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ST 3021

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3021

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 15th September 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

An awful lot of doing something with a letter this time

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7a    Sale I find, after negotiation, agreed upon (9)
FINALISED – An anagram (after negotiation) of SALE I FIND

8a    Tongue: deer has one (5)
HINDI – HIND (female red deer) I (one)

10a    Quiet moment for comedy routine (6)
SHTICK – SH (quiet) TICK (moment)

11a    Touring America, rebel surprisingly OK for further employment (8)
REUSABLE – An anagram (surprisingly) of REBEL ‘touring’ USA (America)

12a    Prepared to be fired, being biased (6)
LOADED – Double definition

14a    Feed stranger after first of friends (6)
FODDER – ODDER (stranger) goes after the first letter of Friends

16a    Heart perhaps in rogue broken by lover, finally (4)
CARD – CAD (rogue) ‘broken’ by the final letter of Lover

17a    One feeding relative rice, for example (5)
GRAIN – I (one) ‘feeding’ GRAN (relative)

18a    Act that may backfire just the same? (4)
DEED – A palindrome (may backfire just the same)

19a    Just so optimal, every second in paradise (6)
UTOPIA – Every second letter of jUsT sO oPtImAl

21a    Sluggish swim, rubbish doing the backstroke? (6)
TORPID – A reversal (doing the backstroke) of DIP (swim) ROT (rubbish)

24a    Bit rough originally within party (8)
FRACTION – R (rough originally) inserted within FACTION (party)

26a    Drinker maybe rudely allowed to bring glass (6)
GOBLET – GOB (drinker, mouth, maybe rudely) LET (allowed)

27a    Visible in Finland, Estonian mountain range (5)
ANDES – Visible in FinlAND EStonian

28a    Device on tree with pin broken (3-6)
TIN-OPENER – An anagram (broken) of ON TREE PIN


1d    Fine political leaning (5)
RIGHT – Double definition

2d    Engine fitting bloke covers if worn out (8)
MANIFOLD – MAN (bloke) ‘covers’ or goes on top of in a Down clue, IF (from the clue) and OLD (worn out)

3d    Very bad, like a candle? (6)
WICKED – Double definition

4d    Worker ending on stretcher — bitter? (4)
BEER – BEE (worker) and the ‘ending’ on stretcheR

5d    Smashing sorcerer (6)
WIZARD – Another double definition

6d    Red alert activated about posh chap messing around? (9)
ADLTERER – An anagram (activated) of RED ALERT ‘about’ U (posh)

9d    Bird evidently short of breath, briefly (6)
PUFFIN – Briefly indicates the need to remove the last letter from PUFFINg (short of breath)

13d    Sucker ultimately taken in by ridiculous plan (5)
DRAFT – R (the ultimate letter of sucker) ‘taken in’ by DAFT (ridiculous)

15d    Hesitant female changing (9)
FALTERING – F (female) ALTERING (changing)

17d    Pass, then stretch out to go round a keeper (6)
GOALIE – GO (pass) and LIE (stretch out) go round A (from the clue)

18d    Ball-player demonstrating great skill, one salivating? (8)
DRIBBLER – Double definition

20d    By the sound of it, ancient Briton chosen (6)
PICKED – A homophone (by the sound of it) of PICT (ancient Briton)

22d    Ignore dodgy neighbourhood (6)
REGION – An anagram (dodgy) of IGNORE

23d    Women only saving me — those chaps are macho! (2-3)
HE-MEN – HEN (women only) ‘saving’ ME (from the clue)

25d    Catch slow-mover that hasn’t started (4)
NAIL – Remove the first letter (hasn’t started) from sNAIL (slow mover)