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DT 29102

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29102

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 13th July 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment **

A Saturday melange of anagrams, insertions and reversals.

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1a    Writer’s employed reworking fictional detective (4,5,6)
LORD PETER WIMSEY – An anagram (reworking) of WRITERS EMPLOYED

9a    It’s futile to economise, apparently (7)
USELESS – If you USE LESS you apparently economise

10a    Sprinters used to run this and roll up on finishing at last (7)
FURLONG – FURL (roll up – a word I associate with umbrellas for some unknown reason), ON (from the clue) G (the last letter of finishing)

11a    Adviser on board initiated changes (9)
DIETITIAN – An anagram (changes) of INITIATED

12a    Match official since turning round taking fewer chances (5)
SAFER – REF (match official) AS (since) reversed (turning round in an Across clue)

13a    It’s a crime — ecstasy smuggled by Welsh comedian, not mafia boss (7)
ROBBERY – Remove the DON (not mafia boss) from ROB BRYDON (the Welsh comedian) and insert E (Ecstasy ‘smuggled’)

15a    Pounds secured by cheat with Scandinavian money (7)
DOLLARS – L (pounds sterling) secured by (or inserted between) DO (cheat) and LARS (Scandinavian)

17a    Laurel given to international player — it might result in a wind-up (7)
CAPSTAN – STAN (Laurel) given to or put after CAP (international player)

19a    Begin to pick different second-class ingredient (7)
POTHERB – P (the beginning letter of pick) OTHER (different) B (second class)

21a    It’s rather cold with central heating not right (5)
CHILL – CH (Central Heating) ILL (not right)

23a & 25a    Played minor part in what fraudulent statistician did? (4,2,3,7)
MADE UP THE NUMBERS – This might describe something done by a fraudulent statistician)

25a    See 23a    

26a    Broadcast of wrongdoer spoils entertainment venues (7)
CINEMAS – Homophones (broadcast) of SINNER (wrongdoer) and MARS (spoils)

27a    Chicken roll featured in song from the 1960s (6,9)
YELLOW SUBMARINE – YELLOW (chicken) SUBMARINE (a long thin bread roll rounded enough to suggest the shape of a submarine)


1d    Clean up American city falling short (7)
LAUNDER – LA (Los Angeles, American city) UNDER (falling short)

2d    English change course overturning old magistrate (5)
REEVE – E (English) VEER (change course) reversed (overturning in a Down clue)

3d    Leader needs trip abroad (9)
PRESIDENT – An anagram (abroad) of NEEDS TRIP

4d    Irritable if brought in to give evidence (7)
TESTIFY – IF (from the clue) brought in to TESTY (irritable)

5d    Upper-class punished again? (7)
REFINED – If you put a hyphen between the RE and FINED, you’d get a word meaning punished again

6d    Birdbrain’s regularly forgotten first name of actor (5)
IDRIS – The odd (regularly forgotten) letters of bIrDbRaInS

7d    Something cold in reptile devouring variety of fowl (9)
SNOWFLAKE – SNAKE (reptile) ‘devouring) an anagram (variety) of FOWL

8d    Dairy products turn up in nomads’ dwellings (7)
YOGURTS – GO (turn) reversed (up) and inserted into YURTS (nomads’ dwellings)

14d    Encapsulated by symbol of Christ rising, a little part is related to religious ceremony (9)
BAPTISMAL – Inserted into (encapsulated by) LAMB (symbol of Christ, A (from the clue) PT (part) and IS (from the clue)

16d    I hail aunt touring European country (9)
LITHUANIA – An anagram (touring) of I HAIL AUNT

17d    Geordie perhaps captivated by brash Londoner (7)
COCKNEY – NE (North East, Geordie perhaps) ‘captivated by’ COCKY (brash)

18d    Watch people on the up eclipsing second greatest rivals (7)
NEMESES – A reversal (on the up) of SEE MEN (watch people) into which is inserted (eclipsing) S (second)

19d    Lacking motor, passengers might take this (7)
PEDICAB – A cryptic definition of a non-motorised form of transport – this one is a tricycle, a rickshaw only has two wheels

20d    Some wombles smell? That’s surprising (5,2)
BLESS ME – Lurking in some of womBLES SMEll

22d    Keep still in boat as attempt to deceive (3,2)
LIE TO – Double definition, the first being a nautical term meaning to be or become nearly stationary with head to the wind

24a    Rates got by casual worker on start of internship (5)
TEMPI – TEMP (casual worker) on I (the ‘start’ of Internship)


4 comments on “DT 29102

  1. 17d. Rather than the area, I had Geordie as an examlpe of the person/native: NE = northeasterner (just about valid for a cryptic clue, I thought). And I was happy with that till I read the comments on the day. Just shows how you can get your parsing slightly wrong.

    1. PS. And my 2 adverts (above) today are: 1. A lovely blue pair of women’s sandals with 60% off from Newchic and 2. Some rather fetching blue, patchwork skimpy hotpants with a white, lacy bra-top thingamagig from Rosewe. Just what I’ve always wanted! And don’t you dare suggest that they’re based on my recent internet browsing history :-)

  2. I was confused by the spelling of YOG(H)URT. I should have noticed the plural marker in the clue, but I just didn’t think of the other spelling at all.

  3. Thanks to the setter for maybe my quickest ever saturday solve – though I did bung in robbery, having only vaguely heard of the name and certainly had no idea he was from The Land of My Fathers. So diolch yn fawr too to CS for the explanation.

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