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ST 3003

Sunday Telegraph 3003

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 12th May 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

The right difficulty for a Sunday crossword with a nice mix of clues and so an enjoyable time was had both solving and blogging

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1a    Skate on thin ice and feel the heat? (4,4,4)
PLAY WITH FIRE – An expression, like the definition, which means to take unnecessary risks sounds like you might feel the heat if you do so

9a    A desire to join team next door (9)
ALONGSIDE – A (from the clue) LONG (desire) SIDE (team)

10a    Beast having developed horn, one in the middle (5)
RHINO – An anagram (having developed) of HORN with I (one) ‘in the middle’

11a    At last, coldish animal is less cold maybe (6)
HOTTER – The last letter of coldisH followed by an OTTER (animal)

12a    Double feature cheers (4-4)
CHIN-CHIN – Two lots of a facial feature

13a    Stay at home after mare runs wild (6)
REMAIN – IN (at home) goes after an anagram (runs wild) of MARE

15a    Owner of trunk, black: large carrier going abroad (5,3)
JUMBO JET – JUMBO (an elephant with a trunk) JET (black)

18a    Lighter trains, so going off the rails? (8)
ARSONIST – An anagram (going off) of TRAINS SO

19a    Run through composition including Rigoletto’s opening (6)
PIERCE – PIECE (composition) including the R that opens Rigoletto

21a    Top location of Welsh bay (8)
CARDIGAN – Double definition

23a    Increase pace, winning (4,2)
STEP UP – STEP (pace) UP (winning)

26a    Bulky tipple (5)
STOUT – Double definition

27a    Scatter pasties I’d cooked (9)
DISSIPATE – An anagram (cooked) of PASTIES ID

28a    Sad OAP brings invalid travel document (8,4)
BOARDING PASS – An anagram (invalid) of SAD OAP BRINGS


1d    Breakfast chef possibly criminal (7)
POACHER – This criminal sounds like he could also do a turn poaching eggs for breakfast

2d    In the area, person sailing away (5)
ABOUT – AB (Able-Bodied Seaman, person sailing) OUT (away)

3d    Potential winner, aga great and powerful (9)
WAGNERIAN – An anagram (potential) of WINNER AGA

4d    Suddenly get the wrong impression, guessing initially (4)
TWIG – The initial letters of The Wrong Impression Guessing

5d    Body exposed — better explain? (5,3)
FLESH OUT – FLESH (body) OUT (exposed)

6d    Second broadcast about race (5)
RERUN – RE (about) RUN (race)

7d    Winger‘s bedtime drink? (8)
NIGHTJAR – A drink before bed might be a NIGHT JAR

8d    Issue clear in poem (6)
SONNET – SON (issue) NET (clear)

14d    Corn: capacity for another vegetable? (8)
MUSHROOM – MUSH (corn) ROOM (capacity)

16d    Seeing red fish, first of trawlers going in (9)
BRISTLING – T (first letter of trawlers) going in a BRISLING (fish)

17d    I cast aspersions on native of Borneo, for example (8)
ISLANDER – I (from the clue) SLANDER (cast aspersions on)

18d    Performance limiting company’s approach (6)
ACCOST – ACT (performance) ‘limiting’ CO[‘]S (company’s)

20d    Articulate as retired journalist? (7)
EXPRESS – EX PRESS (as retired journalist)

22d    Musical opening embraced by consort, nicely uplifting (5)
INTRO – Found embraced in a reversal (uplifting) of consORT NIcely

24d    Around bottom of sundial, a shoot coming up in Spanish square (5)
PLAZA – A reversal (coming up) of A ZAP (a shoot) into which is inserted (around) the L at the bottom of sundiaL

25d    Wine in Rioja’s tiresome (4)
ASTI – One of Crosswordland’s favourite wines lurking in another – RiojA STIresome

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