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DT 29123

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29123
Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

On a recent blog we mentioned that Spring looked to be just around the corner. We have had to eat our words. Winter has returned here with a vengeance. Cold southerly winds and snow to low levels has been the norm over most of the country with road closures and other disruptions. The only people happy about it are the operators of the ski fields who now have an extended season.

All the usual Wednesday fun from Jay.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Force chef to get kitchen aid? (8,6)
PRESSURE COOKER : A synonym for force or impulsion and then a chef described by his/her function.

9a     Line crossed by a policeman with work and drink (7)
ALCOPOP : In the order that the pieces appear in the answer we have ‘A’ from the clue, the abbreviation for line, a familiar word for a policeman and an artistic work.

10a     Emergency transport from trial if in order (7)
AIRLIFT : An anagram (in order) of TRIAL IF.

11a     Parents occasionally sent back meal (3)
TEA : The reversal of alternate letters in the word parents.

12a     Improvement of allowance covering European etiquette (11)
REFORMATION : An allowance or allotted portion surrounds E(uropean) and etiquette or right behaviour.

14a     Unlikely book being rejected is welcomed by engineers (6)
REMOTE : A large book is reversed inside the two letters for army engineers.

15a     Paper often served in court injunction initially? (8)
CONFETTI : An anagram (served) of OFTEN is inside the two letter abbreviation for court and finally, the first letter of injunction.

17a     Entertaining — before a Liberal becomes dismal (8)
FUNEREAL : A three letter word for entertaining, then a poetic word for before and ‘A’ from the clue plus L(iberal).

19a     Vexatious hearing (6)
TRYING : A double definition. The hearing happens in a law court.

22a     Lack of feeling in these as a criminal follows American (11)
ANAESTHESIA : The one letter abbreviation for American and an anagram (criminal) of IN THESE AS A.

23a     Transport required by most of freshwater fish? (3)
CAR : Remove the last letter from a freshwater fish such as a goldfish.

24a     Dream of golf in island state of the USA (7)
IMAGINE : Start with the one letter abbreviation for island and then an eastern seaboard state of the USA contains the Nato phonetic alphabet golf.

26a     Prompt to accept one’s at home cooking (7)
CUISINE : A prompt or reminder contains ‘one’s’ expressed as the Roman numeral with its ‘S, plus the two letter word for ‘at home’.

27a     Only fare available, despite a forage around? (4,2,4,4)
PATE DE FOIE GRAS : This food (fare) is indicated by the whole clue which  also gives us an anagram (around) of DESPITE A FORAGE.


1d     French dressing that may be used after break? (7,2,5)
PLASTER OF PARIS : An all-in-one clue. The dressing is a surgical one and the break is a fracture.

2d     A person’s demand for alimony, say (7)
EXCLAIM : Split the answer 2,5 to get an ex-partner’s request for support.

3d    Retail outlets use report designed in case of salaries (11)
SUPERSTORES : The first and last letters (case) of ‘salaries’ contain an anagram (designed) of USE REPORT.

4d     Overcharge, seeing rent high (3,3)
RIP OFF : A rent or tear and then high or in a state of putrefaction.

5d     Map ignoring river and heathland set up for online facility (4,4)
CHAT ROOM : A map (possibly a nautical one) loses the abbreviation for river, and then the reversal of another word for a heathland.

6d     Row resulting from uncovering secret cache (3)
OAR : Remove the first and last letters from a secret cache.

7d     Independent on Sunday at first protected by new title favouring the few (7)
ELITIST : An anagram (new) of TITLE contains I(ndependent) and the first letter of Sunday.

8d     Directions to bank employees to be upright (8,6)
STANDING ORDERS : Another all-in-one clue. These are instructions made to one’s bank to make regular payments. (We were more familiar with this phrase in parliamentary procedures).

13d     Positive — if a farm vet moves around one (11)
AFFIRMATIVE : An anagram (moves around) of IF A FARM VET contains the Roman numeral one.

16d     Ready with plain material (8)
CASHMERE : Ready or available money and then plain or simple.

18d     Profit up abroad, oddly, and falls in US (7)
NIAGARA : The reversal of a synonym for profit and then the first, third and fifth letters of abroad.

20d     Republican underpinning urge that is causing more irritation (7)
ITCHIER : An urge or desire, then the two letters for the Latin expression ‘that is’ plus R(epublican).

21d     Reformed copyholders ignoring more mature film (6)
PSYCHO : Remove a word meaning more mature from ‘copyholders’ and make an anagram (reformed) with what is left.

25d     Diaries intermittently revealing anger (3)
IRE : The second, fourth and sixth letters of diaries.

The three that appealed to us most today were the all-in-one clues.

Quickie pun    seize    +    hide     =    seaside

49 comments on “DT 29123

  1. Quite grumpy because there wasn’t a copy of the Daily Telegraph to be found in my part of East Kent this morning, so I had to print the crossword off from the Puzzles site

    The usual Wednesday treat – thanks to Jay and the 2Ks – I agree with you about the all-in-one clues

  2. 3*/4.5*. Another supremely fine Wednesday puzzle which was both nicely challenging and very enjoyable.
    The French flavoured 27a & 1d were my joint favourites.
    Many thanks to all three birds.

  3. Three in a row, another lovely crossword 😃 **/**** Favourites 26a & 20d 🤗 Thanks to Jay and to the 2 x Ks for their lovely blog. Mind you stay warm 🌨⛄️

  4. 27a was my favourite in this top quality puzzle from Jay.

    Thanks to him and to the 2Kiwis.

  5. Another excellent and entertaining puzzle from Jay. I agreed with the two Kiwis’ rating of **/****. The best clues for me were 1d, 21d and 27a but I was puzzles by 7d because the word Independent seemed redundant. Thank s to the three birds.

        1. I couldn’t fathom Independent or on because I thought the extra ‘i’ was from first or 1.

  6. Absolutely agree with everyone else and particularly regarding the all-in-one clues, great stuff and thoroughly enjoyable.

    My only gripe today is with the DT. When I had finished my iPad told me I had something wrong so I hit the button to reveal errors and it showed that I had the middle letter of 25d wrong. Well that clue couldn’t be more clear (as confirmed by the 2Ks above) so I went through the alphabet and only got as far as the letter c – it was happy with that! Ice? I don’t think so.

    Anyway very many thanks to the 2Ks and Jay.

        1. Same problem regarding 25d with my iPad.
          But later in the morning, the download was at the start again.
          So I redid the entire crossword and got bonus points because my time was fantastic.
          25d was, on this later occasion, the obvious answer and not the one with a C.
          It’s a funny old World.

          1. Same with me last night. And ditto re going back to Start again when I just switched on. Rather than retyping the whole thing I just put the answer in for 25d and pressed submit and it was accepted.

            I wonder why that happened.

            1. What happened was that I found the same problem at about 09:10 and emailed the Contact Us email on the website. The problem was fixed within 20 minutes together with a nice thank you from the DT. ‘Upload’ problem apparently.

  7. Jay at his very entertainingly best, completed at a fast gallop – **/*****.
    Although, I do have some 25d for the DT Puzzle Web Site for telling me that my answer was wrong; I mean, how many three letter synonyms for anger are there starting with I and ending in E. However, a complete reset has taken place over night and I have now scored maximum points for “solving” (two finger typing re-entering my solution) in under 4 minutes – perhaps I should enter The Times Championship this year! :wink:
    Candidates for favourite – 1a, 26a, and 1d – and the winner is 26a.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

    1. Did you do today’s Toughie at the same time?

      Puzzles.telegraph gives “Best time” @ 1 minute 51 seconds … mmm?

    2. That must explain why, having completed half this morning before golf, when I came home and hit refresh, everything disappeared and I had to start again.

  8. I dont know whether doing a couple from The Grauniad and last week’s Beam toughie has sharpened me up but I didn’t find this as tricky as I sometimes do on Wednesday. Getting three of the four perimeter clues almost immediately also helped. However the fourth was my last one in and I needed a bit of electronic help to get it, which was frustrating.
    My favourite in a strong field was 9a.
    Many thanks to the three birds for their excellent works

  9. I loved this puzzle, not too tricky. Interestingly, I fill this in on my Kindle, and when I had finished it said I had one wrong, 25d. According to the blog the answer is ire, which is what I had put but my Kindle changed it to ice! I couldn’t for the life of me work out how to get ice – so the Kindle is wrong. Never happened before. Has it happened to anyone else?

  10. Had the same trouble as others with 25d…..irritating.

    Otherwise enjoyed this puzzle very much.

    Thanks to the setter and the 2 Kiwis.

  11. For once even I noticed the unusual grid and with those four long answers slotting easily into place it gave checkers aplenty to help with the remainder of the solve.
    All good fun as usual from Jay and I’ve got 1a plus 1&2d on my podium.

    Thanks to Jay and to our 2Ks for the blog – sorry that your springtime has been put on hold!

  12. I thought 27a was one of the very best anagrams I have seen for some time so it is a worthy winner of my COTD. 1d was good but a distant second. Overall this was another in a long line of excellent and enjoyable Wednesday puzzles. Quite superb.

    Thanks Jay and the 2Ks.

  13. Living in Vancouver I started this puzzle at 5pm given the 8hr time difference and made some progress on it, then on the way to work on the skytrain I finished it off, in my opinion a nice way to commute, if anything I was slowe out of the starting blocks.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2 K’s

  14. Excellent puzzle but was held up at the end in the bottom right corner which pushed it into *** time for difficulty. Not to sure about 27a, didn’t quite ring true for me but really liked 1d which was my COTD.
    Thx to all

  15. Another lovely puzzle from Jay, and only needed 3 of the 2Kiwis hints, so very enjoyable. 1a and 1d tied for favourite clue. 9a was new to me, think it came into use after we sailed across the pond.

    1. Remember it, we’ve had it a couple of times! I can’t say I like it, alcoholic pop? Why not drink the hard stuff and water it down.

  16. A thoroughly good time was had throughout today’s solve. So many nicely demanding clues with my podium places going to 3 Favs in no particular order – 27a, 1d and 2d. 7d was a bung-in prior to reading hints. TVM Jay for much fun and the 2Kiwis (hope Spring will soon spring for you and daffodils, etc. appear?). It’s still warm here today in the South with some heavy showers but we are promised a fine day for tomorrow.

  17. Once I read your explanations all became clear quite quickly – sadly not before. Many thanks

  18. I do enjoy a Jay offering, he just gets better and better. The only problem I had was 27a. I’ve got several jumbles of letters all over my page, but it wasn’t until I had a two-letter word “-e” that I realised it was “de” and it was French that I got it. I still don’t know why it’s the only fare available.
    No faves today, too many to list, but I congratulate myself for remembering “ready” in 16d, you didn’t fool me today!
    Thanks to Jay for the fun and the 2Kiwis for the hints and pics. Love your local reports.

    1. No, I don’t get ‘only fare available’ either – it would be ripped to bits in Rookie Corner as padding I suspect
      Still a fab crossword nevertheless

        1. Well I couldn’t get any other dish or fare from all the letters of the anagram!
          Many thanks to all for the always eagerly read comments, and to our 2 Kiwis for a great blog

          1. Great to hear from you, Jay, and thank you so much for giving us so much fun every week on a Wednesday.

  19. Amazing.. I finished today’s crossword with help from the electronics. In my book a completed crossword is a win though my dear departed mother wouldn’t agree. She would allow the OED but nothing else.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2 🥝 (even though I did not need your help today)

  20. A really enjoyable offering from Jay & a pleasure to solve. Held up in SE corner for a while but the penny eventually made its way through the rusted up channels & normal service was resumed.
    Too many good clues…
    Grateful thanks to Jay & to the 2KWS for review & a nudge in the right direction SE corner.

  21. Morning all.
    Such a relief to wake up on a Thursday morning (for us) and find that most of what we had written the previous afternoon was on the right track.
    Sadly, the weather outside still looks pretty miserable so another good day for crosswords here.

  22. Lovely lovely crossword from Jay as usual! Once the four longuns were in everything
    rolled along nicely. In spite of 25d! 27a was my favourite.
    Thanks to Jay, and to the 2K’s for their review.

  23. My analogue newspaper didn’t tell me 25d was wrong! For once I’m in line with most people’s difficulty assessment and I finished well before midnight (I did start a little earlier). Lovely crossword. Favourites 1a asnd 27a. Many thanks to Jay and 2K’s.

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