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DT 29030

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29030

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 20th April 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

I quite enjoyed solving this –  I wasn’t even put off the solving process by three separate emails from a certain pub landlord about three of the clues – but then as I typed the review, I did find that, on many occasions, if I wasn’t sorting out an anagram, I seemed to be inserting something into something else, and in one case, inserting something into an anagram. There are, however, some nice surface readings and an Eric Morecambe clue always makes me smile

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1a    Handle cars in irregular trade (10)
ADMINISTER – MINIS (cars) inserted into an anagram (irregular) of TRADE

6a    One of pair once popular in America (4)
ERIC – And in other countries too – ERIC (Morecambe) can be found in AmERICa

10a    Having suffered loss, female removed hat (5)
BERET – F (female) removed from BEREFT (having suffered loss)

11a    Cooked pure supply of food that’s kosher (9)
REPUTABLE – An anagram (cooked) of PURE followed by TABLE (supply of food)

12a    Criticise summary (7)
RUNDOWN – Not quite a double definition as the criticise meaning of RUN DOWN is two words

13a    Renegade characteristic shown by lowly soldiers (7)
TRAITOR – TRAIT (characteristic) OR (Ordinary Ranks – lowly soldiers)

14a    Three damaged bananas were up to standard (4,3,5)
MADE THE GRADE – An anagram (bananas) of THREE DAMAGED

18a    They may be seen at Covent Garden — work scrubbing King Edwards? (5,7)
OPERA SINGERS – OP (work) ERASING (scrubbing) ERS (the regnal cipher of King Edwards plural)

21a    Beginner in role penned by playwright who makes an impression (7)
PRINTER – R (the beginner in Role) ‘penned by’ PINTER (Harold the playwright)

23a    See head of BBC occupying grand accommodation (7)
LODGING – LO (see) DG (Director General, head of BBC) IN (occupying) G (grand)

24a    Washing elephant’s head in circus arena? (9)
SHOWERING – E (the head of Elephant) in SHOW RING (circus arena)

25a    The brightest star among historical pharaohs (5)
ALPHA – Found in historicAL PHAraohs

26a    Bank charge overturned following resistance (4)
REEF – A reversal (overturned) of FEE following or going after R, the abbreviation for Resistance

27a    America perhaps hosting golf team (10)
CONTINGENT – CONTINENT (America perhaps) ‘hosting’ G (golf in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet)


1d    Copper and gold glow (6)
AUBURN – AU (chemical symbol for gold) BURN (glow)

2d    US state keeps Republican jolly (6)
MARINE – Cue a large number of people who don’t know that a jolly is an informal term for a Marine – R (Republican) kept in MAINE (US state)

3d    One’s often played at Wembley with people such as Shearer before the start of match (8,6)
NATIONAL ANTHEM – NATION (people) ALAN (Shearer) THE (from the clue) M (the start of match)

4d    Green site reconstructed as place to watch game (9)
SERENGETI – An anagram (reconstructed) of GREEN SITE

5d    European levy raised trapping papa who’s living abroad (5)
EXPAT – E (European) and a reversal (raised in a Down clue) of TAX (levy) ‘trapping’ P (Papa in the aforementioned NATO Phonetic Alphabet)

7d    Object of ridicule in genuine resistance to attack (8)
REBUTTAL – BUTT (object of ridicule) in REAL (genuine)

8d    Fruit that woman shouts about (8)
CHERRIES – CRIES (shouts) goes ‘about’ HER (that woman)

9a    When duels traditionally take place, with familiar cricket commentator and doctor entering prepared to fight (2,7,5)
AT DAGGERS DRAWN – Duels traditionally take place AT DAWN into which should be inserted (entering) AGGERS (the familiar way of referring to the cricket commentator Jonathan Agnew) and DR (doctor)

15d    Outstanding feature — star maybe (9)
HIGHLIGHT – A star could be described as a HIGH LIGHT

16d    Morse, cop playing Wagner perhaps (8)
COMPOSER – An anagram (playing) of MORSE COP

17d    Ages taken up by single interval (8)
SEMITONE – A reversal (taken up in a Down clue) of TIMES (ages) followed by ONE (single)

19d    Spot politician in large building (6)
PIMPLE – MP (politician) in PILE (large building)

20d    Reeling at hags, horror-stricken (6)
AGHAST – An anagram (reeling) of AT HAGS

22d    Greek character takes in endangered creature (5)
RHINO – RHO (Greek letter) ‘takes’ IN (from the clue)