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DT 29054

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29054

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 18th May 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

I seemed to find this slightly trickier than many commenters but there were some great surface readings and the whole was definitely worth an enjoyment rating of 4*

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1a    Pounding beat from loudspeaker system giving offence electronically (10)
PATROLLING – PA (loudspeaker system) TROLLING (giving offence electronically)

6a    Spots odd characters dropping from balconies (4)
ACNE – Remove (dropping) the odd characters from bAlCoNiEs

9a    Jazz instrument playing in old English style (5)
SAXON – SAX (jazz instrument) ON (playing)

10a    Reckon car damaged kind of rail (9)
CORNCRAKE – An anagram (damaged) of RECKON CAR produces another member of the avian rail family

12a    Vintage rioter brawling, raising questions (13)
INTERROGATIVE – An anagram (brawling) of VINTAGE RIOTER

14a    Make slow progress over a note at an early stage (8)
INCHOATE – INCH (make slow progress) O (over) A (from the clue) TE (musical note)

15a    Six-footer belonging to religious group (6)
INSECT – This week’s ‘old friend’ IN (belonging to) SECT (religious group)

17a    Dashing, picked up cab (6)
HANSOM – A homophone (picked up) of HANDSOME (dashing)

19a    One tries to make contract more expensive, collecting 100 pounds (8)
DECLARER – One making a contract in a game of bridge – DEARER (more expensive) ‘collecting’ C (Roman numeral 100) L (Pounds Sterling)

21a    Avoiding buying everyone a drink (7,6)
GETTING AROUND – Split the second word of the solution 1,5 and the solution would then read as if you were buying everyone a drink

24a    A failure to hold club right, something few golfers achieve (9)
ALBATROSS – A (from the clue) and LOSS (failure) into which is inserted (to hold) BAT (clue) R (right) produces a golf term for three strokes under par at a hole (something few golfers achieve)

25a    Elegant hotel in Welsh town (5)
NEATH – NEAT (elegant) H (Hotel in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet)

26a    Rogue that may be Cuban (4)
HEEL – This rogue could also be a type of heel on some footwear

27a    Accident producing return of scarlet fever? (10)
DERAILMENT – A reversal (return) of RED (scarlet) followed by an AILMENT (fever?)


1d    Exercises to such an extent to be ready for Mexican (4)
PESO – PE (exercises) SO (to such an extent)

2d    It no longer shows a motorist has rendered his duty (3,4)
TAX DISC – A nice cryptic definition

3d    Bird-watcher right into solo twitching? (13)
ORNITHOLOGIST – An anagram (twitching) of RIGHT INTO SOLO

4d    Doctor to assess wound (8)
LACERATE – LACE (doctor a drink) RATE (assess)

5d    Member of US drugs squad managed to turn over company (5)
NARCO – A reversal (to turn over) of RAN (managed) followed by CO (company)

7d    Bugs found under tea cup used in company with host (7)
CHALICE – LICE (bugs) found under CHA (tea)

8d    Three consecutive characters spelt out attempt to accept American in his kind of school (10)
ELEMENTARY – Homophones of L M and N followed by TRY (attempt) into which is inserted (to accept) A (American)

11d    TV station with boring link to Europe (7,6)

13d    Fifty-one people initially depicted in forged Hogarth print (10)
LITHOGRAPH – LI (Roman numerals for 51) and P (people initially) included in an anagram (forged) of HOGARTH

16d    Exotic breaks in North American state (8)
NEBRASKA – An anagram (exotic) of BREAKS inserted into N A (North America)

18d    Famous incompetent (7)
NOTABLE – If you are incompetent, you are NOT ABLE

20d    Opera served up in Irish TV company’s broadcast (7)
RADIATE – AIDA (opera) reversed (served up) and inserted into RTE (Irish TV company)

22d    All the World‘s a stage for Shakespeare (5)
GLOBE – A representation of all the world or the theatre associated with William Shakespeare, both back when he was alive and the one you can now find by the Thames

23d    Latest of models in fashion photograph (4)
SHOT – The last (latest) letter of modelS inserted into HOT (in fashion)

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  1. Enjoyable, even the aged conkers that are 15a & 18d. Had to check 10a & 14a, but didn’t check the RTE at 20d, just bunged it in.

    Thanks for the review CS

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