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MPP – 091

Monthly Prize Puzzle (Dec 2019)

Initial Letters by Alchemi

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Why not have a go at our latest Monthly Prize Puzzle?

The winner will receive their choice of any of the Telegraph Crossword Books.

Please note that, due to punitive postal charges, while the competition is open to all, the prize is only available to UK solvers.

A review will follow after the closing date (21st Dec 2019).

The competition is now closed

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

Please read the instructions carefully.

I’ve left this post open for comments, but if you don’t want your comment to be deleted then do not provide any help for other solvers or mention any detail about the puzzle, especially references to individual clues, until after the closing date.

16 comments on “MPP – 091

  1. Great fun.
    There were a couple of answers where I thought long and hard and even consulted BRB on exactly how the words can be pronounced before I sent in my total. Just hope the judges agree with me.

  2. I’ve been wandering around all day pronouncing some of the answers – the more I try, the worse they sound!
    Ah well – commitment time approaches.

    Thanks for the challenge, Alchemi, it’s surprising how easily one’s pronunciation can be called into question.

    1. I did my ‘pronouncing’ while on the train – very hard to say the words quietly enough to see if they sound right without getting funny looks from other passengers

  3. The grid fill was quite pleasant but like others, I have been pronouncing several answers out loud much to the concern of those around me. I have committed to an answer and await with interest.
    Thanks to Alchemi.

  4. Bit of an odd one, suggests there is a definitive pronunciation of any given word which surely isn’t right?
    Oh well, thanks for the puzzle Alchemi – my answer is correct as far as I’m concerned!

  5. As far as the actual crossword is concerned I didn’t find it as tricky as normal for Alchemi.
    I have one answer which I’m pretty sure is right but not quite sure why.
    Now to the difficult bit – I’m going to have to trawl the BRB for the pronunciation of a few of my answers – I’m not very good at interpreting how they tell one to pronounce stuff – perhaps now is the time to learn.
    Thank you for the crossword, Alchemi – I hope that you’re fully recovered by now and, if not, that you’re still getting better day by day.

    1. Kath,

      Forget the BRB … listen very carefully …

      … the Collins on-line dictionary is very helpful with pronunciation.

  6. Enjoyed the crossword….just hope that my Scottish pronounciation fits with Alchemi’s……..definitely one that is questionable for me.

    Thanks to Alchemi and I too hope that you are feeling better.

  7. The puzzle was great fun. I carried out my pronunciations out of earshot of anyone else but I agree that some may prove contentious.

    Many thanks to Alchemi.

  8. With a lot of electronic assistance I got the grid filled, and an answer submitted – easily into ‘Toughie’ territory for me….

  9. Thanks for the nice comments. As to my health, I take a handful of pills every day and strenuous exercise exhausts me earlier than it used to, not that I was ever a marathon runner, but otherwise the doctors now just want to see me once a year to check that I haven’t died and things are going OK.

    1. Good news on the medical front, Alchemi, I doubt that you’ll be too sorry to miss out on the opportunity of joining in any marathons!

  10. You shouldn’t worry about your accent. Think about mine.
    Agree that Alchemi was gentle with us.
    Thanks to him and good luck to all the competitors.

  11. It was a novel experience. Thanks to Alchemi for the challenge. It took me a long time to arrive at the correct pronunciation of each word, although I’m still not sure that the answer sent by me after counting the relevant words is the right and required one. However, I am going to patiently wait for the review. Meanwhile, wishing all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2020 ahead.

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