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ST 3033

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3033

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 8th December 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! A pretty standard Sunday but I noticed an awful lot of insertions whilst reviewing.

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7a           View old shackle (7)
OPINION – O(ld) and a PINION or shackle.

8a           Cunning gags aren’t very good (7)
SAINTLY – SLY for cunning encloses/gags AINT for aren’t. A cunning clue!.

10a        Juvenile, unconscious criminal act (10)
KIDNAPPING – A charade of KID (juvenile) and NAPPING for unconscious.

11a        Excerpt from audiotape, little bit (4)
IOTA – A hidden word (excerpt from) aud IOTA pe.

12a        Quick to hide damage, drug dealer (8)
PHARMACY – PACY or quick is hiding HARM for damage.

14a        Cooked in hot liquid, layer containing grease (6)
BOILED – A BED/layer/that which one lays upon with OIL/grease contained therein.

15a        Spilt leaving tram, sour condiment (4,7)
MALT VINEGAR – a split anagram of LEAVING TRAM.

19a        Top figure for gangster (6)
CAPONE – A charade of CAP/top and the numerical figure ONE.

20a        Wind bringing flower into small city (8)
EASTERLY – An ASTER (a perennial flower) inside the perennial crossword city (and see!) of ELY.

22a        Irritating little thing knocking over a fairy (4)
FLEA – Reverse or knock over A ELF/fairy.

23a        Lively Greek character caught by superior (3-7)
TOE-TAPPING – The Greek letter/character of ETA is aught inside TOPPING for superior.

25a        Rock more noticeable, by the sound of it? (7)
BOULDER – A homophone. By the sound of it, of BOLDER/fore noticeable in a font, see?.

26a        Dog ending in shower, one with blackened face? (7)
COLLIER – A COLLIE dog and the ending letter in (showe)R.


1d           Decent over, yes? (7)
UPRIGHT – UP for over/finished and RIGHT for yes? As a question.

2d           Soon member of the clergy will blow top (4)
ANON – A CANON or member of the clergy with the top letter blown off.

3d           A large friendly bear standing up, fair game? (4-2)
HOOPLA – A reversal (standing up in a Down clue) of A L(arge) and POOH-bear.

4d           Solid bangle: it has broken (8)
TANGIBLE – An anagram (has brokes) of BANGLE IT.

5d           Hint about something like passport scare (10)
INTIMIDATE – Place INTIMATE or hint around ID(entification), of which a passport is an example (something like).

6d           Bet a butterfly can do it (7)
FLUTTER – Two definitions, a wager and a butterfly that FLUTTERs by.

9d           Weak girl as it happens on burgundy! (4-7)
LILY-LIVERED – A charade of LILY (a girls name) and LIVE (as it happens) on a RED wine (Burgundy).

13d        Just a ban, or else reforms (10)
REASONABLE – An anagram (reforms) of A BAN OR ELSE.

16d        Scores progressed during games (8)
TWENTIES – WENT for progressed inside (during) cup TIES or games.

17d        Amount of liquid around lid of empty vessel (7)
GALLEON – Place a GALLON or liquid measure around the opening letter (lid) of E(mpty).

18d        Small bank, remote (7)
SLENDER – S for Small and a LENDER or bank.

21d        Opposition had to interrupt broadcast (6)
SHADOW – HAD from the clue interrupts or is inside SHOW or broadcast.

24d        Person initially sick — what might one take? (4)
PILL – The initial letter of P(erson) and then ILL for sick.