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DT 29057

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29057

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

A moment of panic this morning. Turned on the computer and got the message “Internet not available!”. Blog day and no internet. Luckily the simple process of turning off and then re-starting the router returned everything to normal including the heart rate and blood pressure. So once again a fine puzzle from Jay. We have put difficulty rating ‘by the clock’ but it did feel a bit trickier than that when we were solving.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Means of settling European collection of laws (4)
CODE : Means of settling is a system of payment on delivery of goods. This is followed by E(uropean).

3a     Minor international journal chasing advance payments (10)
SUBSIDIARY : Start with advance payments (or even club membership fees) then the abbreviation for international and a journal such as the one kept by Anne Frank.

9a     Many must go without any service staff (4)
MACE : Remove the word ‘any’ from the first word of the clue and then a winning tennis service.

10a     Clans without protection — depressing experiences for lairds, perhaps (10)
LANDOWNERS : The central three letters of clans and then an informal word for depressing experiences.

11a     Completed fitting — not before time! (7)
OVERDUE : Completed or finished plus fitting or apt.

13a     Leak? Refer to hotel employee (7)
SEEPAGE : Refer to or observe and then a message-running hotel employee.

14a     Go mad and gamble away everything, keeping hold of power (4,3,4)
LOSE THE PLOT : Find a 4,3,3 phrase that means gamble away everything and then add P(ower) to the start of the last word.

18a     Corrupt antagonist will accept Democrat could profit (5,2,4)
STAND TO GAIN : An anagram (corrupt) of ANTAGONIST includes the abbreviation for Democrat.

21a     Singer like this professional keeping a name (7)
SOPRANO : A two letter word meaning like this, then ‘A’ from the clue and N(ame) are inside this short form of professional.

22a     Defender of Italian wine kept in bond, for the most part (7)
BASTION : The first three letters of bond surround an Italian sparkling wine.

23a     Certain bail — even criminal accepts it (10)
INEVITABLE : An anagram (criminal) of BAIL EVEN contains IT.

24a     Area to the west of channel island state (4)
IOWA : The three letter abbreviation of an island in the English Channel, though not one in the Channel Islands, is followed by the abbreviation for area. (It seems to us that the clue should say east rather than west. Any thoughts?)

25a     Annoyed by objective and exposed to risk (10)
ENDANGERED : An objective or outcome precedes annoyed or vexed.

26a     Advantage obtained from inspired genius (4)
EDGE : It’s a lurker hiding in the clue.


1d     Two thousand just supporting company as a rule (8)
COMMONLY : In the order they appear in the answer, string together the abbreviation for company, two thousand in Roman numerals, and just or barely.

2d     Iron out the wrinkles and cut back (8)
DECREASE : A double definition.

4d     Practice found in mounting Pegasus (5)
USAGE : A reversed lurker.

5d     Small boy full of strange ideas for a dish (4,5)
SIDE SALAD : An anagram (strange) of IDEAS is inside S(mall) and a synonym for boy.

6d     Stopped working — soon told we’d failed (6,5)
DOWNED TOOLS : An anagram (failed) of SOON TOLD WE’D.

7d     Answer before more sensible revolutionary rings (6)
ARENAS : The abbreviation for answer and then the reversal of more sensible or less mad.

8d     Agreeable types succeeded in scattering enemy (3-3)
YES-MEN : The genealogical abbreviation for succeeded is inside an anagram (scattering) of ENEMY.

12d     Almost put off Victoria, say — that’s anathema! (11)
DETESTATION : Remove the last letter from a word for put off, and then what Victoria is an example of in relation to London transport.

15d     Develop complex (9)
ELABORATE : A double definition. Develop is a verb and complex is an adjective.

16d     Chap with one pen having many features (8)
MANIFOLD : A synonym for chap, the Roman numeral one and then a pen where sheep may be found.

17d     Flood in a French court (8)
INUNDATE : ‘In’ from the clue, the French indefinite article and then court or go out with.

19d     A father must entertain quiet hope (6)
ASPIRE : ‘A’ from the clue and father which could refer to racehorses contains the musical letter for quiet.

20d     Stop disheartened and study range (6)
SPREAD : The first and last letters (disheartened) of stop and then study as a university subject.

22d     Fail to justify faith with no end of grief (5)
BELIE : Remove the last letter of grief from a faith or religious understanding.

Quickie pun    core    +    toffs   +    hide    =    caught offside


47 comments on “DT 29057

  1. 2*/4*. This was at the easier end of Jay’s spectrum and another in a long line of exceptionally enjoyable Wednesday crosswords.

    Unless I’ve lost my sense of direction, I agree with the 2Ks re 24a. Surely it should be “area to the East of …”?

    My short list for favourite: 14a, 23a, 15d & 17d.

    Many thanks to the 3 birds.

    1. Agree about 24a. This was my last one in for that reason. Otherwise a very enjoyable solve. 9a was my favourite for its simple elegance. Thanks to the setter and the 2Ks.

  2. Whilst I finished this in** time, like the two Ks, it was quite challenging. Thanks to the two Ks for confirming my bung-in, 9a and helping me parse it. Thanks to Jay for some great clues. I liked 3a, 10a,14a and 12d but there were loads of other good ones

  3. Another start with the Downs week. I am given to understand that, sneakily, the A in 24a goes after the abbreviation for West which forms part of the abbreviated island name, if you see what I mean

    Thanks to Jay for the crossword and the 2Ks for the blog

      1. I’m still not convinced. Could you please explain in your own words, rather than just agreeing with cryptic sue?

        1. When I say “I’m given to understand’ that’s because I was just passing on what Mr L said to me

          1. But the explanation still doesn’t make sense. The term “to the west of ” can only be referring to “Area”, as I see it. Unless someone can explain it differently???

            1. The abbreviation is made of three letters. The A(rea) comes after the letter that can also stand for West.

    1. Thank you CS for explaining. I was scratching my head over it. Thank you too CL for popping in and confirming.

    2. Still not convinced that that works. If the clue had read “Add area to …..” It could be parsed like that. But as the clue is written, we find it hard to justify.
      Anyway this is using up much needed beauty sleep time so will see what people say in the morning. Night night.

      1. With the 2Kiwis on this.
        Bit too far of a stretch imo to take the W of the island, to interpret this as WEST (which it doesn’t stand for at all) and then add an A to it?

  4. I agree with the star ratings for this one. Lots of fun, but I feel that the area should be east of the channel island in 24a. Perhaps the setter might enlighten us. Very enjoyable. Thank you setter and the 2k’s.

  5. Enjoyable **/*** for me but still think that 24A is incorrect and “West” should read “East”. Favourite 14A.

  6. Similar experience here to that of the 2Ks – felt trickier than my timings showed it to have been. As enjoyable as ever from our Wednesday setter although I felt that 24a was perhaps borderline rather than sneaky!

    Favourite here was 14a – a regular occurrence for me these days!

    Thanks to Jay and likewise to the 2Ks for the blog.

    1. I agree with you about 24a, Jane. It would have been fine if the clue had been “Area next to the west of …”, but, as written, I think it’s a bit iffy.

  7. Another Wednesday, another cracker, it’s almost 23a
    I think that Jay must have had our parliament at the back of his mind when he set the excellent 14a and 8d. They, along with 11a make up my podium. 2.5/4*

    Many thanks to Jay and as ever to the 2Ks

  8. For me, this was a very typical, very enjoyable Wednesday puzzle almost completed at a fast gallop but the tricky 24a slowed the nag down to a gallop – **/****.

    Favourite – a toss-up between 14a and 2d – and the winner is 14a.

    Nice illustration at 21a!

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  9. A veritable walk in the park on such a lovely, sunny morning. NW was last to yield. Failed to properly pass 9a bung-in and I remain with the 2Ks re 24a in spite of various comments above. No Fav but overall a pleasure to solve. Thank you Jay and the 2Ks. Liked the Quickie sporting pun.

  10. I still do not understand 24a … east is east etc.

    Took me a long time to get the right Victoria in 12d.

    Couldn’t parse 9a “Many must go without any … “ – thanks 2Kiwis!

    Yet another very entertaining Wednesday puzzle from Jay.

  11. On the Jay wavelength today and finished quite quickly for me with , as usual for Wednesdays , plenty to enjoy along the way .
    Loved 9A , my last one in , together with the sneaky 24A .
    Wi fi working fine in hot & sunny Crete .
    Thanks to the birds.

  12. I can’t remember the last time I saw one of those hotel employees in 13a. I thought they were all made redundant after electronics were invented.

    I too remain unconvinced about 24a, despite what Mr Lancaster says.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

    1. Yes, and what did they do with all the lovely uniforms?

      My guess is that pantomime costumiers snapped them up for Buttons. I recently saw Barry Levinson sporting one in High Anxiety. But he didn’t deserve a tip!

      And is there a difference between these and bellboys?

      I would willingly have doled out a big tip when I last stayed at a Hilton before a wedding – 6 dog-legs in the corridor and 2 trips…..no help offered.

  13. All done in 1* time and then a slight pause at 9a, which was my last one in.

    Re 24a, I justified it to myself at the time of solving, by placing imaginary commas into the clue ie: Area, to the west of, channel island, state.

    Thanks to Jay, and to the 2Ks.

  14. Right on Jay’s wavelength today, though I did need hints to know why 7d was right, totally missed the revolutionary.
    Fave was 14a but lots and lots to like.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis for the fun. Rushing to Uber to a doc’s appointment, old age is not for the faint hearted.

  15. Usual Jay puzzle, very wordy and not to my taste. Ruined by 24a and thanks to the 2Kiwis for the hint for 9a which i would not have got if I lived to be a thousand!

  16. Saving today’s puzzles for a double dose tomorrow when I will be Presiding Officer at a Polling Station. If you are eligible to vote in Wellesbourne come and say hello.

    1. What a noble gesture in these trying times.I was rung up this morning by one of these MORI polls. Loads of questions, some quite personal I thought. When asked who I would vote for I replied that the whole thing was such a farce I would spoil my paper. Given that people died for my right to vote I have mixed feelings about doing this BUT Democracy has gone to the wall and this is the only way I can retaliate. Possibly this whole rant will be erased but good puzzle, not too demanding and thanks to all involved! Rant over

  17. Big thank you to Jay for providing a puzzle I could do with hints on only 2 clues, especially after my dismal performance for the past few days. Lovely crossword, very much enjoyed. For some reason I had no problem with 24a. This one was right in my wavelength. Thanks to 2Kiwis for hints. After struggling to get internet installed and working at more than snail pace after moving, I commiserate with 2Kiwis problems this morning. Good luck to Miffypops at polling station tomorrow, hope there aren’t any bonus milkshakes on offer 😊

  18. Did this before going up to London for lunch. Terrific fun as always from Jay whatever the scale of difficulty.

    Thanks to him and the 2Ks.

  19. As promised they do get harder as we go through the week. I toyed with MAID for 9a for a while but put her down when a checker disproved me.
    The east west debate was not a problem to me. Although the area goes to the east of the island the answer is well to the west. A little bit of misdirection I am ok with.
    I needed a couple of hints to get me over the line (22a I have a blind spot with that Italian wine as I think it is fizzy cats wee) so thanks to 2K’s and also to Jay.

  20. Morning all.
    Beauty sleep now completed but the mirror confirms that it didn’t quite match up with the expectation. Never mind.
    Looks like the cold drizzly weather we had yesterday has moved on so outdoor activities can go back on our schedule.

  21. A pity about 24ac which clearly doesn’t work because the rest was lots of fun with a few challenging clues here and there. 9ac I thought was particularly good.

  22. Thanks to Jay and to the 2 Kiwis for the review and hints. A super puzzle again, that I feel was let down by 24a, which was last in. Not convinced by CL’s explanation. My favourite was 3a,mainly because of the surface reading. Was 2*/4*for me.

  23. Nice puzzle from Jay today, took me a little longer to get going, only got 3 on the first pass. After that I found solving the downs opened it up faster.
    Thanks to Jay & 2KW for review & direction on a few clues.

  24. Not too hard…24a last in, which is a bit embarrassing since I lived on the ‘channel island’ in question for 15 years!!

  25. Nice crossword as usual from Jay. 14a was my favourite. I was slow to get going but once under way everything flowed well. The east/west conundrum didn’t even occur to me. Oh well.
    Thanks to Jay, and to the 2K’s over ‘there’ for the review.

  26. In 24a I thought the island was Io and West then gives us the W. I don’t know if Io counts as a “channel island”.

    1. It’s an island in the English Channel hence a channel island but not a Channel Island

  27. 3*/3*…
    liked 14A (go mad and gamble away everything, keeping hold of power).

  28. Oh my days! First ever cryptic completed straight off without help – and in just over 45 minutes! Some days things just flow, but I have never managed to complete one in the first session, let alone in under an hour!
    Last one in 9a – several candidates for favourite including 7d and 12d but I give it up for 21a.
    Thanks to all!

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