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DT 29067

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29067

Hints and tips by Olaf the Snowman

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

The sun had his hat on when I started this puzzle but it is mostly covered by cloud now here on The Roseland. The puzzle was bright and sunny too. I particularly liked the unintended instruction at 14 and 16 down. I always like some food to nibble away at during the solve and I wasn’t disappointed there although I would have been more excited by shellfish but there will be plenty of that in real life. Fans of The Quickie Pun get double bubble today.

These hints and tips have been created lovingly to help those of you who may need help to solve a couple of clues or to understand why an answer is what it is. Usually a clue consists of two parts. 1. A definition, which is usually at the beginning or end of a clue. 2. Wordplay which tells what to do to solve the clue. The hints and tips help with the wordplay of the clues. Definitions are underlined.

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1a    One employed to look after men in college is harassed (6)
GEISHA: The answer lies hidden within the words of the clue. If all else fails look for a lurker

5a    Greatly impress dyed-in-the-wool Cockney, perhaps? (4,4)
BOWL OVER: Split 3,5 this describes one who adores the place where cockneys are said to be born

9a    Do as others do to understand case (6,4)
FOLLOW SUIT: A suit here is one in a court of law. Do as others do when playing whist or bridge

10a    Superstar‘s current disadvantage (4)
ICON: The abbreviation for electrical current is followed by a noun meaning a disadvantage

11a    Parody the French after tense game (8)
SKITTLES: A short comedy piece is followed by the plural of the in French which in turn follows the abbreviation for tense

12a    Study most important field (6)
DOMAIN: Study or learn or take as one’s main subject followed by a word meaning most important

13a    Legendary creature, still first in index (4)
YETI: An alternative word for still is followed by the initial or first letter of the word index to find an imaginary monster from the Himalayas The real monster in The Himalayas is man

15a    Heather about to receive scholarship (8)
LEARNING: Place an alternative name for the plant heather around a word meaning to receive by effort or merit

18a    Set in West Indies regularly tried bar? (8)
WIRELESS: Begin with the abbreviation for West Indies. Add every other letter (regularly) of the word tried. Now add a preposition meaning except for.

19a    Beginning to monitor everyone in shopping precinct (4)
MALL: The initial or beginning letter of monitor is followed by a word meaning everyone

21a    Rant — read it, bewildered (6)
TIRADE: Anagram (bewildered) of READ IT

23a    Way to receive permit for game of chance (8)
ROULETTE: A verb meaning to allow is placed inside a method used get from one place to another

25a    Huge tank storing sulphur (4)
VAST: A large tank used for storing liquids is itself storing the chemical symbol for sulphur

26a    Fly in dirty glass container? (10)
BLUEBOTTLE: Dirty here refers to ribaldry in joke telling. The glass container may contain liquids such as beer or wine or spirits or HP sauce.

27a    Carry weapons with sleeves rolled up, we hear (4,4)
BEAR ARMS: What is revealed when sleeves are rolled up sounds like the carrying of weapons. The first word in each case has a different spelling. If you are not sure which spelling to enter, try to identify the definition which will usually appear at the beginning or end of the clue. If using the hints, definitions are helpfully underlined

28a    What may affect the weather is broadcast online (2,4)
EL NINO: Anagram (is broadcast) of ONLINE


2d    In English, reserve something to read (5)
EBOOK: Begin with the abbreviation for English. Add a word meaning to reserve in advance

3d    Is it a role-playing game? (9)
SOLITAIRE: Anagram (playing) of IS IT A ROLE

4d    Article on bigwig, in addition (2,4)
AS WELL: Split, 1,5 we can use the letter A from the clue. Add a bigwig or toff.

5d    Vegetables — stores surplus supply in empty boxes (8,7)
BRUSSELS SPROUTS: An anagram (supply) (a variant spelling of supplely as in supple) of STORES SURPLUS inside the outer letters (empty) of boxes.

6d    Take away and charge in turn (8)
WITHDRAW: Find another word for and meaning accompanied by. Add the reverse of a person or thing in the trust of someone

7d    Expression of doubt after operation with one suggesting a powerful drug (5)
OPIUM: An expression of doubt or hesitation precedes the abbreviation for operation and the letter that looks like the number one

8d    Moving out of awful motel, touring Hebridean island (9)
EMOTIONAL: An anagram (awful) of MOTEL surrounds one of the Hebridean Islands (You have a lot to choose from)

14d    Knock out the best, boxing man I managed (9)
ELIMINATE: A word meaning the cream or the elite boxes or surrounds an anagram (managed) of MAN I. Hands up if you tried ALI for the boxing man. I did.

16d    Enter nervously following insensitive political address? (6,3)
NUMBER TEN: An anagram (nervously) of ENTER follows a word meaning insensitive possibly after anaesthesia

17d    Think back about part (8)
REMEMBER: Our regular word for about is followed by a part of the body, especially a limb

20d    Discover the truth about gang fight in New York City? (6)
RUMBLE: A double definition. Also a famous boxing match in Kinshasa Zaire

22d    Change flag when heading off (5)
ALTER: To lose strength or momentum minus its first letter (heading off)

24d    Possessed by lanneret, a long hooked claw (5)
TALON: As we began with a hidden word so we finish with one. See hint for 1 across

Top LineQuickie Pun: Forty+Chewed=Fortitude

Bottom Line Quickie Pun: Trance+Crypt=Transcript


27 comments on “DT 29067

  1. Some of these clues were quite tricky and it took me into 2.5* for difficulty. I would not have been able to parse 6d without the hints so thank you to MP. On the whole it was quite an enjoyable puzzle (***) so thanks to the setter. Favourite. clues were 5a, 11a and 27a. The two lurkers were good too. I wasn’t convinced by the synonym for study in 12a. Still sunny here in South Oxfordshire and I have taken advantage of the good weather to plant up some patio tubs with bedding plants.

  2. I don’t know whether I was having an off day but this took me longer than the average Monday to sort out. Overall I thought it was very clever with some good misdirection. I’d assumed 2d was two words and 5d was a bung in, which I’ve yet to parse.
    Strong competition for podium places today but the occupants are 5 and 9a plus 16d.
    Many thanks to the setter and to the Monday Snowman for his top notch review.

  3. East fell into place quickly, especially after getting the excellent 5d (not excellent in real life, actually quite disgusting) but West far more difficult. Some bung-ins needed hints for parsing.
    Other favourites 7d and 28a.
    Talking of disgusting, I had a 26a land in my water glass last night…nearly drank it, resisted the temptation to break into the obvious song.
    Thank you to setter and Olaf

  4. Definitely more tricky than recent Monday puzzles which resulted in completion at a gallop (just) – 2.5*/3.5*.

    On reading 24d, and having never heard of lanneret, lurker was my immediate thought and it was interesting to discover that the new to me word is an owner of the answer with ‘possessed by’ sort of serving two purposes. As a result that is my favourite.

    Thanks to the setter and GMoLI.

  5. A gently entertaining kick-off to the week. Really liked 1a, 5a, 27a and 16d and indeed several others but can’t single out an overall Fav. IMHO there are a couple of dodgy synonyms viz 10a disadvantage and 12a do but doubtless they can be upheld. Thank you Mysteron and MP.

  6. Excellent puzzle. More tricky that the average Monday fare, methinks. I liked 5a, 16d and 20d with 18a in top spot.

  7. I found this very straightforward and enjoyably rewarding to complete. Plenty of good clues with 1a my final entry and an excellent lurker which takes my top spot today.

    Thanks very much to our Monday setter and to MP. Looks like England are going to have a substantial run chase this afternoon.

  8. Agree with comments to date that today’s was harder than the usual Monday but that is not a criticism. The NW corner held out the longest with 27A giving the biggest smile .
    Thanks Olaf & Setter .

  9. Nice Monday fare mostly done at the proverbial gallop.
    6d and 12a Last in and needed a hint so thanks to Frosty/Olaf.
    I concur with Senf that the aptness (is there such a word) of Lanneret gets my vote for COTD.

  10. A notch up from the usual Monday puzzles with some tricky cluing.
    Going for a 2.5/3*, I enjoyed the solve -last in was 28a , spotted the anagram after insertion !
    Yet another cockney clue which I quite liked for a change.
    Thanks to ‘olaf’ and setter -cricketers struggling !

  11. i found this very tricky for a Monday but managed without resorting to hints. Last in 12a. Thanks to all

  12. Def more than a ** for difficulty for me. I certainly would not have got 6d without the hints, i reckon that was straying into Toughie territory.
    I yearn for the days when Monday was a nice easy start to the week, the Monday puzzles seem to be much trickier these days.
    Thx for the excellent hints.

  13. First of all thank you everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday – we had a very good long weekend with a houseful – they’ve all gone now, the place looks as if several bombs have gone off and I’m worn out!
    Now on to the crossword – definitely more difficult than usual for a Monday.
    The main ones that caused trouble for me were 1a – missed the lurker for ages; 18a – I always forget that kind of set; and 2d for no good reason.
    I’d never heard of the second definition in 20d.
    Very enjoyable and clues that stood out today included 1a (eventually) and 16d. My favourite was 26a.
    With thanks to today’s setter and to MP for taking time out of his holiday to do the hints.

  14. ***/***. A lot of reverse engineering required. I could see/guess the answers but then had to work on why? 5a & 6d are good examples. Thanks to the setter for a tougher start than usual to the week and MP for the hints.

  15. As usual, I’m contrary. Everyone thought yesterday was friendly and I found it very tricky, today I found it very benevolent – except for 2d, which I never solved, even with word search.
    Lots to like, I think 26a was fave, but any one of them could have been in line for the top spot.
    Thanks to our setter and to Olaf for the fun hints and pics.

  16. Mondays have changed a bit recently! An enjoyable solve with the grey cells working quite hard. No out and out favourites but a good start to the week all the same.
    Thanks to the setter, and to Olaf for the review.

  17. A lovely start to the week with plenty to amuse. 12a last one in (mental block for ages) and 16d was a particular highlight. I also enjoyed 27a (the microbiologists at work would love it). I’m afraid I don’t like the term in 2d… as a Yorkshireman you’d think I enjoy prefixing words with e but I do not… at least placate me with a hyphen. 2*, 3* for me

  18. The South half went in with little difficulty, but the North did take a lot more hard work, with a few of the clues requiring time to parse correctly.
    2.5*/3* liked 5d 11ac.
    Thanks to setter & Olaf aka MP for assistance & review.

  19. 1a was my last one in. I will remember the hint forever more. If all else fails….
    Many thanks setter and MP.

  20. Thanks to the setter and to Miffypops for the review and hints. I enjoyed this one very much, and found it quite tricky in places. Needed the hints to parse 5&6d and 18a, the latter was last in. Favourite was 1a, a great lurker. Was 3*/3* for me.

  21. 2*/3*….
    liked 16D (enter nervously following insensitive political address?).

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