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11 Down (and still going strong)

Birthday Bash

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The blog will have been going for 11 years on 28th January and to celebrate we will be having our usual Birthday Bash, at the same venue as last year.  Come along and join us at The Bridge House, 13 Westbourne Terrace Road, London, W2 6NG on the 25th January – any time between 12 noon and 7.00 pm.

All are welcome (that means you!).  The pub enables you to enjoy a host of real ales, and has an excellent food menu.  Birthday cake and other goodies will be available!  Click on either of the pictures for further details of the venue.


Only ten minutes walk from Paddington Station

It is all very accessible, in case anyone has special needs.

Once again name tags will be available.  Although tags will be available at the venue, along with a selection of marker pens, if you would like your own pre-printed tag please leave a comment which includes the details you would like it to contain [the tags are approximately the same size as a credit card].


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  1. Too far to come from East Yorkshire, unfortunately. Besides, it’s my birthday. Hope that you have a good birthday bash. Keep up the good work!

  2. I’ll be there – God willing! Neither the France Show nor the Boat Show are running any more so the BDBB could be the biggest event in London.

  3. As always it is my birthday weekend too. For some obscure reason, my wife would rather we attend a concert in Birmingham and stay over at a hotel than travel down to London to go to a pub. Women can be funny creatures.

    Have a wonderful time everyone. I do so hope to come one year to put faces to names ( my iPad tried to put faeces to names. Luckily I spotted the typo before hitting enter).

  4. Having missed the 10th Birthday Bash through bad planning, I will try to attend this one and hopefully catch up with some old friends (that’s friends of old – not aged ones :cool: )

  5. Sorry I can’t make the BD Birthday Bash. I’m hosting a Burns Night supper that night. Many thanks to BD and all the reviewers for such a wonderful site. Have a great day everyone.

  6. Sorry not to be able to attend this year due to a prior engagement. For any of you hoping to use the railway between Peterborough and Kings Cross – dont! That stretch of line will be closed all weekend. Have fun those of you going, and congratulations to Dave on yet another anniversary.

  7. I will try to be along, probably lunchtime till mid afternoon. Casual user of this site and certainly not an ace solver…. but will be good to meet Big Dave and others. Passed very near a couple of months back while walking the Jubilee Greenway walk, nice area. And our trains seem to be running normally.

  8. I know this splendid pub in Little Venice as I had many ‘work’ do’s there back when I was a working man rather than part of the ‘idle’ poor (retired) community. A great choice by BD. My apologies as I have a minor op on that day – but hope to be there next year . Have a wonderful day – how exciting it would have been to meet you all – I have pictures of all of you in my mind – which I am sure will be very different. For example I always see BD as an even taller version of Brian Blessed, with hands big enough to manhandle anyone that puts an additional hint to a Sunday Prize crossword 😁

  9. Have a great day. It certainly was last year when pommette and I turned up unexpectedly. Sadly it aint going to happen this year.

  10. I was hoping to attend again if only to sample CS’s excellent cake again. I have earned many a virtual slice after errant comments. However, as mentioned Kings Cross is closed that weekend and the cost of a hotel and entertaining my aging mother until we can get a train home on Monday has put me off. I would encourage anyone who can to take the plunge they are a friendly bunch and very welcoming to newbies and experts alike.

    1. You just turn up. The first time I went which is probably nine years ago – not sure really, but certainly quite a long time ago, I got about half way there in the train and suddenly felt absolutely terrified and very much, “What the hell am I doing going to meet a load of people I don’t know, who don’t know me etc etc”. That feeling lasted for about one minute, if that!
      Everyone is very friendly – just go! :smile:

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