Toughie 2211

Toughie No 2211 by Silvanus

Hints and tips by Kitty

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BD Rating  –  Difficulty ** –  Enjoyment ***


Hi all.  Another very pleasant puzzle from Silvanus to get the four-day week of Toughies underway.  And a four-day weekend to look forward to as well!  I’m not quite sure how to rate the difficulty because most of it yielded easily, but there were a couple of stragglers and one (17d) which stubbornly refused to budge: I stared at for a few minutes at the end, teased by the helpful-looking checking letters, before giving in to temptation and using the Chambers app.

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DT 29026

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29026

Hints and tips by Mr K

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BD Rating  -  Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***


Hello everyone.  I found today's puzzle entertaining and engaging.  It had a few clues where parsing required some thinking and a careful reading of the clue.  Australia features in a few clues and answers.  I wonder what that's about?  Perhaps our setter will comment below to tell us (which would also allow us to thank him or her in person).

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