
NEW MOON – An anagram (switched) of WOMEN followed by ON (from the clue)

28a    Vision of ugliness viewed by me, reportedly? (7)
EYESORE – A homophone (reportedly) of I SAW (viewed by me)


1d    Criminal gang has it (6)
BANDIT – BAND (gang) has IT (from the clue)

2d    Voice ready to break bursting aloft (8)
FALSETTO – SET (ready) to break into an anagram (bursting) of ALOFT

3d    Opener once in abstract game (10)
DRAWBRIDGE – DRAW (abstract as a noun) BRIDGE (game)

4s    Tie with netting, marked green (5,4)
SCORE DRAW – SCORED (marked) RAW (green)

5d    Steering apparatus in hard wood (4)
HELM – H (hard) ELM (wood)

6d    Old Germanic character in outer parts of Burundi, small country (6)
BRUNEI – RUNE (old Germanic character) inserted into the outer letters of BurundI

7d    Castle geared toward getting lock (8)
FORTRESS – FOR (geared toward) TRESS (lock of hair)

9d    Baby power, by the sound of it? (4)
MITE – A homophone (by the sound of it) of MIGHT (power)

15d    Boot, one going on one foot: some earth on top (10)
CLODHOPPER – HOPPER (one going on one foot) with a CLOD of earth on top (in a Down clue)

16d    Kids on holiday before April or May, say? (9)
OFFSPRING – OFF (on holiday) before SPRING (April or May say)

17d    After period of time, man is giving punishment (8)
SPANKING – KING (man) goes after SPAN (period of time)

18d    Sweet loaf, one with lemonade? (8)
LOLLIPOP – LOLL (loaf) I (one) POP (lemonade?)

20d    Cast dumbfounded (6)
THROWN – Double definition

22d    Bank perhaps fine not opening? (6)
LENDER – sLENDER ((fine) without its opening letter

23d    Red spots in green cabbage coming up (4)
ACNE – Lurking in reverse (coming up) in greEN CAbbage

25d    Scrap the first thirteen letters (4)
ATOM – The first thirteen letters of the alphabet are A TO M