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ST 3011

Sunday Telegraph No 3011

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 7th July 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Back to ‘tricky Dada’ – well I thought so anyway – the RH side was easier than the left

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1a    Ray is so suspicious (5)
FISHY – A ray could be described as FISHY

4a    Mistake, foreman not finishing (5)
GAFFE – A GAFFEr or foreman without its last letter (not finishing)

10a    Sad sort of crossword clue thrown out (8)
DOWNCAST – DOWN (sort of crossword clue) CAST (thrown out)

11a    Greek island has drunken hordes (6)
RHODES – An anagram (drunken) of HORDES

12a    Duct raised, say (4,2)
PIPE UP – PIPE (duct) UP (raised)

13a    Bogus debtor’s note held by London players (8)
SPURIOUS – IOU (debtor’s note) held by SPURS (London football players)

14a    Bargain by the sound of it? I’m off! (7)
GOODBYE – Sounds like GOOD BUY (bargain)

16a    In insect, bovine disease not there! (6)
ABSENT – BSE (bovine disease) in ANT (insect)

17a    Most excellent bows with trimmed edges for present (6)
BESTOW – BEST (most excellent) and the inside (with trimmed edges) letters of bOWs

19a    Sugarcoat introduction to song, little number (7)
SWEETEN – S (the introduction to Song) WEE (little) TEN (number)

21a    Summit entertained by serenade at the lectern? (8)
SPEAKING – PEAK (summit) entertained by SING (serenade)

22a    Embracing love, swami unfortunately sounds catty? (6)
MIAOWS – An anagram (unfortunately) of SWAMI ’embracing’ O (love)

23a    Companion runs into brute (6)
FRIEND – R (runs) inserted into FIEND (brute)

24a    Published, precise total (8)
OUTRIGHT – OUT (published) RIGHT (precise)

25a    Promise bit of corn from Cornwall? (5)
SWEAR – A SW (south west, from Cornwall) EAR (bit of corn)

26a    Silly idiots, ninnies and nincompoops: empty heads (5)
INANE – The ‘heads’ of Idiots Ninnies And Nincompoops Empty


2d    Housework decreasing, apparently? (7)
IRONING – Housework that de-creases clothes etc

3d    The holy man seen wandering somewhere in Oxfordshire (6-2-6)
HENLEY-ON-THAMES – An anagram (wandering) of THE HOLY MAN SEEN

5d    Tastier cooking for creative type (7)
ARTISTE – An anagram (cooking) of TASTIER

6d    Lucky swimmer, showing strength on the outside (9)
FORTUNATE – FORTE (strength) goes on the outside of TUNA (swimmer)

7d    Observed in meeting, a spectacularly sharp intake of breath (4)
GASP – Found (observed) in meetinG A SPectularly

8d    New suit I own in a state — dilemma? (2-3,9)
NO-WIN SITUATION – An anagram (new) of SUIT I OWN inserted into NATION (state)

9d    One of five children from the south-east? Sparkly little thing (6)
SEQUIN – A SE (South East) QUIN (one of five children)

15d    Curved feature in tail of hound, dog bites (3,6)
BOW WINDOW – BOW WOW (dog) ‘bites’ IN (from the clue) and D (the ‘tail’ of hound)

18d    Sell abroad last of merchandise: ten left (6)
EXPORT – E (the last letter of merchandise) X (the Roman numeral for 10) and PORT (left)

19d    Novel soaring, Italian title (7)
SIGNORA – An anagram (novel) of SOARING

20a    Warning will be in the present at that time (3,4)
NOW THEN – NOW (in the present) THEN (at that time)

22d    Sheep drops on mongrel (4)
MUTT – Drop the ON at the end of MUTTon (sheep)

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  1. After see-sawing around for some time I think that Dada has settled on the right level for the Sunday puzzle. Thanks to him and CS for the review.

    For 8d the state is NATION with an anagram (new) of SUIT I OWN inside it.

    1. Thank you – I think it was one of those more haste less speed things – now corrected

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