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DT 29150

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29150

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 7th September 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty ****Enjoyment *

Finished in a ‘back page time’ rather than a time I’d expect to take for Saturday Prize Puzzle (as we used to know and love them). I think the number of anagrams helped me get going, and it was possible to solve many of the clues from the wordplay rather than getting a solution and then trying to work out how the clue worked which has been the case on some recent Saturdays. Sadly, quite a bit of hard work for very little enjoyment.

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1a    Man wishing each woolly could be cleaner (7,7)

9a    In the main gallery exhibits change (7)
LARGELY – An anagram (exhibits change) of GALLERY

10a    It’s a far-reaching message, on paper (7)
AIRMAIL – A cryptic definition of something I would imagine these days has been mainly replaced by email

11a    The Law of Clipped Woodland (4)
COPS – The Law and COPS are slang terms for the police obtained by clipping the end from COPSe (woodland)

12a    Smoothly made as a one-piece? (10)
SEAMLESSLY – Unbroken like a one-piece garment with no seams

14a    Contract requiring three partly to supply occasional items (6)
TREATY – The ‘occasional’ letters of ThReE pArTlY

15a    Satisfied to see delta after eluding storms (8)
INDULGED – D (Delta) goes after an anagram (storms) of ELUDING

17a    Overcome being pretentious (8)
AFFECTED – A double definition clue

18a    Couples coming from Dorset in urge to head west (6)
UNITES – Found in reverse (heading west in an Across clue) in dorSET IN Urge

21a    Following spell inside, had a bite with daughter over (10)
TERMINATED – TERM (spell) IN (inside) ATE (had a bite) with D (Daughter)

22a    Creep giving lip (4)
EDGE – Double definition

24a    Eats having been swimming? (7)
SEAFOOD – A rather odd cryptic definition for food that once swam in the sea

25a    Something at the greengrocer‘s that’s mostly under water (7)
ICEBERG – A lettuce (named apparently because the growers used to ship it covered in ice) or something found in the sea where most of it hides under the water

26a    Images backing US city article — second is making things greener (14)
PHOTOSYNTHESIS – PHOTOS (images), a reversal (backing) of NY (US city) THE (definite article) S (second) IS (from the clue)


1d    Animal that might give act? (7)
WILDCAT – If a clue mentioned a WILD CAT, you might take this as an indication that an anagram of CAT would lead you to the word ACT

2d    Bust flogged to get funds (8,3,4)
STRAPPED FOR CASH – STRIPPED (flogged) FOR (to get) CASH (funds)

3d    Article requires hi-tech the writer rejected (4)
ITEM – IT (hi-tech) followed by a reversal (rejected in a Down clue) of ME (the writer)

4d    It makes hot water muddy grey around London area (6)
GEYSER – An anagram (muddy) of GREY around SE (London area)

5d    Dreadful, getting tooled up to support the French uprising (8)
ALARMING – ARMING (getting tooled up) supports (in a Down clue) a reversal (uprising) of LA (the French feminine definite article)

6d    Fifteen pantomime figures (10)
HARLEQUINS – The fifteen players of a London rugby club or some pantomime figures

7d    Local with spotted head causes viewer’s complaint (4-11)
NEAR-SIGHTEDNESS – NEAR (local) SIGHTED (spotted) NESS (head)

8d    Given food that keeps set, being whipped (6)
FLAYED – FED (given good) ‘keeps’ LAY (set)

13d    Last instruction from ENT nurse? (5,2,3)
STICK IT OUT – An ENT nurse might tell you to STICK IT (your tongue) OUT

16d    A red van’s going around galleries (8)
VERANDAS – An anagram (going around) of A RED VANS

17d    Rat afloat, first one pursuing craft (6)
ARTIST – An anagram (afloat) of RAT followed by IST (first)

19d    They’re made to run where it’s freezing his legs off (7)
SLEIGHS – An anagram (off) of HIS LEGS

20d    Troop‘s physical restraint right out the window (6)
LEGION – Remove the R (right out the window) from LEG IrON (physical restraint)

23d    Web links the compiler with mum (4)
MESH – ME (the compiler) with SH (mum in the sense of ‘be quiet’)

3 comments on “DT 29150

  1. Thanks for the review, CS, my only failure was legion, I was getting tired! But unlike you, I thoroughly enjoyed what was quite a struggle – I liked the variety of anagram indicators which fooled me for ages, and the whole thing felt just that bit different, in a good way. So thanks to the setter too!

  2. Thank you for providing clarity to a few I managed to solve without being quite sure they were right.
    Initially struggled, however enjoyed 26a and 7d both of which helped a lot. 24a last to be filled in and agree it was an odd cryptic definition.

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