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DT 29111

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29111

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

We’re back in the Wednesday blogging chair again. Thanks Miffypops for doing the honours in our absence and for keeping up a New Zealand theme.

Still in the midst of winter here, albeit a mild one, but a few adventurous spring flowers are just starting to appear.

A quality puzzle from Jay once again.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Skipper’s on call, being top manager (10)
RINGMASTER : Call on the telephone, followed by a skipper, probably of a ship. The top in the definition is a large tent.

6a     Expedition ignoring a fine outfit (4)
SARI : Remove ‘A’ from the clue and the abbreviation for ‘fine’ from an expedition that is probably to observe African wildlife.

10a     Bridge crossing international state (5)
SPAIN : Bridge or arch over contains I(nternational).

11a     A record, in a sense, must be equivalent (9)
ANALOGOUS : ‘A’ plus a written record is inside ‘A’ plus common sense.

12a     No resistance in weirdly credible measure taken against racket (7)
DECIBEL : Remove the physics symbol for resistance from an anagram (weirdly) of C(r)EDIBLE.

13a     Coarse material seeing nervous response in front of ruler (7)
TICKING : A nervous response or involuntary twitch goes before a regal ruler.

14a     Alienation of odd people adopted by sect regularly (12)
ESTRANGEMENT : The second and fourth letters from sect surround synonyms for odd and people.

18a     Unexpectedly as doleful and needing to change (3,2,1,6)
ALL OF A SUDDEN : An anagram (needing to change) of AS DOLEFUL AND.

21a     Coin oddly found in unusually large white flower? (7)
GLACIER : An anagram (unusually) of LARGE contains the first and third letters of coin.

23a     Copy European drug smuggler importing a source of this (7)
EMULATE : The abbreviation for European and then a drug smuggler or courier contains ‘A’ from the clue and the first letter of ‘this’.

24a     Instruction for player with worker in love (9)
ANDANTINO : String together a synonym for with, a worker insect, ‘in’ from the clue and the tennis score love.

25a     Flash Gordon’s first material for dressing (5)
GLINT : The initial letter of Gordon’s and then the absorbent material used in a surgical dressing.

26a     Peer docked in good time (4)
EARL : Remove the last letter from a word meaning in good time or prompt.

27a     Appliance of press after meaningless talk (6,4)
WAFFLE IRON : Meaningless talk or chit-chat and then press or make smooth.


1d     Live on edge (6)
RESIDE : On or concerning and then edge or border.

2d     Subtle meaning is absent from pest (6)
NUANCE : Find a word for a pest and remove ‘is’ from inside this.

3d     Boxer perhaps finds me absent, upset about end of career (4,4,6)
MANS BEST FRIEND : An anagram (upset) of FINDS ME ABSENT includes the last letter of career.

4d      Some dinosaurs had these weapons (5,4)
SMALL ARMS : A possible description of the pectoral appendages of T Rex.

5d     Old Bill is spot on (5)
EXACT : A two letter prefix for old or former and then a parliamentary bill that has become law.

7d     Dines out after a turn, having worried greatly (8)
AGONISED : “A” from the clue and a turn or opportunity followed by an anagram (out) of DINES.

8d     Brainwaves generated by popular tourist attractions (8)
INSIGHTS : A two letter word for popular and then tourist attractions that need to be viewed.

9d     Positive associate of Freud has left European city (8,6)
CONCRETE JUNGLE : Positive or solid, another psychoanalyst associated with Freud, and then finally, abbreviations for left and European.

15d     New editor away drinking rum, went to sleep (6,3)
NODDED OFF : Rum or strange is contained by N(ew), the short form of editor, and then away or not operating.

16d     In Scotland, extended university years for Russian, perhaps (8)
LANGUAGE : The Scottish spelling of a word meaning extended, the abbreviation for university and then years or a long time.

17d     Shelled beans found in more mature plant (8)
OLEANDER : The three central letters of beans are inside a word for more mature.

19d     Raised standard that is right for such a weapon (6)
RAPIER : The reversal of a standard that could be a golf score, the two letters for the Latin phrase ‘that is’ and then R(ight).

20d     Divulged information about origin of physics particle (6)
LEPTON : A (3,2) phrase meaning divulged information contains the first letter of physics.

22d     In Madeira it always includes this side order (5)
RAITA : And to finish we have today’s only lurker.

Our favourite today is 21a.

Quickie pun    calf    +    oars    +    ale    =    car for sale

38 comments on “DT 29111

  1. I managed to complete it in ***/**** without external help, but it was a bit of a tortuous affair. Last one in was 20d, a new word to me. I’m sure they hadn’t been invented when I went to school.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2 Ks.

  2. A very enjoyable crossword as we’ve come to expect on a Wednesday, and for once actually on the back page of the paper!

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks

    PS: Don’t forget to have a go at the Petitjean Toughie

  3. There were so many good clues in this puzzle that it was difficult to pick a favourite. My choices were 11a, 24a and 27a together with the super anagram at 3d. Some clues were diabolically clever and I think 16d was one of the most devilish. So thanks to Jay and to the Kiwis for the hints ( I agreed with your rating of ***/****). We were kept awake by thunderstorms in the small hours of this morning.

  4. Perfect for me. I agree your ratings. Hard but not too hard
    Thank you setter and 2 kiwis

  5. I was very slow to latch onto both 9&16d and had never heard of a 20d – not that I’m overly worried about that!
    Took some homework with Mr Google to convince me that 10a can be described as being a state – very interesting.

    Top three here were 11a (lovely word) along with the 3d anagram and the dinosaur weapons.

    Thanks to Jay and to our 2Ks – nice to have you back in the blogging chair.

  6. As usual for a Wednesday a great puzzle. 6ac and 20d were the last in. Thanks to Jay for the puzzle and the 2Ks for the review. I enjoyed sorting last weeks puzzled (when I remembered that I was in the blogging chair)

  7. I must have made this more difficult than it really was because I came very close to seeking electronic assistance, something that I don’t think I have ever had to do with a Jay puzzle, fortunately the final few dropped into place before I took that step but it still took longer to complete than today’s PJ Toughie! Finished at a canter – 3.5*/3*.

    Candidates for favourite – 14a, 24a, and 4d – and the winner is 24a.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  8. All seem to agree this was an excellent puzzle, and I concur, a ***/**** for me too.
    Made a bad start when I put ringleader in for 1 a, no wonder 1 struggled with 3 and 4 down.
    Anyway had the requisite DOH moment and all subsequently went well !
    Favourite 9d.
    Thanks all.

  9. 4*/4.5*. I found this very tough in places but as enjoyable as ever on a Wednesday.

    I have one very minor quibble with 5d in that a bill is not an act. But, that apart, this was magnificent from start to finish.

    3d was my favourite with 4d running it close.

    Many thanks to Jay and very nice to see our other two Wednesday birds back in harness.

    1. P.S. You’ve got to admire the England cricket team’s tactics today instilling a sense of complacency in the Aussies before the Ashes series!

          1. I’ve seen club cricketers with better batting technique than our ‘superstars’

  10. Difficult but enjoyable. Didn’t need the Kiwi’s help but used electronic help for a few, especially 20d which was a new particle to me.

    Liked 23a and 16d. Difficulty working out 27a shows what a culinary desert I live in.

    Thank you to the setter and our friends from New Zealand. Rotten luck the other Sunday. Cup should have been shared.

    1. The feeling in NZ is a mixture of disappointment and pride. It was such an amazing game of cricket.

  11. Super puzzle, clever clues that all made perfect sense. Such a relief after yesterdays letdown. Best clues for me were 21a and 20d (so nice to see some science in the crossword) and learnt a new word in 24a.
    Many thx to the setter and for the hints although not needed today for a change.

  12. Nice Crossword albeit tricky in parts 😳 ***/****. 9d had me scratching my head 🤔 but so nice when the penny dropped 😃 Favourites 2 & 3d 👍 Thanks to the 2xKs and to Jay

  13. Yet again a lovely crossword from the Wednesday maestro! Some terrific clues including 3d and 21a and my favourite which was 4d.
    Thanks to Jay, and to the 2k’s for the review.

  14. Today’s puzzle is another example of why I love Jay. I didn’t know some answers, e.g., 24a and 20d, but all you have to do is follow his instructions and look it up to see if there is such a word. Brilliant.
    I cannot choose a fave, I’d incur Kath’s wrath as there are so many candidates, though 4d was giggle worthy and deserves a mention.
    Thanks Jay, you’re a star, and welcome back 2Kiwis, thanks for the fun review.

  15. 4/4. Very enjoyable but quite tough in parts. My favourite was 21a from quite a field. Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  16. A nice degree of hardth if that were a word and it isn’t but it ought to be. I didn’t know 20d either, I wanted it to have the p of physics in it. Thank you everyone.

      1. Oh my. I just put Letton and thought that was the word. Should have checked that word – it show how very unscientific I am. Sorry.

  17. Another cracking puzzle from Jay. Usually there are too many good clues to choose a favourite, and that would be the case today but my grandson is mad keen on dinosaurs at the moment, and the T.rex is his favourite, so my prize goes to 4d. Thanks to 2kiwis.

  18. This took a little longer than my normal Wednesday time and I thoroughly enjoyed it until I got to the end and my iPad informed me that something was incorrect! On investigation I found that my 1d/1a combo was at fault. I had beside which then led me to bandmaster. Well they made a kind of sense to me, but I see now having put in the correct versions how stupid I was.

    Welcome back to the 2Ks and thanks to them and Jay.

  19. Agree with Crypticsue about the puzzle being on the back page. Easy to fold the paper into A4 and gives a firm backing to write against. When it is on the inside of the back page I, invariably, wreck the paper trying to fold it so the puzzle faces me.

    Anyway, todays puzzle was great. Heat still getting to me though because it took me a while to get anything but once I was in it was enjoyable. CLOTD for me is 9d.

    Thank you to all concerned for the hard work.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. It is so much easier to fillin the crossword grid, when it is printed on the back page. I’m sure the ads bring in a lot of revenue, if anyone looks at them. I certainly don’t .

  20. I would not say I found this easy, in fact could be at the edge of my pay grade but what enjoyment to be had. Wax lyrical about the quality or simply put
    So many good clues to mention.
    Many thanks to Jay for a stunner & the 2KWS for review & assistance (but not as much as I had first thought)

  21. Morning all.
    There seems to be consensus again on both the difficulty level and enjoyment. Well done Jay.
    Whenever we see flower in a clue our radar always bleeps to warn about whether it is a river or a bloomer. We were fooled today with this new variant, a ‘white flower’. A real Dooh moment for us.

  22. That really was a treat today – loved it. GK let me down on two counts so had never thought about fact that T.Rex had 4d’s and 20d was new to me although I did like the clue/solution combination. Fav was definitely 9d. Many thanks Jay and 2Kiwis.

  23. I’m aiming to usurp Taylor Gibson’s role as last commenter of the day. Another well constructed puzzle from Jay, finished in good ish time but not without a fair bit of head scratching and electronic help (but no hints).
    I found the West went in a lot easier than the East, though didnt help myself by spelling 12a incorrectly. Last in was 20d only got through having all the checkers and educated guesswork from the wordplay. 4*/3*

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks for their excellent works

  24. Lots of smiles with today’s one, although 20d was new to me. But a day without learning is a day wasted!
    Favourite was 3d! Closely followed by 21a.
    Thanks to 2Kiwis and the setter.

  25. Very enjoyable and a swift solve for me. Had to check that my LOI 20d was a particle, but apart from that no help needed. Penultimate one in was 9d. I thought it may involve a name either of a person or a city. 1 and 27a and 2 and the aforesaid 9d are my favourites.

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