ST 3014

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3014

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 28th July 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Another ‘just right for Sunday’ crossword – I particularly liked 11a and 22a – but I have to wonder whether twelve clues requiring you to insert something into something else is probably  too many. I did also think about counting the number of anagrams, as I did seem to be typing ‘anagram’ a lot, but will take Senf’s word for it that there were seven of them.

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1a    Edge cracking nut where chopper comes down (7)
HELIPAD – LIP ‘cracking’ or going inside HEAD (nut)

5a    Broadcast features ‘ouse by any means possible (7)
SOMEHOW – SHOW (broadcast) ‘features’ or has inserted OME (home without the h in the same way as house in the clue)

9a    Baby feeder, light flat object (3,4)
TEA TRAY – TEAT (baby feeder) RAY (light)

10a    Great decimal point (7)
INTENSE – IN TENS (decimal) E (East – compass point)

11a    Animal centre for leopards or impala? (5)
PANDA – In the centres of leoPArds and imPAla you will find P AND A

12a    One way to treat other nasty cut (5-4)
NORTH-EAST – An anagram (treat) of OTHER NASTy (cut telling you to omit the y)

13a    Power generator in Italian city charged with British energy (7)
TURBINE – TURIN (Italian city) ‘charged’ with B (British) and followed by E (Energy)

14a    Aspiring welder’s first double shifts (5-2)
WOULD-BE – W (the first letter of welder) followed by an anagram (shifts) of DOUBLE

16a    Lovely work I approach in newspaper (4,3)
FINE ART – I NEAR (I approach) inserted into FT (Financial Times, newspaper)

19a    Try and support inexperienced winger (7)
GOSLING – GO (try) SLING (support)

22a    Disappear — as may dog and its owner? (2,7)
GO WALKIES – An informal expression meaning to disappear

24a    Some fault, a serious shocker! (5)
TASER – Lurking in some faulT A SERious

25a    Inflammatory thinking behind conclusion of debate (7)
EMOTIVE – MOTIVE (thinking) goes behind the conclusion of debatE

26a    A number divided by six minus ten, stupid (7)
ASININE – A NINE (a number) divided by SI (minus ten relates to the removal of X, the Roman numeral for 10)

27a    Driver in car with two supporters (3,4)
FAN BELT – Two different types of supporter

28a    Colouring drink, first drops of green mint essence put in (7)
PIGMENT – PINT (drink) into which is inserted the first ‘drops’ of Green and Mint


1d    Area of potential conflict has son in a stew (3,4)
HOT SPOT – S (son) inserted into HOTPOT (stew)

2d    Student council’s ultimate illicit scheme (7)
LEARNER – The ultimate letter of counciL followed by an EARNER (illicit scheme)

3d    Each new part epic with article (3,6)
PER CAPITA – An anagram (new) of PART EPIC with A (indefinite article)

4d    Respected woman finished pocketing money (7)
DOYENNE – DONE (finished) ‘pocketing’ YEN (money)

5d    A quarter of poor people lose control over fight (4,3)
SKID ROW – SKID (lose control) ROW (fight)

6d    Wedding suit (5)
MATCH – Double definition, one a noun the other a verb

7d    Brief answer given in unsympathetic parliamentary report (7)
HANSARD – ANS (brief or abbreviated answer) given in HARD (unsympathetic)

8d    Battle worsens, Attlee having lost every other one (7)
WRESTLE – The alternate letters (having lost every other one) of WoRsEnS aTtLeE

15d    After receiving promotion, going down is distressing (9)
UPSETTING – SETTING (going down) goes after UP (promotion)

16d    Abbreviated symbol on page, very basic cover (3,4)
FIG LEAF – FIG (abbreviated figure, symbol) on LEAF (page)

17d    Celestial phenomenon with flash in gas (3,4)
NEW MOON – W (with) MO (moment, flash) in NEON (gas)

18d    Destroying it, crest cut into three parts (7)
TRISECT – An anagram (destroying) of IT CREST

19d    In space, hammer lighter (3,4)
GAS LAMP – SLAM (hammer) inserted into GAP (space)

20d    Arouse fury after foolish spin (7)
INSPIRE – IRE (fury) goes after an anagram (foolish) of SPIN

21d    Laughable German leader in tight dress, for example (7)
GARMENT – An anagram (laughable) of GERMAN followed by T (the leader of Tight)

23a    French river, one shrouded in mythology (5)
LOIRE – I (one) ‘shrouded’ in LORE (mythology)

5 Replies to “ST 3014”

    1. Thank you – I think I must have been focusing too much on not having the H in Home and forgot that I did need an H in the other part of the wordplay

  1. Very enjoyable but I’ve needed Cryptic Sue’s review to parse some of my answers especially 11a. Doh!
    Thank you setter & CS as per.

  2. The last couple of weeks have been busy around here and so I have a big pile of crosswords that I haven’t had time to do – I did this one today.
    I found it quite difficult and ended up being completely defeated by 12a – dim! I couldn’t see what the definition was and just got into a muddle.
    Several others took quite a while to sort out too – nearly all of them in the top right corner.
    Oh well – must try harder!
    Thanks to Dada, I presume, for the crossword and to CS for the review (and a few explanations too)

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