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ST 3024

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3024

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 6th October 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! Some fine clues uoon reviewing and some very solid clue creations to commit to memory for the beginner. The solving time was fairly quick for me but a couple of clues did pull me up for a while.

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1a           Level throw (5)
PITCH – Two definitions – The level of a musical note and also a chuck/shy/cast.

4a           Without humour, are you joking? (9)
SERIOUSLY – The first is the straight def., the second the irony-laden amazed question.

9a           Very little cutting, calculating nicks (9)
SPARINGLY – PARING or cutting is contained in (nicked/stolen by) SLY for calculating.

10a        Hint, in fact, in German (5)
TINGE – A hidden word inside fac T IN GE erman.

11a        Currently hot, flex burning (7)
INTENSE – IN for currently hot/fashionable and then TENSE for flex.

12a        One’s spotted sign recorded initially in notebook (7)
LEOPARD – Start with the star sign of LEO and then place the first letter of R(ecord) inside a PAD or notebook.

13a        Sort of car, say, behind back of bike (6)
ESTATE – Place STATE for say after the back letter in (bik)E.

15a        Radio set broadcast speedy item from outer space (8)
ASTEROID – An anagram (broadcast) of RADIO SET.

18a        Actor, this person featuring in ‘The Bridge’ (8)
THESPIAN – I for the first person singular (this person) inside THE SPAN for the bridge.

20a        Last of owls has best hoot! (6)
SCREAM – Start with the last letter of (owl)S and then add the CRE$AM/best.

23a        Something offered, this time (7)
PRESENT – Two definitions – An offered gift and also the here and now (this current time).              

24a        Welcomed by minstrel, earnings pick up again (7)
RELEARN – Another hidden clue inside (welcomed by) minst REL EARN ings.

26a        Way revealed, very reliable (5)
STOUT – A charade of a ST(reet) or a way and then OUT for revealed/in the open.

27a        Furious directors, those owed money (9)
CREDITORS – An anagram, indicated by furious, of DIRECTORS.

28a        More fashionable than the rest, stop in northern Italian city briefly (9)
TRENDIEST – Place END or stop inside all but the final letter (briefly) of TRIEST(e), a N, Italian city.

29a        Cute daughter in woollen material (5)
TWEED – TWEE for cute and D for Daughter.


1d           Deadly piste negotiated: fast time? (9)
PESTILENT – An anagram (negotiated) of PISTE and then LENT for a time of fasting in the RC church.

2d           Characteristic paintings turned over onto it (5)
TRAIT – Reverse (turned over) ART or paintings and then add IT from the clue.

3d           Musical number coming up — might that go over one’s head? (7)
HAIRNET – The musical HAIR and then the number TEN coming up/reversed.

4d           Band’s ‘Ugly Duckling’ on the radio (6)
SIGNET – A homophone (on the radio) of a CYGNET or baby swan/ugly duckling from the Hans Christian Anderson tales.

5d           Cavalier attitude’s beginning with Liberal in story, I suspect (8)
ROYALIST – the beginning of the word A(ttitude) and L for liberal inside a suspect anagram of STORY I.

6d           Away from home, get to this place in effect (7)
OUTCOME – OUT for ‘away from home’ and then COME for ‘get to this place/arrive.

7d           Nation in hole: upset about that! (9)
SINGAPORE – SORE for upset about IN from the clue and GAP for hole.

8d           Surrender all that’s produced (5)
YIELD – Another double def. – To surrender or cede and also the YIELD from a harvest or chemical experiment.

14d        Consequently the judge rushed, having doffed cap (9)
THEREFORE – Start with THE REF(eree) or judge and then add (t)ORE or rushed with the leading letter/cap removed/doffed.

16d        Action taken around start of week is vilified (9)
DEMONISED – A DEED or action taken around the outside of MON(day – the start of the week – and IS from the clue.

17d        Jot some writing at bottom of page (8)
PARTICLE – An ARTICLE in a newspaper (some writing) underneath (at the bottom of in a DOWN clue) P for Page.

19d        Surprisingly deep, a cloth evenly folded (7)
PLEATED – An anagram (surprisingly) of DEEP A and the even letters of c L o T h – so DEEP A LT as an anagram.

21d        Player needing room is first to tackle (7)
CELLIST – A CELL or room (in a monastery for example) then IS from the clue and the first letter in T(ackle)

22d        Minister sticks his nose in over closing of parliament (6)
PRIEST – PRIES for ‘sticks his nose in’ over/above in a DOWN clue the closing letter in (parliament)T.

23d        Stake keeps one in place (5)
POSIT – I for one kept within a POST or stake.

25d        A gorgeous woman appeared (5)
AROSE – A from the clue and then an English ROSE or beautiful woman.

Thanks to the setter and to CS for continually covering for me!. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for the hints.
    One of those where, if you understand Dada’s wordplay it’s easy, if like me, you don’t it’s impossible.

  2. Thanks for the confirmation of my correct answer at 6d Gnomethang, as I have just seen that my iPad score for last Sunday is 31/32 and apparently the ‘u’, the ‘c’ and the ‘m’ of outcome are wrong!

    I wish the DT bods would sort themselves out, it’s so frustrating

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