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ST 3000

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3000

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 21st April 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Morning All! Not a particularly tricky puzzle this week but some very nice clues to enjoy.

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1a           Mess up and down (5)
FLUFF – My last one in, not least because until I had the checking letters I was looking for a palindrome as ‘up and down’ in a crossword clue usually is a good indication of this.  However, what was required was a double definition, one a verb and the other a description of a covering of fluffy hair

4a           House party in Turkey, not essential (5)
TUDOR – Remove the key from TURkey (not ‘essential)’ and insert a DO (party)

10a        Very little music with it: solo voice (8)
BARITONE – BAR (very little music) IT (from the clue) ONE (solo)

11a        Cloak in which to secrete an item of party food (6)
CANAPE – CAPE (cloak) into which is secreted AN (from the clue)

12a        One entertained by Highlanders in glengarries (6)
SINGLE – Lurking in HighlanderS IN GLEngarries

13a        High plane, the jumbo (8)
ELEPHANT – An anagram (high) of PLANE THE

14a        Paraphernalia in waste receptacles: harmful thing rejected earlier (7)
GUBBINS – Rejected earlier tells you to reverse BUG (harmful) thing and put it before BINS (waste receptacles)

16a        Drier harbours right for small digger (6)
TROWEL – TOWEL (drier) ‘harbours’ R (right)

17a        Sudden pain, double gets halved (6)
TWINGE – TWIN (double) and the first half of GEts

19a        Article penned by poet, durable material (7)
LEATHER – THE (definite article) ‘penned by’ LEAR (poet)

21a        Frame OK for car when travelling (4,4)
ROOF RACK – An anagram (when travelling) of OK FOR CAR

22a        Turn of phrase for angel of the highest order (6)
SERAPH – An anagram (turn) of PHRASE

23a        Criticisedas roof may be? (6)
SLATED – Double definition

24a        Arbitrator made it complex, in other words (8)
MEDIATOR – An anagram (complex) of MADE IT followed by OR (in other words)

25a        Lions were interfering, did you say? (5)
PRIDE – A homophone (did you say) of PRIED (were interfering)

26a        Changes seen in cast, I decided to retire (5)
EDITS – Lurking in reverse (to retire) in caST I DEcided


2d           Member gripping a racket first (7)
LEADING – LEG (member) ‘gripping) A (from the clue) DIN (racket)

3d           Perks offered to hairdressers, quite possibly? (6,8)
FRINGE BENEFITS – These perks might be offered to hairdressers

5d           Ineffective advice to prodigal? (7)
USELESS – Split 3, 4 to see the advice in this very old friend of a crossword solver

6d           Group of players confusing her with actors (9)
ORCHESTRA – An anagram (confusing) of HER with ACTORS

7d           On court, zero affection (4)
LOVE – A score of zero on a tennis court or some affection

8d           Where relocated ring might be, however (2,3,5,4)
ON THE OTHER HAND – This expression meaning however might describe where a relocated ring had been placed

9d           Absorbing marine life? (6)
SPONGE – A nice cryptic definition

15d        European relic Dane wrecked (9)
ICELANDER – An anagram (wrecked) of RELIC DANE

18d        Vague description of mammoth? (6)
WOOLLY – Double definition

19d        Top hosts make merry wildly (4,3)
LIKE MAD – LID (top) ‘hosts’ an anagram (merry) of MAKE

20d        Harmonious relationship, having hit on kind of wine (7)
RAPPORT – RAP (hit) PORT (kind of wine)

22d        Face Manchester United, for example? (4)
SIDE – Manchester United being an example of one side in a football match


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