January 14, 2020 – Big Dave's Crossword Blog

Toughie 2366

Toughie No 2366 by Donnybrook

Hints and tips by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Measured as a Toughie, I found this to be fairly easy. Less experienced solvers may think differently if they haven’t previously seen constructs like shopper = one who shops or betrays (13a), near meaning tight or miserly (1d), and splitting the answer to 9d as (3-11). Continue reading “Toughie 2366”

DT 29259

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29259

Hints and tips by Mr K

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BD Rating  -  Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

Hello, everyone.  Today's fun puzzle brought to mind that "puzzle of two halves" cliché.  The top opened up nicely, suggesting that perfection might be attainable, but then the bottom put up some resistance and it took sustained effort to get that filled.  That thought made me wonder where the original "game of two halves" cliché originated.  The best that the internet can offer is that it originates in 1980s football commentary, but that its creator remains a mystery.  Anybody know who was responsible for it? The Google Ngram viewer agrees with the internet, with its data showing appearances in print of the phrase taking off from the early 1980s.  There is also a flurry of appearances around 1940.  I wonder what that was about?  Continue reading "DT 29259"