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ST 3038

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3038

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 12th January 2020

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

I was very much on the Dada wavelength for this one and enjoyed the solve while it lasted

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1a    Pack things (5)
STUFF – Double definition, the first a verb, the second a noun

4a    Sweet, country’s borders? (5)
CANDY – The borders of country are C AND Y

10a    Unspeakable wickedness in beauty (8)
DEVILISH – EVIL (wickedness) inserted into DISH (beauty)

11a    Top clubs, say, welcoming twin males? (6)
SUMMIT – SUIT (clubs, say) ‘welcoming’ two (twin) M (males)

12a    Poison drink? That’s the limit! (6)
MARGIN – MAR (poison) GIN (drink)

13a    White lies disseminated in gang (8)
RIESLING – An anagram (disseminated) of LIES inserted in RING (gang)

14a    Track alongside sign in quiet location? (7)
LIBRARY – RY (railway – track) goes alongside LIBRA (sign of the Zodiac)

16a    A number dry, waters finally drained out (6)
THIRTY – ‘drain out’ or remove the S (waters finally) from THIRsTY

17a    Rule about new gun (6)
CANNON – CANON (rule, law) ‘about’ N (new)

19a    Good prices for freebooters (7)
PIRATES – PI (good) RATES (prices)

21a    Puzzle scam uncovered (8)
CONFOUND – CON (scam) FOUND (uncovered)

22a    Ruined, as are three-wheelers and go-karts? (6)
DASHED – Three-wheelers and go-karts both contain a hyphen so could be said to be ‘dashed’

23a    Walk quietly — possible instruction to reader in formal attire (6)
TIPTOE – PTO (instruction to reader) inserted into TIE (formal attire)

24a    Small parts married together (2,6)
IN UNSION – S (small) ‘parts’ or goes inside IN UNION (married)

25a    Picture, for example, Parisian pal sent back (5)
IMAGE – A reversal (sent back) of EG (for example) AMI (French, Parisian, friend)

26a    United team is ahead, by the sound of it (5)
LEEDS – A homophone (by the sound of it) of LEADS (is ahead)


2d    Plate I ate, no mixed grill ultimately (7)
TOENAIL – An anagram (mixed) of I ATE NO followed by the ultimate letter of grilL

3d    Added extras — in the hairdressing salon? (6,8)
FRINGE BENEFITS – Something extra which you might find at the hairdressers?

5d    Missing round hard receptacle designed for powdery residue (7)
ASHTRAY – ASTRAY (missing) round H (hard)

6d    Extraordinary tiredness in person expressing resistance (9)
DISSENTER – An anagram (extraordinary) of TIREDNESS

7d    European eaten by wolf in Newfoundland (4)
FINN – Lurking in (eaten by) wolF IN Newfoundland

8d    Lentils and meats in different food processor (5,9)
SMALL INTESTINE – An anagram (different) of LENTILS MEATS IN

9d    Ring number of US soldiers up (6)
SIGNET – A reversal (up in a Down clue) of TEN GIS (number of US soldiers)

15d    Sauna made to break down again and again and again! (2,7)
AD NAUSEAM – An anagram (to break down) of SAUNA MADE

18d    A teacher is someone beautiful (6)
ADONIS – A (from the clue) DON (teacher) IS (from the clue)

19d    Initially, prose saying further unnecessary bits (7)
PADDING – P (prose initially) ADDING (saying further)

20d    Drug otherwise used in eating regimens rejected (7)
STEROID – A reversal (rejected) of DIETS (eating regimens) into which has been inserted OR (otherwise)

22d    Secure nothing in political party (2,2)
DO UP – O (nothing) in DUP (political party)


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    1. The DUP appears quite often and I tried to be as helpful as possible in my hints when I said somethin like ‘a UK but non-GB’ political party – that sort of indicates where the party is based.

  1. Yet again the DT is telling me that I got all the unchecked letters in 15d wrong, even though my answer matches CS’s above. One of these days their IT department will sort themselves out!

    Sue, I think this crossword was published on 19th not the 12th.

    Many thanks for all your assistance

      1. Apologies, I have always assumed that the solution I am given on the iPad on Sundays is the one for the previous Sunday. I’ve never bothered to actually check it.

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