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DT 29042

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29042

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 4th May 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! Another Saturday puzzle with lots of anagrams and insertions

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6a           Rascal Danny is travelling round detached areas off Africa (6,7)
CANARY ISLANDS – An anagram (travelling) of RASCAL DANNY IS

8a           Rich man with time to disrobe (6)
DIVEST – DIVES (the rich man in the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus) T (time)

9a           It can be ugly, wild orgy during storm (8)
GARGOYLE – An anagram (wild) of ORGY inserted into (during) GALE (storm)

10a        Transport no end of fish (3)
CAR – Remove the last letter (no end) of CARp (fish)

11a        Picture small boat (6)
SKETCH – S (small) KETCH (boat) = a very old friend of the crossword solver!

12a        Trade union blocks manual working in a particular part of the year (8)
AUTUMNAL – TU (Trade Union) ‘blocks’ an anagram (working) of MANUAL

14a        Getting to the bottom of it thoroughly (2-5)
IN-DEPTH – Getting to the bottom of some water perhaps

16a        Violent doctor about to consume drink (7)
DRASTIC – DR (doctor) C (circa, about) to ‘consume’ ASTI (Crosswordland’s favourite fizzy drink)

20a        Eleven singly (3,2,3)
ONE BY ONE – The number 11 is written by putting [a] one by [another] one

23a        Dirge from one entering works (6)
PLAINT – I (one) ‘entering’ PLANT (works)

24a        Quartet heading west on a Roman road (3)
VIA – A reversal (heading west in an Across clue) of IV (the Roman numeral for four) followed by A (from the clue)

25a        Domestic servant’s introduction to website? (4,4)
HOME PAGE – HOME (domestic) PAGE (servant)

26a        Stick cardinal in centre (6)
COHERE – HE (His Excellency the cardinal) inserted into CORE (centre)

27a        Trouble there would be when Nick has to foot the bill (3,5,2,3)
THE DEVIL TO PAY – When Old Nick (the Devil) has to foot the bill


1d           Disrupt drunken teen lust (8)
UNSETTLE – An anagram (drunken) of TEEN LUST

2d           Endlessly short-tempered, note (8)
CROTCHET – Almost all of CROTCHETY (short-tempered)

3d           Work to include current (later changed in the on-line version to adult) stuff in plan (7)
DIAGRAM – DIG (work) to include A (Ampere being the unit of electrical current/Adult)

4d           Instrument not in drink (6)
CLARET – Remove the IN (not in) from CLARINET (instrument)

5d           Grass in class (6)
INFORM – IN (from the clue) FORM (class)

6d           Bird I name with painful swelling deserting (10,3)
CHICKENING OUT – CHICKEN (bird) I (from the clue) N (name) GOUT (painful swelling)

7d           Worshipful band of the free? (9,4)
SALVATION ARMY – A slightly odd (IMHO) cryptic definition)

13d        American composer thus leaving the States (1,1,1)
USA – Remove SO (thus) from the American composer SOUSA

15d        Lively, not starting to snoop (3)
PRY – Remove the first letter from SPRY (lively)

17d        Criticise a large town for greed (8)
RAPACITY – RAP (criticise) A (from the clue) CITY (large town)

18d        Sort of posh, neat carriage (8)
STANHOPE – An anagram (sort) of POSH NEAT

19d        Dream of cleric on lake (7)
REVERIE – REV (cleric) ERIE (lake)

21d        Made tea for family on the radio (6)
BREWED – A homophone (on the radio) of BROOD (family)

22d        Little Katharine found in dictionary that’s approved (6)
OKAYED – KAY (a diminutive (little) form of Katherine) inserted into the OED (Oxford English Dictionary)



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  1. Thanks for the review, Gnomey. I’m glad you queried 7d because I couldn’t really understand it on the day – I can see that the organisation is worshipful and has a band but why is it ‘free’?

    1. Thinking about it one week on, I’m wondering if free refers to the Salvation bit – free as in delivered from sin

      1. Could be – I don’t really know what ‘delivered from sin’ means.
        I’ve just been looking at my thesaurus and one of the entries under ‘free’ is ‘charitable’ – might that be what’s meant?

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