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ST 3027

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3027

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 27th October 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***/****

An enjoyable if short-lived solving experience

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7a    Where one type of varnish may be applied, at once (2,3,4)
ON THE NAIL – A cryptic definition to give you an expression originating in medieval times where payments were made into a shallow vessel on a stand, possibly so-called because of the resemblance of the stand to the shape of a nail.

8a    Quick blow, and I had cut (5)
RAPID – RAP (blow) ID (I’d – I had ‘cut’ or abbreviated)

10a    Running backwards, easily beat old racehorse (3,3)
RED RUM – A reversal (running backwards) of MURDER (easily beat)

11a    Schools etc used a complex (8)
EDUCATES – An anagram (complex) of ETC USED A

12a    Stop! Revolution won’t change that (4,2)
PULL UP – This expression meaning to stop is a palindrome so revolution (turning) won’t change it

14a    Admitting suffering, cook ruffled (6)
FRILLY – FRY (cook) ‘admitting’ ILL (suffering)

16a    Upmarket pound shop! (4)
POSH – An anagram (pound) of SHOP

17a    Collection of works ending in attic, author unknown (5)
CANON – C (the ending in attiC) ANON (author unknown)

18a    Merited, by a whisker (4)
JUST – Double definition

19a    Relative wants us to invest in currency (6)
COUSIN – US (from the clue) ‘invested’ in COIN (currency)

21a    Country in North America embraced by both parents (6)
PANAMA – NA (North America) ’embraced’ by PA and MA (both parents)

24a    Get on horse at the start, it repeatedly getting away (3,2,3)
HIT IF OFF – H (horse at the ‘start’) IT IT (it repeatedly) OFF (getting away)

26a    Layered dessert, nothing much (6)
TRIFLE – Another double definition

27a    Soaked up by escalope, stonking sauce (5)
PESTO – Lurking in (soaked up by) escaloPE STOnking

28a    Turn hand, getting fly off the handle (2,7)
GO BANANAS – GO (turn) BANANAS (a cluster of ten to twenty bananas is called a hand, each individual banana being a finger)


1d    Join in the main event before over, all ending (5)
ENTER – The endings of thE maiN evenT beforE oveR

2d    Comprehensive finished shackling Oxford’s principal (8)
THOROUGH – THROUGH (finished) ‘shackling’ O (the principal letter of Oxford)

3d    Help at the centre, tackling call — tough stuff (6)
ENAMEL – The letters at the centre of hELp ‘tackling’ NAME (call)

4d    Get a grip with this immoral activity (4)
VICE – Double definition

5d    African country getting endless correspondence, legislation brought in (6)
MALAWI – LAW (legislation) brought into MAIl (endless indicating the need to remove the final letter from this synonym for correspondence)

6d    Get girl to imbibe say — from this? (9)
WINEGLASS – WIN (get) LASS to ‘imbibe’ EG (say)

9d    Warming thing in cake (6)
MUFFIN – MUFF (warming thing) IN (from the clue)

13d    Glamour model, leg in the air (3-2)
PIN-UP – PIN (leg) UP (in the air)

15d    Range so old, time for a change (9)
DOLOMITES – An anagram (for a change) of SO OLD TIME

17d    Trick required to cross unspecified gorge (6)
CANYON – CON (trick) to ‘cross’ ANY (unspecified)

18d    Caribbean breakfast food: a tin one has opened (8)
JAMAICAN – JAM (a food that can be eating at breakfast or indeed other times of the day) A (from the clue) CAN (tin) into which is inserted (has opened) I(one)

20d    It’s a religion this, no messing about! (6)
SHINTO – An anagram (messing about) of THIS NO

22d    Fine, light touch, heavy weight being lifted (3,3)
NOT BAD – A reversal (being lifted in a Down clue) of DAB (light touch) TON (heavy weight)

23d    Amount of money set aside, don’t go under (5)

FLOAT – Another double definition clue


25d    Sell game that’s on the up (4)

FLOG – And something a bit chestnutty to finish – a reversal (that’s on the up in a Down clue) of the game of GOLF

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