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Update September 2, 2019

When I first announced the new theme, two weeks ago, I pointed out a couple of limitations:

  • the lack of date and time parameters in the theme mean that, at least for the present, it is not possible to have date-related banners for National Saints days, birthdays and other special occasions,
  • it has not proved possible to add bloggers’ logos to the top of each post.

I have imported the processes from the old theme that enable these parameters and can now implement both the date-related banners and bloggers’ logos.  I plan to do so some time between 10:00 pm and midnight tonight.  This involves a lot of changes, so if you encounter any problems please let me know ASAP via a comment on this post.

Please note, because of space considerations, the logos will not be added to screens less than 600px wide – this affects most phones and some smaller tablets. 

Although it would now be possible, I have no plans to re-implement the five-times-a-day header changes.

Update August 23, 2019

Various suggestions have now been implemented:

  • the menu bar has been moved the top, given a mellower appearance and now stays at the top when the screen is scrolled.
  • the avatars in the comment titles have been made a little larger,
  • the word “says” has been dropped from the comment titles (an easy change!),
  • the arrow has been restored to the left of the reply link at the bottom of each comment, along with a few other embellishments from the interim theme (a not-so-easy change!),
  • links are now underlined.

That’s it for now, unless anything major goes wrong.

Update August 21, 2019

Many phones and tablets actually use an alternative mobile theme which is provided by WordPress. This theme borrows the custom header (which often appears as a smaller image) and little else. There is usually an option to switch themes at the bottom of the post, but it can be difficult to revert back.

In the css that I copied as a basis there is a lot of code that I don’t profess to understand that provides for various mobiles and tablets.

With regard to the nesting of comments, I am not aware that it ceases to happen on tablets, mobiles etc. – what does happen is that an algorithm decides at which point cascading could result in higher levels of nesting becoming too narrow and at this point cascading stops; all the nested comments still appear within the confines of the box around the top-level comment.  On a PC, this can be demonstrated by making the browser window steadily narrower until it hits the crossover point decided by the algorithm.

Likewise, there is a point at which the sidebar stops appearing on the right-hand side of the content and moves to the bottom.

I will look at making the menu bar float down, but I don’t yet know how this is achieved – are there any experts out there that can help?

When the site was rebuilt a month and a half ago, the old theme that had served the site well for ten years became unusable.  I had been looking at replacing it for a while anyway, and settled on using Underscores, Automattic’s starter theme, as the basis.  I have tried to preserve as much of the “look and feel” of the original site as possible.  Development is now as near as I can get to complete, so I have decided to implement it.  I’m sure there will be teething problems, so use this post to let me know what you think and to point out any problems or complaints.

Some of the  limitations are listed below:

  • the lack of date and time parameters in the theme mean that, at least for the present, it is not possible to have date-related banners for National Saints days, birthdays and other special occasions,
  • it has not proved possible to add bloggers’ logos to the top of each post.

92 responses to “New Theme

  1. Hi BD,

    It may just be my stupid iPad, but I’m missing the “home” button in the top line and have to access it via the site map. Do others have the same problem?

  2. Dear Big Dave,
    I am a frequent user of the site and value its existence. I have a query though: where has the ‘home’ button on the menu gone? I am not an Internet expert, and have learnt to navigate the site using this feature, which doesn’t seem to be present any more. Many thanks for all the good work.

  3. BD, it may be me, but should there be a ‘home’ button from the blog to get back to the homepage?? I have to get my bookmarks out and pick it that way?

  4. I have just had a read through of the new site and appreciate the work done. The presentation is clear and easy to read, and it altogether feels more compact, and, dare I say it, professional. I like the way comments are linked, and I look forward to continue to use this excellent site. Many thanks for your efforts, Dave.

  5. Excellent new site, very clear and easy to read. (Unlike the new on line DT web site, small light and faint, awful). Great job!

  6. On my iPad the replies are not nested. Also, the whole right-hand side bar is missing.

    Looks good on my PC.

    ps. just found “Recent posts”, “Recent Comments” etc sitting at the bottom of the page on my iPad.

  7. I like the bold font, but the replies to comments require nesting within the numbered boxes, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense. It looks as though, judging by Stan’s comments above, that this may only be on mobile devices.

    Otherwise, lovely and clear. Thanks BD.

  8. Great to see the revamped design which looks good on my laptop, and although I’m very pleased to see the Home button back on the top menu, I much preferred it when the top menu pane was frozen at the top of the page.

  9. I’m with those who ‘like’ this – it’s much more like the old set-up so you can all call me a dinosaur if you like.
    I’d be interested to hear why MP preferred the interim look of the site.
    It’s definitely a :good: from me – I really like all the replies being cuddled up nicely in a little box so that we can see who’s replying to who and what the original comment was that they’re replying to. Oh dear – maybe the grammar has gone a bit wrong here – sorry!

  10. Good old Windows phone. Nothing has changed and that’s the way I like it.
    Only the picture of the village is smaller.
    Avatars work ok.
    Thanks to BD for all the hard work.

  11. Yes, I like the new format – it looks fine on a desktop monitor. Just one thing, could we please have the banner at the top of the page (containing the HOME – SITE MAP buttons) to be static, like it was before (i.e. it doesn’t scroll with the rest of the page). If you are looking at a previous puzzle and are right at the bottom of a long blog page, then you want to return home, you have to scroll all the way back to the top to get to the HOME button. Much more convenient to have it permanently at the top of the page, just a few inches away from the screen cursor. Thanks.

  12. Don’t consider myself an expert and it’s been a long time since I did any coding but I hope this helps

    The css for the id “site-navigation” or the class “main-navigation” should specify ‘position: fixed; top: 0;’
    You may then need to add a margin the same height as the menu bar to the top of “content” to avoid overlap

    • Thanks for that. I have implemented similar code that I found on the web – it’s not yet perfect (for example it is obscured for signed-on users), but I’ll keep tweaking it until it satisfies most situations.

  13. BD, with your latest changes, for which many thanks, the good news is that “top menu” is now frozen but it appears in the middle of the screen (exactly where it is positioned under the header and pictures before the page is scrolled). Can this easily be rectified please to keep it right at the top (or bottom) of the displayed page?

  14. The “HOME. ABOUT. COMMENT…. ” banner is static on my page , but about one third of the way down the screen, obscuring whatever is behind it.

    [edit] Ah, just what RD said!

  15. Works fine on my ipad (preferred) works equally well on laptop. My phone is not sufficiently advanced and besides mobile signal where I live is wrak at the best of times.
    The new site is clear and user friendly.

  16. Thanks Dave, I like the new site. Good to see the home button restored to the main menu. The full site, using my phone, has the narrowing of lines as the thread builds up. So I used the mobile site to view it, and that was fine after zooming in. Both versions seem more touch-sensitive, so when I’m trying to scroll, I keep getting the reply box. Will try to be a bit more (legally) light-fingered in future.

  17. I actually preferred the appearance of the interim site too. I’m not too keen on the bolder typeface.
    Other than that I shall still be referring to this excellent site on a daily basis.

  18. I go to the Peak District for a few days & what did you do while I was away? Only revamped the site that’s all. I really like the new look – sterling work BD. Thank-you.

  19. Have we lost access to the ‘cryptic crosswords’ listing of previous Rookie, NTSPP & MPP puzzles or is it just that I can’t find it?

  20. As of late yesterday (2nd Sept) when I click onto a specific blog using a laptop, the entire contents of the right hand column have slid down to below the review and comments. Means that there’s no way to check for new comments without scrolling through the whole lot!

  21. Hi Dave, couldn’t reply to your question on the same thread as it had reached its limit. I’m using your ‘favourite’ Windows 7 with Internet Explorer! The thing I can’t understand is why the main page still shows the sidebar but individual puzzle blogs do not – ever since the latest ‘tweak’. I seem to remember that you couldn’t get the sidebar to work with the likes of Rookies, NTSPPs etc but it’s now the same for me with all the puzzles.

    • Hi Jane – if you are using IE9 which runs on Win7, try Chrome or Firefox maybe?
      Much as I dislike Chrome, it works for me on Vista, Win7 and even XP

      Is your screen resolution at default? That would cause an issue
      You could try right-click desktop>properties>resolution and select a higher number
      1366 x 638 is unusual, it’s more commonly 1366 x 768 on a 15.5″ display

      • Hi LbR, many thanks for your suggestions. I’ve (finally) managed to select 1366 x 768 but that makes no difference. Further investigation reveals that I’m using IE11 with automatic updates. Any more advice to offer?

        • IE11 is not fit for purpose. I gave up checking that the website ran successfully on IE several years ago. It is so bad that Microsoft abandoned it in favour of Edge. These days I only check Opera, Chrome, Edge and Firefox – Chrome is an excellent suggestion.

          • By the way, WordPress uses separate processes for the Home page, Posts, Pages, Archives and Search results – 5 processes in all and I have made changes to all of them.

        • Since IE11 is no longer maintained by Microsoft, I recommend installing Firefox from Google’s business is selling the information that they collect from tracking and monitoring what users do with their products, including Chrome, and enabling other companies to do the same thing. Firefox is created by a non-profit organization that is not in the data collection business. It’s also, in my opinion, a better browser.

          • I think I’m going to be dragged kicking and screaming into the arms of Windows 10 by the end of the year when support for Windows 7 ceases. I’ve made a note to also consider using Firefox at that stage. If I subsequently disappear without trace from the blog, you’ll all know why!

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