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Site Updates

Earlier today I upgraded the site to php 5.6, which then enabled me to upgrade to WordPress 5.2.  Buoyed on (or is that lulled into a false sense of security) by this success I decided to tackle the upgrade of MySQL to version 5.7, something about which I have been receiving daily reminders for several months.  All seemed well with the upgrade until it became impossible to access the site’s database.  Rebooting the system, a process that has worked many times in the past, didn’t solve the problem so I sought help from the hosting company’s techies.  After a prolonged investigation I was told “I have now changed the PHP handling for sites to use PHP-FPM, and optimized the MySQL configuration to stabilize the server.” and, for the time being, the site has returned to normal.  Thanks for your patience and perseverance.  BD

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  1. That was somewhat over my head but just want to thank you for all your efforts. 🤞🤞fingers crossed it stays stable.
    🖖Live long and prosper.

  2. I’d say it is we who should thank you for your patience and perseverance, BD. Thanks as ever for all the back-room hard work.

  3. Thank you, Big Dave. I can safely say I don’t have a Scooby Doo what you’re talking about, but I thoroughly enjoy this blog and appreciate your time and effort making it work.

  4. Thanks for your sterling work behind the scenes BD. You were much missed this morning.

  5. Well done sir!
    My techies keep telling me that WordPress is simple. Most of the time I beg to differ!

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