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ST 3016

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3016

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 11th August 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty ****Enjoyment ***


A trickier offering from Dada with a good mixture of clue types

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1a    Fear operating in theatre? (5,6)
STAGE FRIGHT – A cryptic definition relating to a particular type of theatre

9a    Sad having swallowed a chick, it seems? (4,2,3,5)
DOWN IN THE MOUTH – Because a chick has feathers (down)

11a    All kicking off in alley, some bully out for bad-boy tag? (4)
ASBO – The initial (kicking off) letters of Alley Some Bully Out

12a    Demon discovery with buried treasure, ultimately (5)
FIEND – FIND (discovery) into which is inserted (buried) the ultimate letter of treasurE

13a    One side walked out (4)
LEFT – Double definition

16a    Ability to look all right in rowing team (8)
EYESIGHT – YES (all right) in EIGHT (rowing team)

17a    Jack provided feedback at the outset, seeing charge list (6)
TARIFF – TAR (jack, sailor) IF (provided) F (feedback at the ‘outset’)

19a    Being worn, clutch to be dealt with later (2,4)
ON HOLD – ON (being worn) HOLD (clutch)

20a    Tongue that’s segmented (8)
MANDARIN – A language (tongue) or a type of segmented fruit

22a    PM’s predecessor certainly out of control (4)
AMOK – AM (morning) precedes PM (afternoon) and should be followed by OK (certainly)

23a    Bill featuring in play, sycophant (5)
TOADY – AD (bill) ‘featuring’ in TOY (play)

24a    Not entirely unusual, a scandal I’m afraid to say (4)
ALAS – Found lurking in part of (not entirely) unusuAL A Scandal

27a    Silly charging a tenor for old song (9,5)

28a    Unite political party, terribly isolated (11)
CONSOLIDATE – CON (Conservatives, political party) followed by an anagram (terribly) of ISOLATED


2d    Person seeking conflict resolution causes one to reach for hanky? (14)
TROUBLESHOOTER – TROUBLES HOOTER – hooter here being a slang term for a nose

3d    Golf — I lost (4)
GONE – G (Golf in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet) ONE (I)

4d    Escape taking in an elevated window (8)
FANLIGHT – FLIGHT (escape) ‘taking in’ AN (from the clue)

5d    Popular worker being dealt with (2,4)
IN HAND – IN (popular) HAND (worker)

6d    Song that man mentioned (4)
HYMN – A homophone (mentioned) of HIM (that man)

7d    Curious pleasure trip on Saturn, for example (8,6)
SUPERIOR PLANET – An anagram (curious) of PLEASURE TRIP ON

8d    End of exciting race, still perfect (5,6)
PHOTO FINISH – PHOTO (still) FINISH (perfect here used as a verb)

10d    Fruit ending in tin, on average around about fifty (5,6)
NAVEL ORANGE – N (the ending of tiN) followed by an anagram (around) of ON AVERAGE into which is inserted (about) L (the Roman numeral for 50)

14d    Horse stock last seen in cavalry (5)
FILLY – FILL (stock) and the last letter of cavalrY

15d    Sweets also found in outskirts of city (5)
CANDY – AND (also) ‘found’ in the outside letters of CitY

18d    Most important king, perhaps, in a line (8)
CARDINAL – CARD (king, perhaps) IN A (from the clue) L (line)

21d    Cash in, some counterfeit (6)
MONIES – An anagram (counterfeit) of IN SOME

25d    African country remaining (4)
TOGO – TO GO (remaining)

26d    Simple building discarded (4)
SHED – Double definition


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  1. I seem to remember quite enjoying this, even the aged, but nice, conker at 16a

    Thanks for the review CS

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