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MPP 089 – Review

Monthly Prize Puzzle 089 – Review

October 2019

A Puzzle by Radler

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After filling the grid, one letter may be removed from eight across solutions (one in each row) leaving real words in all eight as well as in the four impacted down solutions. Taken in order, the eight letters make a word. What is it?

It became obvious fairly early on in the (for me anyway) extremely long solving process that the word ALPHABET can be made from the letters removed from the solutions. I wonder how many people continued solving all the clues or just entered the competition once they realised what the word had to be.

Congratulations to our October winner – Kelotoph – who wins a Telegraph Crossword Puzzles Book of their choice


1a    Institute lacking money to dispose of body (6) 
CREATE – Remove (lacking) the M for money from CREMATE (dispose of body)

4a    Cuban films drug dealer (8) 
CHEMISTS – CHE (Guevara, the Cuban) MISTS (films)

10a    Smacks: time to end torment (5) 
ANGST – Move the T (time) to the end of TANGS (smacks)

11a    Innocent adult caught out in legal circles (9) 
ANGELICAL – A (adult) with an anagram (out) of IN LEGAL, the result ‘circles’ or goes round C (caught)

12a    Delilah bit dwarf standing to the left (7) 
MANTRAP – PART (bit) and a truncated (dwarf) NAMe (standing) reversed (to the left)

13a    Composer‘s work essentially inspired by string player? No way! (7) 
CORELLI – Now if he’d said ‘mandolin player’ rather than composer … OR (the essential letters of wORk inserted into a CELLIst (string player without the ST – no way)

14a    Violently clubs leader biting back in open hostility (7,3) 
DECLARE WAR – An anagram (violently) of C (clubs) LEADER followed by a reversal (back) of RAW (biting)

17a    Own plane, heading South (4) 
HAVE – SHAVE (plane as a verb) without the S (south) [The original clue for this one said ‘going south’ which I think was more helpful than ‘heading’]

19a    Retired residents to view organic farm (4) 
GROW – Lurking (residents) in reverse (retired) in vieW ORGanic

20a    Program developer before special judges (10) 
APPRAISERS – APP (program) RAISER (developer) S (special)

23a    Musician‘s first on perch? (7) 
BASSIST – IST (first) goes on or after BASS (perch?)

24a    Idea discovered touring Ghana’s provincial capital (3,4) 
DEN HAAG – Remove the outside letters (discovered) of iDEa and follow them with an anagram (touring) of GHANA

26a    Of oniony meals, first of all cut, then cooked (9) 
LYONNAISE – An anagram (cooked) of oNIONY mEALS, once you have ‘cut’ the first letters of both (all) words

27a    Cut tail off, getting right through (5)
ERASE – EASE (tail off) into which is inserted R (getting right through)

28a    Halfway into record, channel taken off (8) 
DEDUCTED – DUCT (channel) put in the middle of (halfway into) DEED (record)

29a    Look said Jenny and planted a kiss (6) 
ASPECT – Homophones (said) of ASS (jenny) and PECKED (planted a kiss)


1d    Transported daily over sea (7) 
CHARMED – CHAR (daily, cleaner) over (in a Down clue) MED (Mediterranean Sea)

2d    Water transporter carrying gallons around Scottish town (5) 
ELGIN – A reversal (around) of NILE (water transporter) ‘carrying’ G (gallons)

3d    Scrambled out, hearing guards instruction (8) 
TUTORIAL – An anagram (scrambled) of OUT inserted into (guards) TRIAL (hearing)

5d    Little diner’s place on a trip around Barnet (4-5) 
HIGH-CHAIR – HIGH (on a trip) C (circa, around) HAIR (Barnet being Cockney rhyming slang for hair)

6d    Gentleman’s address built by beer drinking men (6) 
MILORD – MILD (beer) ‘drinking’ OR (Other Ranks, soldiers, men)

7d    Reaper’s greeting when not well off (4,5) 
SICK LEAVE – SICKLE (reaper) AVE (greeting)

8d    Crucified last one on cross (7) 
SALTIRE – An anagram (crucified) of LAST followed by I (one) RE (on)

9d    Without boat, where to stop and fish (4) 
CARP – Remove (without) ARK (boat) from CARPARK (where to stop)

15d    Displeased by brand sharing heart in this (9) 
CROSSWORD – CROSS (displeased) SWORD (brand) ‘sharing’ the S (heart)

16d    Understand direction’s East but Radler’s heading North first (9) EMPATHISE – PATH (direction) IS (‘s) E (East) go after a reversal (heading North first) of ME (Radler)

18d    Some intended Nescafe jars (without hint of irony) (8) 
FIANCEES – An anagram (jars) of NESCAFE goes outside (without) I (‘hint’ of irony)

19d    Did rabbit run under overturned trap? (7) 
GABBLED – BLED (run) goes under a reversal (overturned) of BAG (trap)

21d    Group needing to eat, spies piece of pie? (7) 
SEGMENT – SET (group) needing to ‘eat’ GMEN (spies)

22d    Cream can endlessly, and as reported, spread out (6) 
PICNIC – Remove the ends from PICk (cream) NICk (can, prison)

24d    Changing course made water main (4) 
DEEP – A reversal (changing course) of PEED (made water)

25d    Moderate cricketer after a drug 
ABATE – BAT (cricketer) goes after A (from the clue), the result finished with E (ecstasy, drug)


Thanks to Mrs BD, BD and Radler

6 comments on “MPP 089 – Review

  1. Congratulations to Kelotoph.
    Thanks again to Radler for my first successful solve.
    Thanks to CS for the review.

  2. Many thanks for the review, CS, and congratulations to Kelotoph on his win.
    I didn’t dare to assume I had the correct answer part way through the solve – wouldn’t put it past the Radler fiend to put a sting in the tail!
    The only one I wasn’t sure about was bled = run – shouldn’t it be ‘ran’? Elsewhere, I thought ‘perch?’ was taking a bit of a liberty!

    Thanks again to Radler for the brain strain.

  3. Congratulations Kelotoph.
    I had worked out the solution before I had totally solved all the clues but delayed entering the competition until I had the last few sussed. A real challenge that was!
    Thanks again Radler and CS.

  4. Well, that’s a nice surprise with which to end the weekend! As I commented after the puzzle, I thought that the Cuban in 4a should have been an Argentinian, but I think that most people associate Che Guevara with Cuba rather than with his country of birth, and it is a somewhat pedantic point. Many thanks to Cryptic Sue for the review and again to Radler for the entertaining puzzle.

  5. Thank you to CS and BD

    Congratulations to Kelotoph and thank you for the information about Che Guevara. I’ll make sure I get that right in the future.

    Jane – bled is past tense and past participle of bleed, so either ran or run would be valid, though the latter was needed for the surface. Run incidentally, is a useful word for setters as it may be present tense (as in the surface here) or past participle (as needed in the wordplay).
    Perch=Bass I think is OK, the BRB defines it as “a European sea fish of the sea perch family”

    1. Thank you for popping in, Mr Radler – and for taking the time to explain. It’s always appreciated.

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