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ST 3005

Sunday Telegraph 3005

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 26th May 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All! Double Definitions abound in this one which made it fairly straightforward in my opinion but there were some fun clues as well.

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1a           I want you to have this, you’d better believe it! (4,2,4,2)
TAKE IT FROM ME – Two definitions of the same phrase – the former more cryptic.

8a           In competition with range in street (7)
AGAINST – A charade of an AGA cooking range, IN from the clue and ST – the abb. for street.

9a           No longer fashionable style — that’s a point of view (7)
OUTLLOK – OUT for ‘no longer fashionable’ and a LOOK for a fashion style.

11a        Spend a lot, investing fifty in poisonous plant (7)
SPLURGE – L for 50 in Roman Numerals inside SPURGE – a poisonous plant.

12a        Send back cold eggs, a cook producing salad ingredient (7)
AVOCADO – Reverse (send back) C for Cold and OVA for eggs and then add A from the clue and DO for cook (e.g. I do a mean chilli).

13a        Ready to drop it after revolution, communist (5)
TIRED – A reversal (after revolution) of IT and then a RED/communist.

14a        Flat month in a pattern that’s unusual (9)
APARTMENT – Place M for Month inside an unusual anagram of A PATTERN.

16a        Ten operas composed in largely unknown language (9)
ESPERANTO – An anagram, indicated by composed, of TEN OPERAS.

19a        Endless beauty approaching English locale (5)
VENUE – All but the last letter (endless) of VENU(s) or a famous beauty which is next to/approaches E for English.

21a        Book passenger vehicle (7)
OMNIBUS – Two definitions – the first a collection of themed works and the second a type of public transport vehicle.

23a        Poisonous element in medicines, rarely on the counter (7)
ARSENIC – A hidden reversal (it is IN and ‘on the counter) found inside mede CINES RA rely.

24a        Use loaf touring free state (7)
FLORIDA – An anagram (used) of LOAF going around/touring RID for free (from).

25a        Number one regent, surprisingly (7)
INTEGER – I for one and a surprising anagram of REGENT.

26a        Where marathon racers compete some time later (2,3,4,3)
IN THE LONG RUN – As we started the Acrosses – the first definition is the more cryptic.


1d           Picture commercial vehicle drawn along (7)
TRAILER – A double definition – A film advertisement and that which is pulled by the tractor.

2d           Race and colour related (7)
KINDRED – KIND for race and then the colour RED.

3d           Where cod and haddock may be found, generally (2,3,4)
IN THE MAIN – The first def, is the cryptic – the Spanish Main being where fish can be found. The second is the straight def.

4d           Plant life for all, almost entirely destroyed (5)
FLORA – Take almost all of FOR AL(l) and then make an anagram (destroyed).

5d           Oust top rogue, settlement far off (7)
OUTPOST – A rogue anagram of OUST TOP.

6d           Fee for securing boat — what might make lower charge? (7)
MOORAGE – The cryptic definition means that MOO RAGE might be a reason for a cow (lower – one that lows) might charge at you.

7d           Make a lot of noise, and work on loft extension? (5,3,4)
RAISE THE ROOF – The first is the definition, the second cryptically to work in the attic.

10d        Understand — as should a conductor? (4,3,5)
KNOW THE SCORE – Cryptically a music conductor should know the musical score.

15d        Love a tandoori for cooking (9)
ADORATION – An anagram (for cooking) of A TANDOORI.

17d        Bridge game (7)
PONTOON – Another card game that is a synonym for a water crossing.

18d        Awful hurry to rescue leaders in British banking industry (7)
RUBBISH – A RUSH or hurry contains the leading letters in British Banking Industry.

19d        Person turning up mask has it covered (7)
VISITOR – A VISOR or mask is covering IT from the clue.

20d        Figure twelve required to catch horse (7)
NONAGON – NOON for twelve mid-day containing/to catch a NAG or horse.

22d        Hold up seat in church (5)
STALL – …and one more double definition to finish.



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  1. I found it 1* difficulty but would agree with the enjoyment rating

    I suppose a rash of double definitions makes a change from ‘insert something into something else’

    1. It just crept in to 2-star looking at the time but I might have also made a cup of tea during that time!

  2. 2*/4*…..
    liked 6D (fee for securing boat — what might make lower charge?).

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