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Site Access

I have received reports that several users have had difficulty in getting past the DDos screen in Cloudflare.  This mainly affects those using, for a variety of reasons, the dreadful Internet Explorer browser.  As many are unable to use a better browser, like Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Opera, I have removed the “under attack” status.  The last time I did this the site ground to a halt within a few days, but I am happy to try again. although I may have to revert at short notice!

Update – well that didn’t last long!  We are back “under attack”.

15 comments on “Site Access

  1. It must drive you to the point of distraction BD. Thank you for your continued efforts, it really is very much appreciated.

  2. Your such a star BD but I shall adapt.
    Will eventually get rid of my Windows Phone with it’s inbuilt Internet Explorer which I have since 2012!
    The thing works so well that I never think about changing it.
    At work the till is a Samsung Tablet. I shall be using it to check the blog from now on.
    My motto is: No problem, there’s always a solution.
    Thanks for trying.

  3. Hooray,! It works!
    Failed with Chrome and downloaded Firefox.
    Reprogrammed the Samsung tablet to write in proper(ish) English.
    I’m back on line.

  4. No problems with Cloudflare (Palemoon) but having real problems with the Google Captcha you have added. Endless screens of click the hydrants/traffic lights, I HATE them. But understand the problems you are having.

      1. The captcha started a few days ago, around the time you first posted there were problems. The Cloudflare support page suggests this may be because my IP is on a block list, but not so on checking and in any case it hasn’t changed for the past month. Never had these problems before.

  5. Hi Dave!,

    The only way I seem to be able to comment on your blog is through a very old and distressed Microsoft Surface 2. Am now trying through my Lenovo android tablet.

    Let’s see if it works.

    It does.

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