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DT 29003

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29003

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

We’re home again now after a marvellous time travelling in The South Island. The question we asked ourselves when we got to Fiordland was, “Why have we waited so long to come here?” It was a truly amazing experience. We have put one pic in the hints, Mitre Peak in Milford Sound. and two more at the bottom of the post. The first of these is Punakaiki (or pancake rocks) in northern Westland, then the vessel on which we did an overnight cruise on Doubtful Sound.

On our way home we were by-passing Christchurch at the time that the horrendous shooting was taking place. The whole of New Zealand is still in deep shock and mourning that such a thing has happened.

We have another top quality Jay puzzle to get us back into the blogging routine.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Latin church court (7)
ROMANCE : Another word for Latin that denotes the city where it originated, and then the abbreviation for the Anglican Church.

9a     Well-known forward (8)
FAMILIAR : A double definition. The second meaning implies impolitely pushy.

10a     Retreats, needing a quiet second to absorb stuff (7)
ASHRAMS : ‘A’ from the clue, an instruction to be quiet, a word meaning stuff or push strongly, and, finally, the abbreviation for second.

11a     Recruit may be bitter, perhaps, about short name (8)
BEGINNER : A beverage of which bitter is a type surrounds another drink that could be called a short, plus the abbreviation for name.

12a     Reckless returning to capture American cavalryman (6)
HUSSAR : A word meaning reckless is reversed and surrounds the United States.

13a     Not feeling good, having no more classes (3,2,5)
OUT OF SORTS : A (3,2) phrase meaning ‘having no more’ and then classes or types.

15a     Summit talks with no outsiders (4)
PEAK : A synonym for talks loses its first and last letters.

16a     One can, with energy, harangue traveller (9)
ITINERANT : The Roman numeral one, a can or metal container, the abbreviation for energy and, finally, harangue or berate.

21a     Unbounded fury of the French language (4)
URDU : The two central letters of the word fury, and then one of the variations of the French word for ‘of the’.

22a     Soporific air of nurses — grand after working (6-4)
CRADLE-SONG : Nurses, or tenderly holds in one’s arms, then a two letter word for working or functioning and G(rand).

24a     Pressure line from one’s pub carrying oxygen (6)
ISOBAR : The two letter way of writing ‘one’s’, then the chemical symbol for oxygen and a pub or tavern.

25a     Boiled sweet choice — useless (4-4)
PLUM-DUFF : Choice or special and then a synonym for useless.

27a     Olympic bosses tucking into Spanish snack for dessert (7)
TAPIOCA : The three letter acronym for the organisation that runs the Olympics is inside a Spanish snack.

28a     Request sent without cover with international agreement (8)
ENTREATY : The two central letters of ‘sent’ plus an international agreement.

29a     Gathering idle rich must change, lacking right (7)
CEILIDH : An anagram (must change ) of IDLE rICH once the abbreviation for right has been removed. (This one could be a challenge if you have never seen the word written before).


2d     Old salts must welcome British Standard for shrouds (8)
OBSCURES : In the order they appear in the answer we have the abbreviation for old, then the letters denoting British Standard, and then preserves using salt.

3d     A short child entertaining journalists in Alpine resort party (5-3)
APRES-SKI : ‘A’ from the clue and a word for a child (or young goat) without its last letter surrounds a collective noun for journalists.

4d     Politician is in the capital of Italy supporting company settlement (10)
COMPROMISE : String together the abbreviation for company, and a Member of Parliament. Next, the capital city of Italy surrounds ‘is’ from the clue.

5d     In arrears, and others must be put up (4)
LATE : The reversal of a 2,2 Latin phrase meaning ‘and others’.

6d     Clears up links about identification (6)
TIDIES : A two letter identification document is inside links or connections.

7d     Bowlers with no power will be criminals (7)
SINNERS : Remove the abbreviation for power from one type of cricket bowlers.

8d     Support for member, male, in nick (7)
ARMREST : Nick or take into custody contains the abbreviation for male.

11d     Gambler getting high in happier circumstances (6,3)
BETTER OFF : A gambler or somebody placing a wager and then high or decomposing.

14d     Cream filling in pan — if range working (10)
FRANGIPANE : An anagram (working) of PAN IF RANGE.

17d     Out for reform in hearing lesson (8)
TUTORIAL : A hearing in a law court contains an anagram (for reform) of OUT.

18d     Submitted Germany should support progress (8)
ADVANCED : Progress or move forward and then the IVR code for Germany.

19d     Ruin meal, putting in last of garlic (7)
SCUPPER : The last letter of garlic is inside a meal eaten later in the day.

20d     Part of university showing mental awareness (7)
FACULTY : A double definition.

23d     Veins must be full of good deposits (6)
LODGES : Veins of mineral ores found in rock structures surround the abbreviation for good.

26d     Lipids in most of personnel on the rise (4)
FATS :  Remove the last letter from the reversal of a word for personnel or employees.

Instead of picking a favourite we’ll use this space to thank Miffypops for ably filling in for us while we were away.

Quickie pun    thus    +    pies    +    curls    =    The Spice Girls

51 comments on “DT 29003

  1. 3*/4.5*. I thought this was quite challenging in places, particularly the NE corner, and well up to Jay’s usual standard of excellence. On my podium today are 9a, 13a & 4d, but the Quickie Pun takes the top prize.

    Many thanks to Jay, and to the 2Ks – good to have you back in the blogging chair.

    1. Just seen the quickie pun, I don’t know if I love it or hate it, probably the former!

  2. I found this puzzle quite a tough nut to crack and it took me a while to sort it all out. For me it’s another example of Jay continuing with slightly trickier puzzles without any sacrifice of enjoyment.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks 3*/4*

  3. This was very enjoyable, with the usual collection of wily clues, which we get from Jay, to whom many thanks. It was not particularly difficult, although there were a few clues which were difficult to parse. Thank you to the Kiwis for reassurance on that and condolences for the horrific incident in Christchurch.

  4. I found this to be about average difficulty with good clues proving a nice solve. I’ve ticked 27a, 29a and 4d. 2.5* / 3.5*

  5. Welcome back Kiwis – and thank for the hints for this enjoyable Jay crossword – thank you to him too

  6. Am I the only one having the feeling that Jay’s got a bit trickier of late (but is as enjoyable as ever)? I especially liked 9a, 13a and 8d.

    Thanks to Jay and to the 2Ks. It’s good to have you back and condolences on the dreadful incident in Christchurch. It has, however, allowed us to see and hear your very impressive Prime Minister – if you ever get to the stage of not wanting her any more please send her over to us!

    1. Hear hear – for both the condolences and the request to send the splendid Jacinda over here

    2. No, no, Gaza. I requested they send her here many months ago, so I think I have first dibs. In any case, our need is greater than yours.

  7. I thought this was Jay at his brilliant best, my page is covered in metaphorical ticks.
    In an extremely strong field my podium places go to 11 and 16a plus 8d for their super smooth surfaces. 3*/4.5*
    Many thanks to Jay and to the 2Ks. I’m pleased (shocking incident apart) that you enjoyed your trip.

  8. Thoroughly enjoyable with the NE corner the last to complete. Some great clues with favourites at 1a, 12a, 27a, 2d & 5d. Thanks to the setter for perfect balance of challenge & enjoyment. If you aimed for 3*/5* you certainly achieved it for me!! Many thanks

  9. The usual Wednesday excellence, including the blog.

    Thanks to Jay and deepest sympathies for our antipodean friends – the civilised world stands with you.

  10. Welcome back and I totally agree with Gazza’s comments on what happened in Christchurch and Jacinda Ardern’s (continuing) handling of the situation.

    A very pleasant mid-week challenge with some oldies but goodies and ‘up the downs’ providing a good start for completion at a gallop – **/****. But, perhaps Jay is getting a little trickier.

    Candidates for favourite – 4d, 17d, and 20d – and the winner is 17d.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  11. Jay continues to excel with his Wednesday puzzles – I’m even prepared to forgive him for the 27a frogspawn and the mental torture involved in correctly spelling 29a despite knowing exactly which word was required and having all the letters in front of me!

    Podium places went to 9a plus 4&20d.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks for their excellent brand of blog which has been much missed. So pleased to hear that you enjoyed your trip (knew that you would from the reports I’ve heard from other folk) and share in your shock at the events that unfolded in Christchurch.

  12. Excellent puzzle from Jay and a bit more of a challenge than the last few days. Like some others, the NE held out the longest. I’ll give top spot to 11a because it took me a while to parse the obvious answer. Very clever. I also quite like 27a, although I haven’t had it for years. Tasty, with some raspberry jam; odd, arent I?.

    1. We only had Tapioca and Sago pudding at school. I never minded it as long as we got the blob of jam with it.

      1. If it was a bowl of raspberry jam I might tolerate a teaspoon of tapioca but just the thought of school tapioca makes me gyp

  13. That was good fun with the South outrunning North. Joint Favs were 22a and 5d. Had to concentrate to come up with correct spelling of 29a. Afraid I’m not up on the likes of the Quickie pun so needed 2Kiwis help. Thank you Jay and the 2Kiwis to whom (and indeed your whole nation) I send heartfelt commiserations on the dreadful incident in Christchurch. 💐.

  14. Thanks to the 2Ks from 1K . Yes South Island is full of wonder . We were there just before the earthquake hit Christchurch and once again feel for NZ .

    Jay is also full of wonder which the latest offering confirms . So hard to pick the best clue but will jointly pick 25A & 27A , two sweet clues .

    ****/**** .

    Thanks to everyone .

  15. The usual Wednesday excellence from Jay. I do like a Jayday. I too struggled to put the letters of 29ac in the correct order. Thanks too to two Ks. Grizz and Colin did as well as they could in your absence but its nice to have the real deal back.

  16. Quite benign for a Jay I thought. One thing for certain its a damn sight easier than todays Quickie!! It has the worst pun ever.
    Thx to all

  17. Another terrific offering from Jay. This was a really nice crossword with some delightfully constructed clues. I found it quite difficult overall and it took a while to fathom out some of the answers. Too many favourites to make it worth listing them. 3*/4*.

  18. All was well until 5d, for which hint many thanks. So much easier once you know how to get the answer. Thank you Jay and the returned wanderers from their beautiful and dignified country.

  19. A nice challenging crossword with some excellent clues.
    Just right for coffee in the garden on a sunny spring day.
    Cheers petirrojo

  20. A **/**** for me, I think I had a good day as there were a lot of tricky clues, took a while to parse 5d ,probably my favourite.
    Smiled at the quickie pun.
    Liked 27a , Jane’s ‘frogspawn’ brought back memories of school dinners-why did it always have a spoonful of strawberry jam in the middle ?
    I am enjoying this weeks puzzles-even yesterdays toughie.
    Thanks all.

    1. Hi Beaver,

      I think the jam was intended to make it appear vaguely edible!

      On other matters – Red Hill etc has now re-opened but on Saturday morning the whole shebang was like a river. I’m told it’s because the scheme is as yet incomplete – I wait to be convinced!

  21. Usual excellence again from Jay. Dare I say it…. but over a bit too soon for me! I liked 19d bested.
    Thanks to Jay, and to the 2K’s for their review.

  22. As others have said, a little more challenging than normal, but the usual standard of excellence.

    Many thanks to Jay, and to the 2Kiwis.

  23. After reading the above had to check I had the correct spelling for 29a, amazingly I had. On Wednesdays I cut out the puzzle and take it with me to the National Trust property where I am a Room Guide in North Norfolk. I put it inside my ‘black book’ secured with a paperclip and look very studious if thats possible. Mr Manders always has first crack at the puzzle but (thankfully) he’s hopeless so mostly I start with a blank puzzle. At most he achieves 2 clues hence his nickname ‘2 clues Le Trec’! In house nickname only but I must have mentioned it to someone at the N Trust who we bumped into recently who said ‘nice to meet you 2clues Le Trec’. Poor Mr Manders ego severly dented. Lovely puzzle today, thank you. My heartfelt commisserations also.

  24. Another excellent puzzle from Jay.

    I solved 11a but my parsing was completely wrong … my “short name” was “Ginn(y)” but that’s a short name of a short name (Virginia).

    Thanks to the 2Kiwis for the correct explanation … and welcome back to the blogging chair.

  25. Pleasantly awkward and great fun as always on a Wednesday. Some excellent clues, including the great Quickie Pun, but my favourite has to be 13a.

    Thanks to Jay and the returning Ks.

  26. Another Jay treat, though much trickier than usual. I got stuck in the NE and needed to visit the hints to get going again, 9a did it for me.
    Like Jane, I knew 29a, had all the letters but had no idea how to put them together, so I needed to google that.
    My fave was 19d, with 10a and 13a close behind.
    The NZ pics are just beautiful, what a lovely country.
    Thanks to Jay and to 2Kiwis for the blog and the hints and pics.

  27. Found this trickier than recent Jay puzzles, not helped by another sleepless night (preparing to move house). Thanks to Jay and 2 Kiwis. So sad about the shootings.

  28. Well I found this difficult, but then again I’m not that good. Having said that, on completion, it was hard to see why. Anything French, other than “the” I have to use a translator, but I think that’s acceptable. Favourites were 22a and 25a. Thanks to Jay and 2K’s for hosting the blog. I echo the sentiments expressed above.

  29. Morning all,
    Firstly we must respond to the comments about our Prime Minister. She is certainly not available for export. We all need her, appreciate her and love her too much.
    Thanks too for all the messages of support and commiseration, it is a very hard time for all of us.
    Now back to the puzzle. We did ponder about the number of difficulty stars as it did feel tricky in places when we were solving and were surprised when we looked at the clock on completion to see that it was well within 2 star time. Perhaps we should have gone with out gut instinct instead of the clock. The fun rating is much more important anyway and no doubts about that.
    Incidentally the photographer in the foreground of the Mitre Peak pic is KiwiCarol.

  30. Nice crossword as normal on a Wednesday **/**** Favourites 22a & 7d 😃Thanks as always to Jay 🤗 Welcome back to the 2xKs and thanks for the picture filled blog 👍

  31. It took me three coffees to get through this. 1a was the last in and I found the whole NW corner the most tricky. But it was all very enjoyable (even though, once I’d got 16a and 21a all I could see was “turd” which I couldn’t then unsee).
    Thanks to the setter and 2Ks for the hints and photos.
    Oh – the quickie pun – what a toe-curler – not at all what you’d really, really want.

  32. A superb well crafted brain stumper, half the clues fell in , the other half wrestled in with effort,,,, hence 3.5*/4.5*. Favourites 4d & 25ac… because it is! As to the super quickie pun, I shall ask the Honourable Members,,,”tell me what you want what you really really want” and we might all get some peace….eventually!
    Grateful thanks to the 2KW who’s hints were invaluable and to Jay for another Wednesday cracker.

  33. Welcome home and glad you had a nice time. Jay wasn’t too tricky today. I needed a hint to get Familiar again . I also put my ID papers in the wrong place when trying to build the answer. Those apart a nice Weds Jay puzzle.
    Tapioca AKA frogspawn is NOT now or ever to be served chez Bee. School dinner nightmare with that and Bread and Butter pudding gives me chills to this day. I nearly left those lights unfilled!

    1. Now, bread and butter pudding I have to agree. Somehow they always managed to ruin the custard at my school, you had gobs of bread swimming in liquid as a result. I still feel nauseous 70 years later. Ugh.

  34. Haven’t had time for the crossword today. My 2 children were enjoying the delights of South Island at the same time as you, 2Ks. We have had some wonderful photos from them, Our son was in Christchurch on the day of the shootings.

  35. Did this on the afternoon flight from Bristol to Glasgow and just managed to get the LOI before the seat belt signs came on for landing – perfect timing!

    Favourite was 22a, fortunate that living in Scotland made 29a relatively easy.

    Thanks to Jay and 2Ks

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