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DT 29099

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29099

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

The site being down for a couple of days has reminded us what an integral part of our lives this community of solvers and commenters has become. Our sincere thanks to BD for the huge commitment of time and effort that he puts in to make it all possible.

Another good fun Wednesday puzzle from Jay.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Quietly distributing another book of the Bible that describes the Virgin Birth (15)
PARTHENOGENESIS : The letter for the music instruction for softly,  an anagram (distributing) of ANOTHER, and then the first book of the Bible.

9a     Governments succeeded after endless diet (7)
REGIMES : A word for a diet or discipline loses its last letter which is replaced by the genealogical abbreviation for succeeded.

10a     Little noise from lamb heard where one might get drink (7)
MINIBAR : ‘Heard’ tells us this is a homophone. A word for little that we associate with a classic car or a sixties skirt, and then the sound a lamb makes.

11a     Quota of beds from council (9)
ALLOTMENT : A double definition. The beds from council are used by keen gardeners.

12a     Check second highest point (4)
STOP : The abbreviation for second plus upmost.

13a     A head for drink? (6)
NOGGIN : A double definition. The first is an informal word for a person’s head.

15a     Limits of arguments against accepting penalty (8)
CONFINES : A monetary penalty is contained by a word for ‘arguments against’ that is usually linked with pros.

18a     Mean to eat half of rare fish (8)
STINGRAY : Mean or miserly surrounds the first two letters of rare.

19a     Son must be attached to short pants (6)
BRIEFS : Short or concise plus S(on).

22a     Whip, when grasped by left hand (4)
LASH : A synonym for when is inside the abbreviation for left hand.

23a     Acceptable habit? (5,4)
DRESS CODE : A cryptic definition of sartorial standards.

26a     Turning around after Conservative openness (7)
CANDOUR : The single letter abbreviation for conservative and then an anagram (turning) of AROUND.

27a     Dream of one US soldier cutting hair (7)
IMAGINE : The Roman numeral one and then a US soldier is inside a shock of hair, possibly found on a horse or a lion.

28a     Filming spectators in range (8,7)
SHOOTING GALLERY : A word for filming or taking a picture and a collective noun for the spectators at an event.


1d     Apply flexible rate at home after parking (7)
PERTAIN : The letter indicating that parking is permitted, an anagram (flexible) of RATE and then the two letter ‘at home’.

2d     Star needing equipment and meals regularly (5)
RIGEL : The star that makes the foot of Orion consists of equipment or gear and then the second and fourth letters of meals.

3d     Frustrate man’s right to change (9)
HAMSTRING : An anagram (to change) of MANS RIGHT.

4d     Number with cast had something to eat (6)
NOSHED : The two letter abbreviation for number and then cast or shucked off.

5d     Stick with point developed — that’s common sense (8)
GUMPTION : Stick or adhere and then an anagram (developed) of POINT.

6d     Rising star keeping northern women in order (4)
NUNS : The abbreviation for northern is inside the reversal (rising) of the star nearest to us.

7d     Advance policy for prosperity (9)
SUBSTANCE : An advance or interim payment and then a policy or attitude.

8d     Ship carrying cargo of rubbish bands (7)
STRIPES : The abbreviation for steamship surrounds rubbish named for offal.

14d     Signals sent out before party producing such a musical effect (9)
GLISSANDO : An anagram (sent out) of SIGNALS and then a two letter party.

16d     Head off everybody to the south of Arden, perhaps (9)
FORESTALL : What Arden in Warwickshire  is an example of (what is left of it) , and then a synonym for everybody.

17d     Civil servant chap needing bravery for the most part (8)
MANDARIN : Another word for a chap and then bravery or foolhardiness loses its last letter.

18d     Makes ends meet and marries (7)
SPLICES : A double definition. The ends here are on a piece of rope.

20d     Landscape flats (7)
SCENERY : Another double definition. The flats here are found  on stage in a theatre.

21d     Understanding and looking for missing king (6)
SEEING : Remove the chess abbreviation for king from a word meaning looking for.

24d     Have one’s home under old tree (5)
OLIVE : The abbreviation for old is followed by a word meaning ‘have one’s home’.

25d     Low temperature is subject to debate (4)
MOOT : The noise a cow makes, and then T(emperature).

We liked the animal noises in 10a and 25d so they are joint favourites this week.

Quickie pun    reverse    +    ticks    =    River Styx

44 comments on “DT 29099

  1. A moderately challenging (**) really enjoyable(****) crossword from Jay, with lots of good clues. My favourites were 1a and 10a. Thank you to the 2 Kiwis for the hints, which are always useful to check that I have got the right answer and parsed it correctly. Thank you to Jay and many thanks to BD. I hope the problems with the blog are now sorted and that all those involved in sorting it out can relax and enjoy the fine weather.

  2. 2*/4.5*. The usual delight from our Wednesday wizard. This one was not too difficult and great fun.
    I spent ages on 24d trying to justify “have one’s home” as the defintion leading to “opine” as the answer until the penny finally dropped.
    My podium comprises 1a, 10a & 11a.
    Many thanks to all three birds, and of course to BD for his unstinting work to get the site up and running again. What a relief!

  3. The reading of the across clues was unproductive but fortunately the down clues were far more revealing leading to a steady finish .

    Lots to enjoy with plenty of smiles and my COTD is 10A .

    Thanks to the birds and , as always , BD .

    1. **/****. Very enjoyable puzzle which got off to a good start with 1a and 28a. I got 2d from the wordplay but had to look it up to check my logic. Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  4. More fun from our Wednesday setter although perhaps not my favourite of his offerings. Could be just that I’m a bit grumpy over the present site layout – sorry, BD – I really do appreciate your efforts on our behalf. I’ve found that the only way I can deal with it is to reduce the ‘zoom’ on my pc to 75%, otherwise it would take ages to scroll through the review and comments!

    Top places in this one went to 11 & 23a with a nod to 13a.

    Thanks to Jay and to our 2Ks for the blog – I did wonder whether 16d would give you pause for thought but I guess you’re well up on your Shakespeare!

  5. This one took me a little longer than normal for a Wednesday, and was very enjoyable.

    10a made me smile… :)

    Thanks to Jay, and to the 2Kiwis.

  6. Have started doing the crossword at the half way mark of my morning dog walk, where a cafe has recently opened. Archie the airedale and Lola the beardie sit quite patiently in the hope of getting the crusts off my toast. Then it’s a leisurely mile and a half stroll home, where hopefully I’ll complete it. 10a favourite. Ta to all.

  7. Agree the ratings, **/**** for this. Hard to pick a favourite out of 1a, 11a, 13a, 16d, 18d and 20d, but I’ll go for 11a. Thanks to Jay and 2Ks.

  8. As 2K’s says, a fun puzzle and about a **/**** for me too.
    Needless to say 1a was a new word.
    I remembered ‘flats’ had something to do with the cinema for last in 20d. Put robe for code in 23a as it came under habit in a reference book-never mind!
    Anyway all seemed to enjoy the solve.

    1. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I was distraught whilst bigdave44 was down. I still consider myself to be a beginner at crtpic crosswords and learn such a lot each day when I refer to the hints so generously posted. Thanks to all concerned and keep up the good work, please.

  9. What a lovely enjoyable puzzle, just slightly too hard for me which is great as a learner. Lots to smile about, plus a big groan when the penny finally dropped regarding 16d, so that has to be my favourite, along with 10a and 25d.
    Many thanks to Jay and 2Ks.
    Re the comments about the new layout, I can only say that I access it on an iPad, where it appears clear and spatially appropriate.

  10. A nice challenge which didn’t quite sparkle for me which is unusual for a Wednesday. 18d was my favourite.
    Thanks to Jay, and to the 2K’s for their review.
    I must say that it is so good to have the site back, so thanks for all your work BD.

  11. Well, I found this just as tricky as yesterday’s back pager, but more enjoyable, and more tricky than today’s Toughie for completion at a fast canter – 2.5*/4*.

    Candidates for favourite – 10a, 23a, and 28a – and the winner is 28a, which I suspect is an oldie but goodie.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  12. Very satisfying. Struggled at first, went as far as 21d to get a foothold. I had to check 2d having never heard of it.
    Last one in was 6d. Fav 25d. Thanks to the setter and 2Ks

  13. I enjoyed this steady solve and, like the kiwis, identified the clever 10a as a favourite. Thanks to them for the blog and to Jay for the entertainment.

  14. We had bonce yesterday and noggin today. What’s the betting on swede or nut tomorrow!
    A solid rather than spectacular offering from Jay, which I found slightly more difficult than yesterday. My least favourite clues, of which there were at least four today, are those pesky double definitions. Slightly took the edge off the enjoyment factor for me.
    Many thanks to the aforementioned setter and to the 2Ks for their top notch review

  15. Will miss this blog when I am away from home next week, depending on old puzzles to entertain me.( If I don’t get around to doing a puzzle I cut it out and put it in a folder.) I think I have enough to see me through my holiday.

    Really like the new layout. As has been said earlier, it’s perfect on an iPad. Thank you BD for your efforts . We are lost without you!

  16. Thanks to the 2 kiwis for helping with the ones I couldn’t fathom out – rather too many of them!!
    As a relative newcomer to crossword how do you know who has composed it & who is BD ? Am I the only person who doesn’t know this?

    1. BD is of course Big Dave

      We suggest that newcomers have a look at the frequently asked questions page which will help with many of your questions, including how we know who the setter is

  17. Another splendid Jay puzzle. Thanks to him and to 2K for the blog (and congratulations to the Black Caps on getting to the cricket final).
    I particularly liked 23a and 25d but my favourite was 1a.

  18. I completed this early this morning before going out for the day into mid Wales. Somewhere unpronounceable and unspellable. This was, as always, a gem of a puzzle from Jay with some terrific and enjoyable wordplay. 1a has to be my favourite.

    Many thanks to the aforementioned for the challenge and to the 2 Ks.

  19. This was the strangest puzzle for me. At first I doubted it was Jay, I struggled mightily to get in, then all of a sudden I was on wavelength and flying along. Loads ‘n loads of fun.
    Natch, I didn’t know 1a, but I got 5d and guessed the Bible book, it took off from there.
    Loved the lamb’s noise, but I’m going to choose 5d as fave, my Dad used it all the time!
    Thanks to Jay, to think that I doubted you, shame on me, and to the 2Kiwis for the review.

  20. For this one i’m thickie of thick street. Allotment went in straightaway, everything else was a struggle.

    1. Me too Roy, really struggled with this one and can’t say I enjoyed it that much. Thanks to the 2Ks, definitely needed your help today.

  21. 2.5*/4* for me today on this very enjoyable exercise.
    Very little else to say about this as Jay continues his Wednesday magic, 1a my favourite.
    Grateful thanks to Jay & 2KWs.

  22. Probably just me but I found this really tricky. Took 2 sittings to complete and numerous trips to the hints to gain full understanding.
    Thx for the hints

  23. Bit of a struggle for me today, so thank you for your help and for BD’s hard work on the site.
    1 across was a new word for me. Might try and drop it into a conversation at tonight’s bar billiards match in Brighton. That’ll impress them!

    1. You’ve changed your alias since your previous comment. Both aliases should work from now on.

  24. This took two sittings for me too, with a few hours of freelance work in between. 16d my last in and I admit to some electronic assistance with it – hate it when I resort to that!

    Enjoyable nevertheless. Many thanks to the 2 Ks and Jay

    iPad user here, so the new layout is clean and fresh for me. Sympathise, however, with those who find it difficult on other formats. Hopefully BD can arrange it so we’re all happy.

  25. Got there in the end but took a few sittings to get there! Doubted it was a jay as well, as usually on his wavelength quite quickly. Some fun words in there tho!

  26. Morning all.
    When we woke up this morning all the news media here is buzzing with the very welcome news from Old Trafford. Even the most parochial fans of the Black Caps were not expecting that. Now we look forward to taking on England (we hope its not Australia) in the final.
    For those who don’t follow cricket, New Zealand unexpectedly beat India in the semi-final of the cricket world cup.
    Nice to see that most people enjoyed the puzzle as much as we did.

  27. This took a while to get into – first in was 22ac, at which point I thought we’ve got another tricky one, but from that point on progress was rapid, finishing in about ** for time. 1ac was a bit of a one to spell if you didn’t know it.

  28. Got within a blink of this unaided but made a complete mistake with 26a. I confidently put together CON for the party and TOUR for going around. When I got the dreaded some answers incorrect it took much searching among the hints before the penny dropped. Thanks to 2K’s and Jay

  29. I look forward to Wednesdays and wasn’t disappointed. For some reason 10a was last in until I got the homophone – was trying to see how “bleet” would fit. As usual, thank you to Jay and 2kiwis. May I also reiterate what others have said about this blog. I don’t post often and usually later than most due to my odd working hours, but the site is very much appreciated!

  30. Busy day including enlightening lecture on early English churches, a French conversation group and much enjoyable Wimbledon tennis plus pursuit of emerging political news; all of which combined to delay completion of today’s cryptic exercise which was started over breakfast but was only finished just now. South presented little problem however there were some hold-ups in the other half. Having the ‘o’ in place for 14d nearly caused me initially to bung in ‘crescendo’. 2d new to me. Always forget theatrical flats meaning as per 20d and once again overlooked 25d low. Forgot councils are providers of some 11a’s so slow to parse that. Fav was 1a but also liked 18a.Good to have BD up and running properly for which many thanks which also go to Jay and the 2Kiwis (to whom congrats on cricketing success).

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