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11th Birthday

Big Dave’s Crossword Blog celebrates its eleventh birthday today!

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I couldn’t have done it without the support of the fabulous team of bloggers who daily give up their time and the thousands of you who read the blog every day of the year, so thank you one and all.


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  1. Thanks, Big Dave, for the blog. Long may it continue.

    🎁🎉🎂🥂HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!🥂🎂🎉🎁

  2. You’ve built a strong team but a great deal of the credit goes to you as well BD for all the hours you put in to keep the site up and running. . I’m thinking, too, of all the crossword careers that have been launched because of the Rookie Corner.

  3. Happy birthday, BD and thank you for running the very best crossword website and for supporting so many budding compilers. I am forever in your debt.

  4. Happy Birthday BD. The blog is a daily delight and I cant thank you and the other bloggers enough for the enjoyment ift brings. It’s an education.

  5. Happy Birthday! A Big Thank you for the daily blog – I have learned so much from it – am quite chuffed!

  6. Many congratulations, BD, and thank you so much for all your unstinting efforts to maintain this wonderful blog which has become such an essential and enjoyable part of my daily life.

  7. Happy birthday Dave & a big thank you from all of us who mostly lurk. (I know – split infinitive!).

  8. Happy birthday from someone who has never posted, but who has enjoyed BD for over ten years. I set out to teach myself to do cryptic crosswords and quickly became addicted. The regulars have become so familiar they seem like old friends! I sometimes log in just to read what you are all saying – never mind the hints!! The DT crosswords have become an essential part of my life, due entirely to BD. May you have Happy Returns for ever!

  9. Many congratulations and thank you for all your hard work in keeping things running smoothly, despite the occasional gremlins!

  10. Congratulations and well done on your splendid Web site. I don’t comment very often as I tend to do the Toughies the next or following day(s!).
    Best wishes to you and your team for the future.

  11. Since discovering this site my crossword solving skills have improved immensely. Now my favourite day of the week is Monday. Why? It’s the day when I can usually solve the DT BP, the DT Prize Cryptic, the Rookie, the Guardian Cryptic. the Guardian Quiptic, the FT Cryptic & for dessert the Quickie & the Codeword. Needless to say Monday is also Mrs S’s favourite day as I’m tucked away in the study & out of her way!
    Thanks BD & the rest of the team & here’s to another 11 years.

  12. Happy Birthday BD – I cannot believe it was as long ago as 2011 when I turned up at Putney with my family in tow to meet some of the gang! Thanks to you and to all your team.

  13. Happy birthday BD. All I can say is that I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this marvellous blog. Not only has it educated me in the art of solving but has entertained me on a daily basis. Long it continue and a big thank you!

  14. Happy Birthday, Big Dave and all the daily tipsters — this is such a fun community you have nurtured, and I doubt I would’ve continued to attempt cryptic crosswords without you.

    Unfortunately last weekend was one when LNER were telling passengers not to attempt travelling to London. Thank you to Weekend Wanda for giving the formula for the next birthday bash — hopefully I’ll be able to make an appearance in future.


  15. Thank you to Big Dave and my fellow bloggers for helping to increase, and maintain, my crossword solving abilities for 8 (I discovered the blog in early 2012) of the 11 years and many more to come.

  16. Happy Birthday Big Dave. Thanks to you and all the other bloggers for your daily efforts. I don’t comment very often, but always read the hints and comments with much enjoyment.

  17. Happy Birthday, Big Dave!! Thank you for all your hard work and making cruciverbalism fun. :grin: :good: :yahoo:

  18. Thank you BD. With your help I have learned to solve the cryptics (some of the time) and it has become a very enjoyable hobby. 😀

    1. Adding a Y to your alias sent you into moderation. Either Banz or Banzy will work in future

  19. It seems a good moment to express my appreciation for this blog and its team of contributors. As a relatively slow solver with merely a man-in-the-street vocabulary and general knowledge ability I particularly appreciate the policy of not mentioning solving times or revelling in the use of obscure words. It leads to the blog having a nice friendly nature that is encouraging to new solvers, experienced plodders like me and setters of the future
    Hope the celebrations go well

  20. May I add my congratulations to those who have already commented? Running this site, with all the hiccups and attacks that I can recall over the years, is an immense achievement and deserves every accolade and statement of praise that you have already received. For me, clicking on the site mid-morning after solving the cryptic is as much part of my day as checking the weather forecast or listening to the news. My solving abilities have improved exponentially to the extent that I no longer think “can I finish this” but “how quickly can I solve it.” My enjoyment and understanding of the clue structures has also increased.

    For these and a myriad of other reasons, thank you all, and Happy Birthday.

  21. I’ve gained so much pleasure from being a member of this site and made some really good friends along the way. All down to you, BD, many thanks for all the years you’ve been a part of our lives. Oh yes – my solving skills have improved tremendously along the way!

  22. Happy birthday! I’ve learnt so much from this site over the last year. Now, I can regularly complete more than half of the DT crossword before having to read the hints. Today, I used one hint (it wasn’t an animal I’d ever heard of). Books can only teach you the theory of cryptic crosswords; this site puts everything into practice.

    Long may you continue.

  23. Happy Birthday and very many thanks from me too, Big Dave. As others have said, this fantastic site is very much a part of my day and without it my solving ability would be much poorer.

  24. Congratulations Dave!
    I feel like I have made so many friends through this site. You have provided the opportunity to chat, have a few of my puzzles published, blog a puzzle and meet new faces at the Bash for which I thank you wholeheartedly. Thank you also to all the team, especially Prolixic for the fascinating Rookie Corner reviews and Mr K for his surveys and background work, and of course thanks to all the lovely readers and commenters who make this site such a wonderful place to be
    Cheers BD et al

  25. Many happy returns BD. My solving ability has improved tremendously since chancing upon your site a few years ago. And hats off to all your disciples giving their time week after week to entertain and decrypt. 😘

  26. Congratulations on the milestone and I hope the celebration last Saturday was enjoyed by all who managed to attend. I must attribute my improving setting skills entirely to this site, its puzzles, reviews, comments and face-to-face meetings. It’s by far the friendliest site I’ve used and appears to be superbly moderated. Thanks, Dave for the enormous amount of work you put in to keeping it running and for the support you and others give to aspiring setters and solvers alike.

  27. Happy Birthday Big Dave and a big thank you for all your hard work. It’s a great blog with great bloggers! 😃

  28. Thank you from me too, and many happy returns. You bring so much pleasure to so many, I hope you feel rightly proud. I heartily second all above remarks. Many thanks.

  29. Warmest Congratulations and Very Happy 11th Birthday Big Dave!

    I concur with all that has been said above. This blog has greatly enriched my life. My mind boggles when I think of how much inspiration, dedication, expertise and sheer hard work have gone into and still go into making this Blog the exceptional site it is. Huge appreciative thanks to you, Big Dave. And my thanks too to all those who give of their time so generously to give us the indispensble reviews. Last but not least, a special tribute must be to the outstanding success of the Rookie Corner.

  30. Sincere congratulations. I’m glad to learn it’s only been 11 years. Means I have been on to it right from the start. Certainly my favourite. Please teach spell check proper English!

  31. I second Daisygirl, this site has opened up so much enjoyment for us old ladies! I love having a bolt hole to turn to when I’m stuck on a clue, and knowing that we’re solving the puzzle along with many, many others, makes it so much more enjoyable. I’m only so sorry I’ll never be able to join you for a bash and meet some fellow solvers.

  32. Congratulations and so many thanks to BD and the team. This site has absolutely changed my life, truly.

  33. Many Happy Returns and my thanks to BD and all contributors to this site and its community. I don’t comment very often these days but I do visit regularly to see what others thought of our daily dose of cryptic entertainment. Long may it continue.

  34. Many Happy Returns to BD et al. Serendipity brought me to the site a few years ago and for that I am very grateful.

  35. When several years ago, the then DT crossword editor “answered” my complaint about the scientific inaccuracy of an answer by saying “this has been the subject of much debate on Big Dave’s Crossword Blog” I had little idea of the wonderful world I was being introduced to!
    As all have said before, this site is truly magnificent. Thank you BD and your band of stalwart supporters for providing daily delight and edification. Belated Happy Birthday greetings.

  36. Congratulations to BD on this site’s 11th birthday and a big once-a-year thank you to him, the reviewers/bloggers and any others who work hard for free and in their own time to keep it up and running.

  37. Happy Birthday Dave, I came across this site many years ago and remained a lurker for some time. I admit I was told about your site by a fellow Brit who was working with me at a large oil company in New Orleans. He and his new girlfriend both did the crossword, and she was incredibly impressed by his intelligence as he seemed to be able to answer the toughest of clues…but guess what – he was secretly taking the hints and answers from your site.
    I know she ended up marrying him – but i don’t know if he ever revealed his secret weapon to her, but I am sure BD is responsible for at least one marriage down South in The Big Easy :-)

  38. Happy Birthday from me. I enjoy looking at the comments every day. Through your site I met up with Pommers and Pommette in Spain (when I was neveracrossword). And I discovered that Kath and I started our studies in the same city in the same year.

  39. Just to add my wishes and happy birthday to the blog. As an infrequent poster I have had great help from this site over a few years and appreciate BD and his band of helpers for doing their excellent job. Was good to meet a few of you on Saturday and enjoy a slice of the special cake. Roll on the 12th.

  40. Thank you so much from another old girl, along with Daisy and Merusa, who love looking at this blog and very occasionally passing comment. Many many happy returns. I really do appreciate the work that goes into this site, despite it holding up some of the work I should be doing whilst instead sitting enjoying this site.

  41. Happy birthday, and best wishes. Many thanks to BD and all the bloggers. It is an excellent site, and very helpful.

  42. Dave, belated congratulations on your blog reaching the grand old age of 11. Thank you so much for all you have done for me and for so many others. Sorry not to have found time to be around here much lately. Many happy returns.

  43. Congratulations and thank you Big Dave.I don’t know what I would do without my daily fix of the blog .I came across it accidentally one day when I was only beginning to try Cryptics and have been hooked since.Keep up the good work you are very much appreciated .

  44. Apologies for arriving late but belated congratulations 🍾🎊🎉 🥂🍻 for 11 great years of the world’s best crossword blog. Keep up the great work Dave and crew🦇

  45. Bit late but it’s my first visit this week.
    You’ve taken me from novice to semi competent.
    Many thanks

  46. Also unfortunately a bit late, but I can only echo the comments of others. This is an unparalleled site for aspiring solvers and setters alike, and it is all thanks to Dave. Many happy returns!

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